Thursday, July 14, 2011

DON's Deal: Carmaggedon Weekend

It's coming...Carmaggedon! Los Angeles is shutting down one of the most trafficked freeways for a full weekend of repairs and you'd think we were preparing for a full blown alien attack. The town is covered with billboards in various languages announcing Carmaggedon, the Metro website has a countdown clock, and there's a constant buzz of "You leaving town or hunkering down at home this weekend?" One kind of cool thing is that where they are bringing down an overpass, they will "pad" the freeway below with 6 feet of sand to cushion the blow. I want to see THAT.
Carmageddon: The Movie

 While I ought to be enjoying a slice of paradise known as Bass Lake, I will be amongst those "hunkering down" to ride it out. My bicycle Archie will be peddling me over to the Eat Real Festival instead. I know what you are thinking about me and two food festival in one's true, I'm very anorexic. Not! 

Cholula will also be in lock down on continued crate training round 3. Despite my background and education in animal behavior, this dog is my kryptonite...she cannot handle being left alone without having a level 10 anxiety attack.  With doggie daycare running me nearly 40 bucks daily, we need to solve her FOMO sooner rather than later. That way we can spend our together time like this instead of crate training:

I'm also going to do another personal post this weekend, lmk what interests you most: baking recipes, cooking recipes, organizing, dog training, ninja assassin skillzzz...I'm ready.

Monday, July 11, 2011

DON's Deal: Weekend Happiness

My sister decided to pop in on me this weekend and because she gets Friday and Saturday off, I decided there was no point in working on Friday.  We dropped the top, buckled in the dog, and headed for Malibu in the morning. Breakfast at Malibu Kitchen, which features such LA-figure-watching meals as "Bagel with the insides scooped out topped with egg white, spinach, and tomatoes."  Jennie had a bagel, insides intact.
When we hit the beach, I was floored to learn Jennie had never been. I went to law school in Malibu and this has been a standard stop with any out of town visitors coming to Chez DON. It's so beautiful and Cholula morphs into what I call a sand weasel, sprinting, digging, and chasing birds like a lunatic. A very happy lunatic.

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