Friday, December 09, 2011

DON Says Dance: TGIFybroMix

Since I am one of the only people who showed up to work today and certainly the only person who isn't hung, I'm annoying everybody with a dance party in my office! Here's what we are jamming to today.

True story: there are certain songs that I simply must do sit-ups to when I hear. It's the weirdest thing, but true. We Found Love is one of them. Pitbull's Hotel Room is another. Similarly, I dare you not to get up and wiggle when told to during Sexy and I Know It. It's too fun not to.

Warning: Be careful with the Skrillex, there is some violent screaming in there that you probs don't want to hear at work or around babies unless you like that sort of thing. ;)

OMG I almost forgot to show you the best office Christmas tree ever!! George Clooney all over the front, Ryan Gosling all over the back. Meow.

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