Thursday, March 31, 2011

DON's Deal: I Heart You Guys

You said it, Sally!
I just wanted to say I'm completely blown away by all the nice things everybody has said this month and especially for the interest in my personal posts. I have always kept DON focuused on celebrities and fashion, but it gave me the warm fuzzies to learn you like hearing about me, too.  Guess what one of my top search terms is? "Who writes the blog day old news." Haha, that makes me smile. It's me!

Also a big thanks to everybody who shares my blog with your readers. Half of my traffic comes from other blogs recommending me and that's how I find you back! Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be featuring some of my beloved blog friends that you ought to know if you don't already. Should help keep you company while I'm on the road in April.

After the jump, help me pick a drawer pull would you?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DON's Deal: Le Creuset

If you follow me on twitter, you may remember me explaining how my Le Creuset stock pot exploded back in early November (in less dramatic terms, the interior bottom shot up out of the pot in cracked pieces). After the jump, I'll finish the saga because I like hearing about your experiences with brands/products you like.

Don's Deal: My Kitchen Vlog

When I was 11, we got one of those giant Costco trampolines for Christmas. I had the flu, but I insisted on jumping around outside in the cold.  Of course I threw up, but I was so excited I didn't care.  That is basically how I felt when my contractor left this morning and said, "When you return from your business trip, you'll have a new kitchen."

I documented the "before" for posterity and for all of you who have kindly shown interest in this big investment of mine!  Note: In the video I call my microwave gross, but that is because the white color over the stove makes it filthy and yellow a bit (so no offense to those of you with white appliances, mine is just past her best years). Also I apologize that I sound like the baby of a gay dude and a Valley girl. I had no idea.


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