Friday, April 06, 2012

DON's Deal: Easter Weekend

Happy Easter to you all! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your friends and family. Cholula is spending it with my parents and Tamale will be over at her friend Jack Sparrow's house.
 Last night Tally wouldn't leave me alone while I was working so I pulled up a chair for her to sit next to me. I got up to change the channel handle an important call and she claimed two seats. I added a third. I got up to refill my wine glass send a work email and she claimed all three. Seat hog! Also, can you see that mat with broccoli on it? I have it there because Tamale will often return to her orphan street dog roots and take food out of her bowl to enjoy in this location outside of the kitchen...because I make take it and cook with it?? She be cray cray. Broccoli is always part of her dinner, but she wasn't in the mood to finish I guess. Spoiled rotten, I know.
Thank you to those who informed me that I should be practicing Tamale's Spanish in preparation for a role in Anchorman 2. She would undoubtedly be fine in a pair of pajamas and could easily dig into a whole wheel of cheese. Now I just need to book her highlights appointments...she is so sad to pull a LiLo/Emma Stone, but will do anything for the business.

Where will I be for Easter? The fabulous Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, a few hours north of Los Angeles. You know, where Reese Witherspon lives? This is also where Kate Walsh was married (sadz) and Autumn Reesertoo!
I am joining my favorite Irish family for what I'm assured will involved lots of laughs in the hotel pub and a fabulous day at the ranch.
Hope you and yours have a very special Easter or an easy Passover and God bless all of you!
Bunny Kisses and Peeps Overdoses,

P.S. Caroline wrote an Easter post that I really loved last year. Check it out!
P.P.S. This chick I sort of know posted the video of Carrie singing How Great Thou Art which makes me cry every.single.time. I'm here to spread the tears. Grab a tissue and check it out again.
FINAL P.S. You know how the Container Store never ever gives coupons?? There is a 15% off your purchase coupon in Real Simple this month (April)! Don't miss it! I'm seriously going to go buy more magazines just for the value of this blessed coupon to my favorite store ever. The store version didn't have the coupon! Argh!


Kori Donahue said...

How cute is this!!!! Hope you have a fabulous, blessed Easter.

1 Peter 1:3
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead... (NIV)

Kori xoxo

PinkLouLou said...

Why is this post one of my favorites? Oh because you crack me up. Look at T, she's serious! hahaha.

Have fun in paradise you wench.

;) sort of know? psh. please. I expect heytell's from the pub.


Lindsey said...

HAPPY EASTER SKANK! Bear and your pups needs to be besties.

sfitzg2 said...

Have a very happy Easter! The pic of Tally on the chairs is cracking me up!!!

Megan - Style Me Swanky said...

When you return.... Tamale may or may not be at Jack Sparrow's house. I'm coming for that cutie!! Have a great weekend! Jealous of your plans!

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