Friday, June 13, 2008

Taking Off

Jessica Biel departs LA for the east coast. She's still working on the film Nailed.

Mommy and Me: Ashley and Mom

Ashley Tisdale, 22, took her mom shopping for some new high fashion at Chico's. I didn't know they even made hair extensions that long. Ridick!

Mommy and Me: Jennifer and Violet

Jennifer Garner shares a smile with daughter Violet, 2, while doing some shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Deliciousness at the Lakers Game

David Beckham and Justin Timberlake chat it up at the Lakers game last night.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tom Hanks is a Class Act

Tom Hanks is currently in Rome to film Angels & Demons, the sequel to The Da Vinci Code. The production has shut down the majority of a nearby town and prohibited access to many local facilities. When Tom learned that the crew had blocked off the streets leading to a church where a woman was supposed to be getting married, he personally found her and walked her through the set to the church.

Crazy Chic

Hilary Duff meets up with friends for breakfast at Papoo's Hot Dog Stand in Toluca Lake. She is wearing the exact same pair of sunglasses as DON today. But DON would not touch anything else she is wearing.

Sister, Sister: Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears continues to work on setting up her baby's nursery in her new home with Casey. The young mom-to-be is ready to deliver any time now!
Meanwhile, her big sister continues to focus her time on shopping and working out. This time she took it to a Bally's that is a few blocks from my house. Curses! When will I ever see her?!?

PR Stunt!

Audrina went out to Crown Bar last night with her roommates, Lauren and Lo. But I'm not buying that these girls are friendly again. This was totally a PR stunt to save the show! Recently, the girls had words when LC came home to a photoshoot in her backyard that Audrina arranged with a local rag. Lauren seemed to be unaware of the shoot and also was concerned after she had promised an exclusive first photoshoot there with another magazine. Audrina decided to tell the press her side of things, saying, "She was very, very, very mad. She said it’s her house. But this is my room. I said, ‘We’re not taking pictures of your house - don’t be rude.’ It just adds to the tension. Now she thinks I’m sneaky and shady for doing this photo shoot, yet she and her team knew about it. She won’t let it go.”

The Love Guru

Mike Meyers and Justin Timberlake attended the premiere of The Love Guru in Hollywood last night. The red carpet was seriously lacking in girl power as their co-star Jessica Alba is resting at home with her new daughter, Honor.

Mischa Moment

Yeah, this is more what I'd expect from her. Mischa Barton exits her New York hotel in thigh-high moccasins.

Ladies in (Shades Of) Red

Lauren Conrad chats with a friend as she heads into the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for a business meeting yesterday.NicRic makes her way into traffic school. Seems like she's been doing this forever!
LiLo catches the paparazzi as she walks the set of her new film.

We Are Family

The Beckham family makes their way into Disneyland in Anaheim, CA yesterday. I can't even imagine the commotion. Looks like little Cruz, 3, is already tuckered out!

Mommy and Me: Tina and Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson and Tina Simpson have a light-hearted dinner in New York. Jessica is promoting her country album.

DON Shout Out: Boy Scouts in Iowa

Last night there was a tornado that ripped through a Boy Scout leadership training camp in Iowa. Because they were in a remote location, there was almost no warning before it hit. My cousin, Christian Jones, was there and lost three of his friends (as well as another camper) in the destruction. From the account of my uncle, he was quite a little hero, helping his friends and doing what needed to be done in a terrifying situation. Here's an interview he did with MSNBC:

“Our scoutmaster busted in and yelled, ‘Get under the tables!’ Less than two seconds later it hit and everything blew away,” 13-year-old Scout Christian Jones told TODAY’s Ann Curry from the devastated site in Blencoe, Iowa. “I was praying like heck: ‘My God, please save me.’ I was hanging on for dear life.”

But even in the midst of a terrifying maelstrom, Boy Scout training — and the motto “Be Prepared” — held true. “There was blood,” Jones said. “We just used our first-aid skills. It happens no matter where you are. You have to realize that and be prepared.”

Please send your positive thoughts and prayers out for the families of the boys who weren't so lucky! And, if you are in the midwest, please take care in this crazy weather!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ready for Marriage

Salma Hayek headed to the movies with some girlfriends yesterday. She has been discreetly shopping for a designer of her wedding gown. She is scheduled to wed her baby's daddy this summer in St. Tropez.

It's A Wrap!

Katherine Heigl brings her hubby, Josh Kelley, to the wrap party of her film The Ugly Truth.

Kendra Turns 23

While her boyfriend is enjoying his 80's, Kendra entered her mid-twenties with a birthday party and Lakers game screening at a club in Hollywood. Bridget attended, but Holly stayed home to change Hef's diaper.

Reese in Japan

Reese Witherspoon promotes the Avon fundraising bracelet in Japan. She also took part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony as part of her Ambassador duties. Her black shoes make me gag though.

Mischa Moment

Mischa walks the red carpet at the premiere of The Happening. I can't decide if this is an improvement or not? What do you guys think?

Go Lakers, Go Lakers!

The Lakers had some star power behind them at their home game last night. David Beckham, with son Brooklyn, 9, Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie, Fergie and Kanye West all cheered the team on to victory.

Still On: JT and Jessica

Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Jessica Biel leave Pace after dinner last night. The two are rarely in the same city so I'm sure this was a treat for them.

Kardashians in Monaco

Kris, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian attend a photocall in Monaco before taking a stroll with some ice cream. No downtime on this vacay - the girls are groomed within an inch of their lives for every paparazzi in town.

Brit Brit Breakdown

Britney Spears spent the afternoon shopping at the Lisa Kline boutique on Robertson. Following her shopping spree, the singer headed over to a private cigar bar to meet up with Mel Gibson for a 2 1/2 hour chat during the Lakers game.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Soundbites: Brooke Hogan

On her mom's new 19-year-old boyfriend:

"I personally don’t like it at all or condone it, but she’s my mom, so I have to show her support. I went to school with him. He was a grade under me...Me and Nick know him well. Me and Nick are two years apart, and he was right between us (in school)."

Mommy and Me: Tina and Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson, accompanied by her mom, Tina, and assistant (in the yellow skirt), headed out for early morning meetings in New York today.

Jessica recently announced that in addition to crossing over to Country music, she'll be crossing over into the design world for her line of lingerie.

Kardashians in Nice

After playing a round of celebrity Family Feud against Deion Sanders' family, Kourtney, Kim, and Kris Kardshian jetted off to Nice, France for a little vacay.

Where in the World is LiLo?

On the set of Labor Pains. Lindsay grabbed some lunch after getting her hair done. Her gf had been in Montreal for work and when she returned, she headed straight for the set. Lindsay came out of her trailer to greet her. She also was seen walking around the set with her hand in SamRon's back pocket, sharing a laugh. Recently, Mark Ronson commented on his sister's relationship in an interview, saying, "My sister and Lindsay make a cute couple, don’t they?"

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