Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DON's Deal: Jordan's Wedding

When we moved to a new development in my childhood, we became fast friends with all our neighbors.  Nobody locked their doors, I would come home to find other kids in our playroom or neighborhood dads playing poker in our pool house and I was just as likely to be watching tv or laying out at their house. The moms would bring out chairs, wine, cheese and crackers and sit while we played outside. We went on three trips together as a block every year (Lake Tahoe, houseboating in Shasta, and Hawaii - hi, robbers, empty street for the taking!).  It was beyond awesome and I know we are incredibly blessed. 
Jordan lived one house over and is the closest thing to a second sister I'll ever have. We are so similar people often think we are actual sisters.  This weekend she is getting married and I am through the roof excited.  We have every inch of the next four days packed with activities. 

My dad is marrying them.  My sister and I (and other neighbors) are bridesmaids and the dress is one of the cutest I've ever seen for a bridal party.  I did have a teensy problem in that it came about an inch below my bra (aka insanely revealing).  I had to had material to the cups, but now it's all good.

My point is that I'll be posting intermittenly for the next few days. I'll be around, but likely floating on a champagne high as I bounce from house to house all weekend long. Cheers!

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