Wednesday, July 06, 2011

DON's Dishes: Gazpacho

Are you guys enjoying the Summer Salad Series? I'd love to hear if you've made any of the recipes, are interested in more, or have one I should try! Also, I added a tab up under the header where I'll be storing recipes if you come back hunting for one.

I took a break from salad to whip up a childhood summertime staple in my home: gazpacho. I know, I know, cold soup is not for everybody and if you like it, you probably like it a specific way. This is how I like it best, thick and full of vegetables, more like salsa than a pureed version.  This is so incredibly healthy, flavorful, and refreshing on a summer night, but best of all, it keeps for days perfectly well so you can start each dinner with it for a week or have it as a meal of it's own.  I like it with tortilla chips and a glass of white wine (after I've frosted my wine glass in the freezer like you would a beer pint). Ah, summer nights!


<p>A fast and thick version of the infamous cold soup. So flavorful and oh so healthy! </p>

See Gazpacho on Key Ingredient.

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