Friday, January 27, 2012

Domestic DON: Testing Tricks and Techniques

I've been trying out some of the homemaker tips I've found on Pinterest as well as in a book I have by the Queen of Clean. Here's how they turned out:

Removing Scratches from Dishes
I did this by using the rough side of a damp sponge to work in some Bar Keepers Friend, which you can pick up at just about any grocery store. Took less than a minute per dish and they looked like new!
Tip Rating: A

Homemade Febreze
I had just run out of Febreze so I thought I'd give this recipe a whirl. Two cups warm water, 1/4 cup fabric softener, 1 tsp baking soda. Pour everything in a spray bottle and shake up. It smelled nice, but I have yet to determine if it has the staying power of Febreze. Need a weekend in Vegas to really test that out!
Tip Rating: B+

Mattress Freshener
I'm compulsive about flipping my mattress every quarter and since I was flipping it anyway, I attempted this mattress refresher.  I mixed a few drops of essential oil (lavender for me) into a cup of baking soda, then sifted it directly on to the mattress. I have a queen sized bed and needed probably twice as much to really cover the mattress.  Letting the powder sit for a few hours, I used the upholstery attachment on my vacuum cleaner to suck it up. The results were inconclusive. The mattress smelled nice, but it didn't smell badly before. Probably the biggest selling point is that lavender is an excellent repellent for dust mites so I can sleep soundly (hoping there were never any there to begin with).
Tip Rating: C+

Hard Water Stain Remover

I didn't post a photo of my powder room toilet because who wants to look at hard water stains in a toilet? This one rarely gets used and had some discoloration in the basin. I filled a spray bottle with vinegar, turned the water off in the toilet and flushed several times to drain, and spray it down with a liberal amount of vinegar. I left it to sit for about an hour then brushed it out.  There was already a noticeable difference after this step, but I was going for a sparkling throne. I sprinkled the bowl with Borax and let it sit overnight. In the morning I brushed the bowl, turned the water on, and flushed several times. Voila! A pretty potty, a lovely loo.
Tip Rating: A

We all see tips and tricks online and I hope you enjoyed seeing or hearing about how these play out IRL. I'll have more for you next week. Cheers!

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Livyb said...

Love the movie stars, but this might be my favorite post of yours EVER! Thanks for sharing!

rscott said...

I do really appreciate the ratings. Thanks for doing the tests

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