Friday, June 06, 2008

Still On: Milo and Hayden

It's back to work on the set of Heroes and Milo and Hayden are no longer shy about showing their affection. Here's the couple hanging out at her trailer.

Wanna Be Heidi's Neighbor?

An apartment was just listed in Spencer and Heidi's apartment building, with photos of an identical unit and described as such:


Small pet...I guess that's how Spencer got in. Bah dum ching! All this is ok news, but I have something better. Check out the map I made...cuz I'm lame like that.
Point A = Spencer and Heidi; Point B = Audrina, Lauren, and Lo
Coming soon: DON's topless tour of The Hills
Driven by: Talan

KCAV Spotted

Kristin Cavalleri was photographed exiting the Neil George salon in Los Angeles yesterday. Work those extensions, girl!

Brit Brit Breakdown

Does she look amazing? No. But all I see when I look at these is a pretty rockin' tan. I need to get outside this weekend.

These pics of Brit Brit show her heading into the studios to record. Also spotted on the scene was her manager, Larry Rudolph. Blackout is basically dunzo as the record company has chosen not to push forward with her next single release nor will she shoot a video. Looks like their are aiming on a fresh start with this next album.

Working Mom

NicRic had a full day of business meetings yesterday. She met with her manager in Burbank, had morning meetings, paused for lunch at Bossa Nova in Hollywood, then finished up with one more meeting in Century City. Nicole is prepping for the launch of her new jewelry line, House of Harlow, coming this fall.

Reese's Retail Therapy

Reese Witherspoon spends an afternoon shopping in her hometown of Brentwood, California. Do we like her new short hair?

Still On: Mandy and Ryan

Mandy Moore heads to dinner with her boyfriend, Ryan Adams, in West Village yesterday. Mandy has been in New York since the CDFA Awards on Monday. I want to take a shower just looking at that guy.

Hot Mess Kat Von D

What has Kat Von D done to herself? Here she is attending the Bravo A-List awards in New York. I hope they sat her at a table with The Real Housewives cast.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Shopping with SamRon yesterday. LiLo was spotted with a Hermes bag.

Hanging with Dennis Hopper at the G-Star party where her girlfriend deejayed. Random!

A Little Bit Country

Jessica Simpson attended the CMA Music Festival at LP Field last night. So far, her country career looks to be more promising than her pop career. It only took 10 years to find her audience!

Before taking off to Nashville, she spent a day shopping with her boyfriend, Tony Romo, in Dallas. A quick change into a lovely long dress and she was on her way to the airport.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Ryan and Abbie

Ryan Phillippe held hands with his Stop-Loss co-star while attending the 2008 Australian in Film Breakthrough Awards. The two were first suspected of being an item while filming the movie (back when Ryan was still married). This was their first public outing.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Whitney's Own Show

A potential spin-off of The Hills is in talks at MTV; and TG it's not for Audrina or Speidi. Instead, it's for Whitney Port. LC's sounding board may get her own show that follows her move from Los Angeles to New York. She would continue working for People's Revolution and have a whole new New York crew to hang out with (including socialite pal Olivia Palermo).

LC Loves Her Promoters

Yes, she's on The Hills, but it helps that Lauren Conrad puts on a happy face for club promoters here in Hollywood. After greeting this guy, her posse, including Lo, strutted right into Crown last night. She's looking fierce in that outfit with her Loubs, but why is her hair gotten darker as of late? Lighten up, LC, it's summer!

And Back to This

Man, I hate it when Kate Hudson wraps a film. It's like day after day of gorgeous, smiling Kate photos, replaced with grungy, awkward grumpy Kate photos. Here she is in New York grabbing after a coffee run.

New Ink

Pete Wentz shows off his new tattoo as he exits buddy John Mayer's house in Pacific Palisades yesterday. The duo have been spending a lot of time together lately, playing music and hanging out.

DON Says Dance

Jesse McCartney ft. Baby Bash in Leavin'

For Laurie

Catching Up with the Hills Cast

Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt shoot new scenes for The Hills. Stephanie has a brand new boyfriend, Brett Novek from VH1’s reality series, America’s Most Smartest Model. Heidi and Spencer had dinner at Mr. Chow before heading over to a Girls Gone Wild party at Les Deux with Joe Francis.

Just a couple of douchebags hanging out!
Meanwhile, Audrina, after dining at Beso, headed out to Avalon with Tal Cooperman. DON has met Tal, who works for DCMA and is a club promoter, a number of times and he's extremely fun and charismatic. Only problem with his new relationship is that he's married.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Shopping for a studio apartment in North Hollywood? Um, wtf? Why would she need that? But LiLo was indeed checking out properties. Maybe she's buying her assistant a place or something. Later that night, she was by SamRon's side as she deejayed a G Star party.
Other good news for Lindz - she landed a movie! She'll play lead in Labor Pains, about a publishing assistant who fakes a pregnancy in an attempt to prevent getting fired.

Back to Work for CZJ

Catherine Zeta Jones gets to work rehearsing for her new film The Rebound in New York yesterday. The film, releasing in 2009, follows a single mom in New York who falls for her young neighbor (played by Justin Bartha).

FYI Catherine's Tonic t-shirt raises money for mosquito-net beds for people in Africa.

Still On: Benji and Paris

Paris Hilton must have had a big dinner last night. She and Benji Madden dined at Beso in West Hollywood last night.

Becks in a Bow Tie

Any opportunity I get to start the day with a Beckham post, I'm gonna take it. Last night David attended the opening of friend and chef Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant in the London West Hollywood Hotel. Meanwhile, Victoria was just touching down at LAX after spending some time in New York. Only Posh gets off a late night flight in a perfect LBD and sky-high Loubs.

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