Friday, October 01, 2010

DON's Deal: October Lovin'

I am so excited to decorate for Halloween! I'm totally busting open my giant Halloween tupperware and popping a Sam Adams Oktoberfest this weekend to get down to the business of "tricking" out my house.  My favorite part is always putting on wigs and seeing how my dog reacts - she hates the long black wig most.  Here's what I hope to accomplish this month.

New goals:
Test 5 Pumpkin Recipes: I have always hated pumpkin to the point where I thought I was allergic. Yet somehow I decided to try it again and found I kind of like it. Weird how tates change and evolve, right?  So this month I'm bringing it into my weekly test kitchen to see what recipes I might enjoy with a new food.
Finish 3 Books: I am perpetually picking up a book, reading a few chapters, then grabbing another and doing the same.  At any given time I am reading around 5 books.  Currently, it's more like 10 and I need to commit to finishing at least 3 of them this month.

I have some updates on last month and some modified new goals:
Walk at least 5 miles daily - I did pretty well with this, made it almost every day and some days more!  I'm attempting to add some jogging in which is always risky given my propensity to break bones.
Pick out materials for my kitchen remodel - With visitors every weekend, I did not get this done.  Moving this goal to October.
Spend frugally - I rocked at this. A full month without my beloved mani/pedis, excessive shopping, and a lot of self-restraint.
Teach Lula one new trick - She learned to roll all the way over (not just "Show me your tummy.") in September.  Much like Zoolander, she can't really roll left. 


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