Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DON's Deal: Final Event of the Year!

While planning events is my favorite part of my job, I am so relieved to have my final (as far as I know) event of the year wrapped.  Planning this party while planning (and traveling to) Mexico was a huge undertaking, but all turned out well.  We were at capacity about 10 minutes after doors opened and I spent a good hour and half cherry picking the VIP line to get in my co-workers, big clients, and friends. Some of the stories people will tell you to try to get inside, it's crazy!

After dinner at Katsuya where I saw an entire hockey team and McSteamy Eric Dane sat at the table next to me, I dashed back to the club to make sure everything was good to go.  The theme was ancient Rome and we totally blew it out.  We had about 15 girls dressed like Britney Spears when she performed with Madonna at the VMAs who handed in candy and posed in a large photobooth with guests, security guards dressed as monks, a pope who performed magic tricks, a gelato stand outside...all kinds of craziness.  The whole night is kind of a blur of Red Bull, stress, and excitement, but some highlights included dancing with Zach Levi, chatting with McLovin' and Napoleon Dynamite, toasting drinks with Turtle from Entourage, and having Cash Warren show me baby pictures on his phone of daughter Honor. Best of all, I had a really great time with my co-workers.  We all ended up at the same burger joint in Hollywood at 3 am, playing the juke box and dancing around.

BTW, I kept trying to talk to James Marsden, but got swept away by something to deal with or somebody to talk to every time. He is so adorbs though! And Amy Smart, remember her? She and Wilmer Valdarama in the room made me feel like it was 2005.

Monday, November 15, 2010

DON Turns 5

Happy birthday to my blog! I can't believe it has been five years worth of gossip.  My widely distributed weekly Reality Roundup emails paved the way for a blog where I could share all my favorite goings-on in the world of gossip and fashion.  I'm so thankful for everybody who reads, supports, and links to my blog: it remains my favorite hobby.

Since it is both DON's birthday and the holiday season, I'm excited to announce the launch of the Day Old News Shop on Amazon where I will be adding things I have and love for you to check out or add to your shopping list. Many of you know I have a dream of starting a domestic diva and organizing blog someday, but until then a lot of my favorite kitchen gadgets and my vast, ever-growing collection of entertaining/cookbooks will be reviewed and shared in my shop. A permanent link is on the right side.

In toasting 5 great years and countless e-friendships, check out the five best purchases I made this year after the jump (and a request to hear from you!):

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