Thursday, June 02, 2011

DON's Deal: Mah Hairzzz

I'm getting my hair highlighted Saturday for the first time in months. NEED. I'm desperate for a shake-up and I'm completely torn. I think what I want most is a cut, but alas I do not have an appointment for that.  It's looking much darker in this pic than it actually is (it's def an LC pre-brunette phase dirty blonde), but I'm torn between brightening up or going dark.  I usually just tell the stylist to head whichever color she thinks is current. Cray cray, right? What say you?
Starting approximately here...

should I go a little more here

or all the way here?

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

DON's Dishes: Summer Salad Series!

Hi dolls!

Are you ready for swimsuit season? Because it's here! Summer and swimsuits means I'm happy with a salad for at least one meal a day. Hence (this word makes me think of House Bunny, do you know what I'm talking about?), I'm going to launch a couple series to span the summer and the first is a Summer Salad Series! Who doesn't love a salad come summer time? I have a bunch of recipes I'm excited to share with you, but would like you to send me your favorites, too. Green salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, any salad or any special dressings you want to share will be appreciated.

Let's get our salad on.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DON's Besties: Pink Lou Lou

It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you...without a dope blogger to step to.  Without further ado, please welcome Pink Lou Lou to the interview chair! I found her after noticing a huge spike of traffic coming from her site to mine when I posted about her heroine Carrie Underwood(note at left that they are twinsies, bffs, hang out 24/7...two lies and a truth right there).

I soon found myself delving into her world of Propper Poufing, Weave 101 (I just got mad points in WWF with the word "weft", which my opponent quickly pointed out "did you learn that from PLL"? YUP), and, my favorite, posts with her equally hilarious sisters.  You'll love her for complete honesty; she'll post with heartbreaking authenticity about the bad days, but mostly just let you in on how much fun she has ALL THE TIME, especially when she has a glass of Skinnygirl Marg in her well-manicured hand.

DON: Who is your favorite celebrity? (Giggles)
PLL: Is this serious? You are kidding right? WELL, I do love Miss Carrie Marie Underwood Fisher a leeetle bit. And that sexy hunk of man meat John Krasinski sets ma loins ablaze.

DON: Name three celebs you'd raid the closets of. Name one you desparately want to makeover.
PLL: 1. Blake Lively, but only if I had her legs also. Scratch that, I want Carrie's legs. Dammit either will do. 2. Lauren Conrad, fo sho. 3. Reese Witherspoon. Closet I would makeover. Holly Madison. Hands down.

DON's Deal: Back to Reality

Hello my little beauties! My week long staycation should have me reenergized for work, but I gotta say I could staycation another week easy. My tests are wrapped, I ate my way all over Los Angeles this weekend, and logged in some beach time with the parental units. Cholula helped me spring clean my closet for donations.

  Why do you hate me??

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