Friday, April 30, 2010

DON's Delight: Happy Bday Lula!

Happy Friday, everybody!  Today is the unofficial birthday for my dog. I adopted her on Halloween 2008 as a two year old dog, then took her to the vet who determined she was in fact 6 months old.  So she's a little (lot) bigger than I expected and a little (lot) more active than I care to be, but she's pretty stinkin' adorable. She's spending the day at daycare with all her favorite pooches. Happy 2nd birthday (again) Cholula!

Please give me that cupcake!

Just one more photo and you can eat...

Hey, Lu, what do you think about being another year older?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Awhile ago, Brown Eyed Belle was kind enough to give me a little blog award.  I was in NY at the time and have not had a chance to respond with the requisite list of things that make me happy, but I will now! Thanks, Julie!

1. Spending time with my sister. She makes me laugh so much and sends me pictures of animal feet when I'm having a rough day.

2. Christmas.  I still feel like a kid on Christmas morning and get impatient when we have to wait for Jennie to come back to open presents from feeding the shelter or zoo animals since, as she always says, "animals don't take holidays".  I love everything about Christmas...decorating the tree, singing "O Come All Ye Faithful" in church at the top of my lungs, driving around looking at Christmas lights...everything.
3. Flavored sugar-free lemonade and the salads at Lemonade LA.  So completely delicious, I always stop here after hiking Runyon or when I need a mid-day office break.

4. I know many dislike her, but I adore Martha Stewart!  I am so happy when her magazine lands in my mailbox and I love her show. Can't get enough Martha. My dad wants to barf when I start sentences with, "Well according to Martha..."
5. Summer sandals.  I have been in a cast more times than I care to count and have such sensitive feet that UGGs gave me blisters.  Living in LA and working in an (extremely) casual office, I have the luxury of wearing sandals almost year-round and I love buying pretty new pairs like these.

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