Monday, November 21, 2011

DON Turns Six and a Letter to Xtina

I was really, really hoping I could celebrate my bloggy birthday with a new Mischa Moment, but that selfish trick is still underground. Instead, we'll talk about this:

Dear Xtina,

There is a window of opportunity in every woman's life where a bandage dress might be appropriate. Say, if you were 24 in 2009? Also, if you are 30-50 and have dramatically lost a ton of weight, by all means, revel in this look! But two pretty basic fashion rules are if I can see either your belly button or your Spanx/underwear outline, you need to size up. 
I know, I know, you are beautiful no matter what I say. But a new stylist would seriously improve your shot at revitalizing your career. This is pretty hard to relate to or feel inspired by. Unless that inspiration is a well-known Muppet making the media rounds right now.

You know I'm right,

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