Friday, October 30, 2009

DON's Delight: A Year with Lula

On Halloween last year, I adopted Cholula. Here's a photo of the beast as a rather gangly puppy (I tried to take a new photo this morning, but she just wouldn't sit still with the squirrels running around outside). I've wanted my own dog for years and even after 2 years working at the animal shelter, I waited. When I got sick last year, I decided I needed a dog to keep me company. Senseless and selfish, I know, but it was a long time coming.

After scouring Petfinder and contacting several rescues, I heard back from one that had this pup (then inexplicably called Sarah) who reminded me a bit of a minature version of my family's Rottweiler. I visited only this dog and knew I couldn't say no. So on Halloween, I picked her up and she was mine. Thanks to my parents for dealing with what I thought was a housebroken teenage dog that turned out, after a vet visit, to be a needy, untrained 6 month old puppy while I was in the hospital and during my recooperation. She makes me smile every single day.

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