Thursday, May 27, 2010

DON's Dishes: Pita Bread

I don't each much bread, but I've been craving some carbs with my morning coffee.  This morning I decided on whole wheat pitas.  They cook so quickly, are lower in calories than most bread, and  I love them stuffed with scrambled egg whites. 

Little balls of dough awaiting some squashing.

Squashed and floured for baking.
Toss them right on the rack of a super hot oven.  Two minutes on each side and they are dunzo!
Falling flour means I need to clean the oven tonight, boo.

Hot whole pitas cooling behind a cut one awaiting breakfast filling. Yummers!

Recipe after the jump!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DON's Deal: Ryan Kwanten

If you watch True Blood, you know Ryan Kwanten as the almost always nekkid redneck with a penchant for getting into trouble. He was amazingly gracious and sweet at our event last night, even after my co-worker introduced herself with "I love you."  I thought he might call security.  But he's a cutie and a cool guy to boot.  He spent the entire day filming and I'm excited to see season 3.  I told him I just watched season 1 on my flight to New York, but had to turn it off because I was getting looks for the racy content, then proceed to ask him about how he films such graphic scenes, then wondered how I'd stumbled into this topic. Embarrassing!  Here he is in front of the fire dancers last night.

Oh, and you know who is crazy?  Macy Gray.  I spoke with her briefly (I mean, wtf do you talk to her about?) and she was just flying high. And Lisa D'Amato from ANTM and Sober House was getting down - pretty sure she is not sober anymore.

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