Thursday, March 15, 2012

DON's Dishes: Hawaiian Salad

I'm so glad a bunch of you have tried some of my recipes; I love hearing from those of you who do!  Cooking and baking are a huge passion of mine. Here's one I tweeted about awhile back, but forgot to share.

One of the best salads in my life was at Merriman's on the Big Island.  That rolling drive away from the shore and over to the restaurant was completely worth the amazing tropical salad I had. Mine had grilled shrimp on it and I think this recipe would also welcome that addition. Is it summer yet?

via Healthy.Happy.Life

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Soundbites: Carrie Underwood on Health and Fitness

Carrie Underwood is the Self magazine cover girl and she is chatting, of course, about health and fitness. I am always interested in what she's into health wise, especially now that I am also mostly vegan and exploring fitness more none at all. She herself looks awesome, but what are these clothes they put her in? The first outfit is ok I guess, but the blue net dress with a necklace I'm pretty sure a kindergartener gave her, no. BTW, natch my girl PLL has screen shots from the Good Girl video for you. We love.
On her fitness plan:
"I've been pretty consistent with exercise for the past several years. Growing up, I was semisporty but didn't really do much. If I'd kept on that path, it wouldn't have ended well! I'm from the South, where there's a lot of fried food, and that's bound to show."

"I have a game I love for when I'm working out on my own, without a trainer. I take a deck of cards and assign each suit a body area—say, diamonds for arms, hearts for legs, spades for core and clubs for cardio. I split the deck in half and write down exercises for each suit, a different one for each half."

"So, if I flip over the six of hearts, I'll do six squats. If the next card is ace of diamonds, that's 14 push-ups. Sometimes I'll make spades boxing and beat the crap out of the bag for however many punches the number on the card says."

"Having different exercises for each half of the deck keeps me from getting bored. I make sure there's a joker in each half—that's a mile run on the treadmill. Then I go through the whole deck. With a 15-minute warm-up on the elliptical, it takes about an hour and a half total, but it's fun because you've designed the workout yourself."

Monday, March 12, 2012

DON's Dishes: Light Asparagus Soup

It's almost asparagus season! When I saw it featured at the market, I grabbed up a bunch to make some asparagus soup. Rather than the creamy, caloric kind, I make mine quick, fresh, and at about 98 calories a bowl, light. It's the perfect snack or starter and I really don't miss all that fat! I often keep a thermos of this in the office fridge for when I am hungry, but can't get away from my desk.

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