Thursday, August 25, 2011

DON's Deal: Lake Tahoe

As much as I love a good party, the stress of dealing with new clients, a small budget, and securing available celebs sent me to a near breakdown last week. I'm in need of some R&R and where better than Lake Tahoe? I can't believe I haven't been to our cabin in over 3 years (it's a hefty 9.5 hour drive from LA now that car bound with the dog - I am stopping for the night to see the parentals though) and can't wait to see the renovations (as well as my glamorous, untouched since 8th grade bedroom).

Finish summer with a bang and do something that's been lingering on your summer to do dream list this weekend! This is mine and I want to hear what you tackle!

Inner Tube Floats and Beer Me's,

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