Wednesday, August 04, 2010

DON Says Dance: Flo Rida

My co-worker and I do what we call "The Four O'Clock Breakdown," where we take turns selecting an upbeat song which we then crank up on our speakers and host a little dance party for our surrounding office area.  Often other peeps come by just to break it down with us.  Here's what I picked for today because let's face it, there is nothing celebworthy to post this week.  Let's dance!

Also, I know I've done this before, but I will never get enough of Jessica and her positivity.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

DON's Dishes: Skinny Mojito

On a hot summer day, one of my favorite cocktails is a skinny Mojito.  It's crisp, refreshing, and a low-calorie cocktail.  Chin-chin!
Mint leaves (5-10 per glass)
Packet of sugar substitute (I prefer Truvia because it is natural)
1/2 lime
1-2 shots vodka
Club Soda
1. Muddle or smash mint, lime juice, and a packet of sugar substitute into a pint glass. The photo above is the muddler I have, it's from Williams Sonoma.
2. Fill glass with ice cubes. 
3. Add a shot or two of vodka.
4. Fill the glass up with club soda and enjoy, preferrably poolside with a stack of magazines.

Happy 40th Anniversary to my Parents

Forty years ago today my parents were married in Topeka, Kansas on what they dub as the hottest day in the history of mankind.  They met at their freshman orientation dance, the Howdy Hop, where my dad was allegedly wearing some kind of poofy pirate shirt and my mom had very long black hair and probably a short mini skirt. After dating all through college and he proposed via telephone call senior year when he was studying abroad in Denmark.  They were married August 1, 1970 and honeymooned in Loveland, Colorado.  They've survived many moves and times when my dad lived far away for work (he lived in London while I was in college and Minnesota not long ago), not to mention the handful of times he's retired to my mom's delight, only to accept new jobs not long after.

My parents have shown me what a real partnership is.  My Dad has taught me how to work hard, bake like a pro, be sarcastic and funny, and rock a nap any time of the day.  Mom has shown me the joys of doing nice things for others (I especially like it when she is doing nice things for me), a love of entertaining, and always pushes me to love myself more.  Together they are Jimia (Jim and Maria) and they are about the best parents a girl could hope for.  Cheers!

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