Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DON's Deal: Berfday Girl

So I kind of love my birthday.
And by the end of today, my Twitter friends will be like
But until then...I have lunch with my work bestie, an afternoon at Kate Somerville where I expect Lauren Conrad, Brit Brit, or somebody else amazing to be sitting in the waiting room when I arrive, and dinner with the sissy and friends. Saturday will be my LA birthday party because we cannot get enough celebrating in over here.
And I shall look just like this when I walk in.
I hope this year brings me to new cities, at least one a year is my goal.
New fabulous friends and more face time with my current lovelies.
A passion for exercise and the healthy bod that goes with it.
New career opportunities, both with new exciting events to launch and especially surrounding my desire to start a mini-Martha blog.
And as long as we're dreaming big, I wouldn't mind meeting a dude who felt like this about me

and he needs to look like Ryan Gosling as well, k?
Thank you again for all the emails, texts, tweets, cards, calls...I have never felt so special in a good way!

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