Thursday, April 28, 2011

DON's Deal: This and That

First, I hope you are all safe and sound.  I watched yesterday on live feed as a tornado took out my college roommate's hometown. We talked last night and her family is fine, but there is a lot of damage to their cars, homes, and the downtown is just decimated. She sent me this photo of downtown today and it is like something out of a movie set.  If you want to help, please check out my friend and major Auburn Fan's blog for more details.  Another lovely Alabama blogger is Dare to be Domestic, check out her blog, too! (See, I totally know people.)

On a happier note, I will be off to Palm Springs tomorrow morning for my very first Stagecoach! It's a two day country music festival held at the Polo Fields and basically a Country Coachella.  I'm pretty new to country music, but I can tell you there is nobody I'm more excited to see than Carrie Underwood!!  Don't worry, PLL, I will do my best to get some pics and stay on bump watch just in case! I'm heading down with my neighborhood (if you're new here, these are my neighbors from growing up and basically my extended family - we're thicker than thieves), but will also be catching up with my high school friends (yes, that includes you DAK), co-workers, and hopefully fellow blogger Life as a California Wife! If you'll be at Stagecoach, holla at your girl!
Finally, reality tv. Holy cow, there is a lot of it on right now and I seem to be watching all of it.  Weeding through the best (Real Housewives), the worst (Audrina, Saddle Ranch), and the WTF (Sinbad: It's Just Family, Animal Hoarding).  Extreme Couponing is completely fascinating to me. The amount of devotion these people put into it seems insane: I respect finding creative ways to feed your family on a budget, but don't yet understand the need to stock pile diapers when you don't have a child just because they are cheap or free.  I was very happy to see one couponer last night doing shopping for the troops - that's putting your addiction/hobby to good use!  I also really love Braxton Family Values. They are HILARIOUS! Catch it on WE.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shoes on the Brain

 Two of my favorite things are shoes and organizing so on a slow news day like today, this is what I think about.  I've had a blueprint for my dream closet (and by dream, I mean fantasy land status) in my head for years. The best feature? It will have a mini fridge so I can hydrate (read: pre-party) as necessary without leaving my closet. Bam! That's fancy, huh?

In college, my closet was tiny, but nothing compared to what I moved into in San Francisco. Minuscule! I'm fortunate to now have a nice walk-in and believe me when I say I hang out in there. I will bring my computer in and watch movies while I fold or steam clothes, organize jewelry for upcoming trips, or rework my inspiration board - yes I have one in my closet for outfit ideas!
Celeb Shoe Closet Collage top left, moving in a circle: Khloe, Tamara Mellon, Khloe again, Christina Aguilera, Ashley Tisdale, Rachel Zoe Studio, Mariah Carey, Kim Catrall, Eva Longoria, Paula Abdul, and Jessica Alba.

Recently, Elle did a photoshoot with Khloe Kardashian featuring her favorite possessions and I think she might have my favorite shoe collections of all time. This is how I organize my heels on a much, much, much smaller scale. I'm a little bitter about heels after developing chronic seismoiditis a few years ago (when up on the ball of my left foot, it feels like there is a pebble just below my big toe - freaking hurts!), but I still wear them on special occasions and when I do, there is nothing dainty about them. Lift me up, sky high!
Another girl with a very enviable closet is Interior Design blogger Honey We're Home. Swoon, right?

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