Friday, March 18, 2011

DON's Deal: Spring Break

Heeey gurrrls!

I'm happy to report that I'm all packed up and will be hitting the road momentarily.  Spent the morning with my mom making final granite selections for my kitchen and I think I have my final backsplash down, too.  It is so wonderful to have my dog back home (where she belongs, although she might disagree). She spent the night opening doors to wander between my room and my parents in the guest room; she didn't know where she belonged. What a traitor!

I'm sunscreened up, got my hat on, Lu's seatbelt on, and the top down for the drive to Palm Springs where I'll be lounging poolside for awhile.  I will still be blogging so catch you on the flip side. Hope you all have sunny weekends. Bottoms up!

Cheers, Beers, and Beats,

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