Monday, June 01, 2009

RIP: Indy

My little rat Indy made trip up North with Cholula and I with plans to stay at my parents house while I attended Alexa's wedding in Sonoma.  She was happily sleeping when we stopped for gas, but by the time we arrived, she had passed away in her cage and I was heartbroken to lose the little feeder rat my sister saved from her rescue shelter and presented to me last year as a substitute for the dog I so desperately wanted but could not yet get.  It was an odd pet for a girl of my age, but I really grew to love that friendly little creature as did the dog, who I found this morning nudging and licking the empty cage trying to summon her little buddy to come say hi.  In the end, she had a far better life than serving as dinner to the hawks under Jennie's care and was able to be laid to rest at home with the other pets of my childhood.  Rest in peace, Indy.

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