Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Um, You're Gross.

Karissa Shannon, former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and current contender for To Catch A Predator, wore this shirt while out trolling for photo-ops in Beverly Hills.

The End of The Hills: DON Rants

I thought they did a surprisingly good job wrapping up The Hills last night because I did laugh a lot at the post-show.  If you got sucked in to the reruns over the weekend, I found myself missing a show that, quite frankly, I'd already said goodbye to. Last night I watched the entire last season (in fast forward it took hardly any time) and it just wasn't any good without Lauren, and honestly, even the whole Heidi and Spencer element brought a lot to the show, too.  I found the friendships in the final season extremely insincere (we've seen how all these girls feel about each other in previous episodes and how they've learned to play nice for the sake of tv). And, while it was interesting seeing a more vulnerable side of KCav for the first time, it just wasn't as fun as seeing her as the confident, happy maneater she was on Laguna Beach. 

How strange is it that a show about the original cast (Lauren, Whitney, Heidi, Audrina) came down to a show about the "extras"?  I genuinely feel bad for Stephanie Pratt and Holly Montag, but they both capitalized in a big way in their siblings insanity. All in all, a major reason why I loved the show is because of how much I love LA.  Seeing them drop by my favorite bar or checking out a new restaurant I have on my list was fun.  And during that final scene, I was thinking, "There is NO way you can see the Hollywood sign that close to anyone's house, that is SO fake," and then they went and proved how fake it really was. Left us with the reminder that the show was manufactured for our entertainment, but I loved it all the same.

Shall we speak of the fashion now? Audrina wore a Boulee dress, Brian Atwood heels, and a McQueen bag.  This look is undeniably her, but I would have liked to see her try something a little different.  She's kind of Carmen-Electra one-trick pony on the red carpet, no?

Lauren wore a dress by Mandalay.  I was SO disappointed in this look.  Everything from the poofy ponytail to the dress were underwhelming on a night where she should have shined.

Lo Bosworth, per usual, went the complete opposite route of Audrina with a Tadashi Shoji dress, Christian Loubs, and a Swarovski purse. I wish she'd do her hair in a more youthful way, she's leaving no room to mature her look.

Stephanie looked pretty, but pretty predictable.  The girl loves wearing blue and I'm pretty over Herve Leger at this point.  Her shoes were Yves Saint Laurent.

KCav was also pretty and predictable in Zuhair Murad and Loubs.  She should have worn a color that popped.

 Whitney Port wore a Matthew Williamson dress and Jimmy Choo boots, proving to be one of the best dressed of the night and certainly a person best for the fashionably challenged girl.

Brody, I love you, but you need some stubble to really look your best.

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