Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DON: Going Under the Knife

Hi lovelies!  I just made it home and I'm beat, but feeling blessed and happy.  It was such a wonderful trip and I was lucky to get to experience it this week to distract me from what comes next. Cancun today, tomorrow the hospital.

Yup, I'm having surgery again, the dreaded Big C is back (or "little c" as my girl SouthernBelleJM tells me to think of it). The few IRL friends and blog friends I shared this with have been so encouraging these past few weeks.  You never think you'll get it and I really never thought it would come back. Guess that means I'm thinking positively, right? ;)

Enough about me already, the celeb gossip will return next week or sooner. Let's hope I cross paths with a celebrity mommy-to-be during my stay, shall we?

Big Hugs with Back Pats,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DON's Deal: Cancun Updates

Thank you for all your nice comments, tweets, notes! I am truly a very lucky girl. Twitter won't let me post here, but I am reading it in my limited breaks.  Yesterday we did a full inspection of the Mandarin Oriental and the Fairmont, as well as some downtime activity locations.  The Fairmont is very family oriented and a lot like the Hawaiian or Carribean big resorts, with bikes, boats, and golf carts carrying you through the property.  We had cocktails and appetizers in a beach front suite which has a private pool and steps down to the beach - ah-mazing.  I snuck in a quick massage yesterday, too. A+ to the Mandarin spa, it is such an amazing facility.

Today I'm switching hotels to the Banyan Tree (room below, very excited). I'm touring the Rosewood, then the Banyan Tree, with a spa appointment and tasting tonight at their Thai restaurant. I think it will be a tough call as to which we book with, they are all spoiling me rotten.


Monday, August 16, 2010

DON's Deal: Cancun!

I made it to Cancun, then on to Playa del Carmen yesterday.  This is my room for the next two nights, which is just amazing.  There is a bathtub outside off of the bathroom and facing into what looks like the jungle.  Of all the cool things I've done for work, this might be the very best.  I've got a really full day of property inspections here at the Mandarain Oriental, then over to the Fairmont to check out that property. Two more hotels after those and I'll stay at the Banyan Tree Tuesday night. Basically, all I have to do is pick the most impressive property. Not a bad gig, right? ;)
I will probably not be back online until this evening, but will post whenever I get some free time.  Have a great week and shoot me a note if I'm missing a major story!  My email is working better than anything else.
Hasta luego!

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