Friday, March 19, 2010

DON's Inner Monologue: Kim, Kourtney, and Mason

Kourtney: "Ok, I just spent 2 hours getting ready to spend 10 minutes in my store so it looks like I slave over the register all day. Mason, don't cover your face with your blanket, we always want to be photographed. Suck in your tummy a little too while you're at it. Thanks, hun."

Kim: "This damn Miami heat makes my curls fall! I'm so annoyed. I wonder how many covers I'm making right now?"

Kim: "Yay, we changed to maximize magazine mentions! OMG, baby! Gimme, gimme, that is the best accessory for photog attention!"
Mason: "God help me! Where's Bruce?!?!"

Kim: "Yay, show everybody how much you love me!"
Kourtney: "Not too long now, I need my pics, too!"

Kourtney: "Smile baby! We are making money to buy your daddy new neon suits!"
Mason: "I hate you bitches! Revenge on your hair!"
Kourtney: "I've been wanting to do that to Kim all day!"
Kim: "That was exhausting! I had to change my vest and shoes to recover."
Kourtney: "You're telling me? I deserved an entirely new outfit for the things I put up with. Scott shoved a hundo in Mason's mouth this morning instead of a pacifier. It's wine time."

DON's Delight: Lucky Movie Premiere

Last night I went to see Lucky, a dark comedy about a serial killer who wins the lottery. Ari Graynor (Fringe, Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist) was positively fantastic as the spastic, greedy young wife nervously dealing with her husband's "problem" in order to collect on his lottery winnings. Colin Hanks, the husband, was also really great at walking the line between creepy, desperate, and hilarious. The movie is unpredictable and kept me laughing the entire time: picture Ari driving along singing to the tune of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands", "I got 3 dead my car." Seriously, you must see this movie, it's fantastic.

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