Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DON's Deal: Travel Perfectionist Part 2

So you've seen my packing system and my carry on essentials, now I'm going to discuss The List. I'm laughing already because I know this sort of crazy is supposed to be reserved for your family and close friends, but whatever. Read on, fellow travelers!

It bothers me greatly to see her shoes not in a shoe bag. I'm sick, I tell you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

DON's Deal: HalloweenTime at Disneyland

On a whim, I went to Disneyland yesterday with a couple friends who were in town. I've always wanted to see the Halloween decorations at the park and I figured an overcast Sunday wouldn't be too hectic. The Haunted Mansion was completely transformed into Nightmare Before Christmas, complete with gingerbread smells piped through the ride. I loved it.

I also got to try a few rides I hadn't been on before: the new Winnie the Pooh, the revamped It's a Small World (or as my Dad called it "nap time"), revamped submarine ride aka Finding Nemo, and the revamped Star Tours. There are six versions of the Star Tours ride, all in 3D, and it didn't disappoint. Our ride took us through space and under water and the end had me jumping out of my seat it was so realistic.  Other things that happened:
  • I did not remember Splash Mountain resulting in dripping wet pants and shoes. We were soaked and it was not hot out.
  • If you ever need an ego boost, go to Disneyland. My word, there is an unfortunate amount of obese families and deeply regrettable outfit choices. Is it necessary for the entire family to don matching ensembles and bucket hats? I really enjoyed the group that had t-shirts on with every family member's photo ironed on them like a collage.
  • Why do adults feel the need to wear stupid hats and cat ears in Disneyland? I mean, it's not even retro mouse ears. Please see Exhibit A, the Mad Hatter hat with gross hair attached. This was all over the place on adult men and women.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean should never, ever be closed when the park is open, yet has been about 50% of my visits including yesterday.
  • Stay out of Fantasyland or Toon Town between 2-5. There are children having meltdowns all over the place, uncomfortable screaming/spanking by the parents, and a landmine of strollers parked every which way.
That said, I saw some of the cutest kids yesterday. I love all the little girls in their princess costumes with their hair done with glitter hairspray. They were so excited to see their favorite princesses. And the serious little boys and girls fighting Darth Vader. Sometimes they don't quite get it:

Good times. Now I'm back at work and trying not to have a meltdown looking at my October calendar. It's going to be an insane month. Also, I'm desperately missing the pups. Here's hoping it's Thanksgiving before I know it!
Hope you all had a great weekend.


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