Friday, January 09, 2009

DON's Deal

Hey everybody!  Thanks so much for the well wishes!  The long and short is that I have thyroid cancer, had my thyroid removed in November, and just went through radiation to hopefully kill anything that's left.  It's a fairly common type of cancer, though I'd never heard of it, I'm on the young side for getting it, and I felt nothing other than tired.  My doctor noticed a lump in my throat during a routine physical and tests followed that so thank God for a good doctor who noticed what I didn't.  

Upon my hospital admission that I was very close to the nursery and peeked for the Romijn-O'Connell twins, but didn't see anything that stood out, like halos over their heads or security guards by their bassinets.  Then once I went into radiation lock-down for the next few days, I saw on tv that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were there having babies, too!  For some strange reason, they don't want radioactive people near the babies or I would have gone down to start my own new X-Men super mutant celebrity tribe.

I'm now on lock-down at home and have to cover everything with plastic and wear plastic gloves for the next couple days.  My dog is crying to get in my room, but my dad is taking good care of her and I'll finally get to play with her on Sunday.  So I will get to some news that I missed out on and thanks again for the encouraging notes!  I love you guys!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

DON's Deal

Back to the hosptial I go! I know this has been a lame past month of DON and I have made a resolution to do better by you guys, who have read this blog for years or just happened upon it recently. It's such a fun project of mine and I want to make sure it stays fun for you guys, too. Unfortunately I can't take my laptop in with me, but I will try to get online on Friday when I'm back home. I am able to take my phone (but it has to stay in a plastic bag which should be interesting) so give me a call if you're bored!

Thanks for the well wishes and sticking with me!

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