Monday, February 07, 2011

Carrie Underwood in LA

Carrie Underwood headed to lunch with a friend in Studio City today. Hmm, I'm less convinced she's hiding a bump now, but I'm not completely off that idea!

DON Says Dance: Adele

Ok, so this isn't my typical rock out song, but it is so incredibly romantic I wanted to share in the spirit of Valentine's  Day. The hugely talented Adele was inspired to write this song about a friend she thinks she might marry after watching Never Been Kissed.  She said, "You know at the end when [Barrymore's character] describes being kissed as 'the whole word goes into slow motion and everything else goes blurry and the only thing in focus is you and him'? Whenever I hear the bridge, it's sort of like that… I can just imagine being in the middle of Trafalgar Square kissing someone and the whole world just slowing down and it being a bit like a fairytale. It's a daydreaming song I suppose.  It's about someone I've known for years.  We've always really liked each other but never been together, even though I'm convinced I'm probably going to marry this guy in the end."

Best line: "I dare you to let me be all, the one and only, I promise I’m worthy to hold in your arms."

Full lyrics after the jump.

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