Friday, March 28, 2008

HSM Rehearsals

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Lucas Grabeel get a headstart on dance rehearsals without Zac Efron, who is still hard at work on Me and Orson Welles, and Corbin Bleu, don't know where he was.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Shopping at Intuition and looking like a bag lady. It's a combo of Mischa meets Mary Kate. Next up for Lindsay is a role in Manson Girls, in which she'll play Nancy Pitman, a cult follower of the psychopath and serial killer Charles Manson.

Still On: Francios and Salma

Salma Hayek and her baby daddy go for a walk in Hollywood sans daughter, Valentina. Mom looks like she's shrinking back into her pre-baby body.

Bump Watch: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani and her handsome husband go for a stroll in Los Angeles.

Look Who I Found!

Papa Joe has been disturbingly missing from the spotlight recently. So unlike him! Well he surfaced this week at The Ivy where he was pushing his latest prodigy on the photogs, a Russian pop singer named An-ya. Seriously, how tight is that shirt on him? He fights right in with that West Hollywood crowd minus the bod.

Mischa Moment

So here's Mischa Barton leaving a lunch at La Scala. Seriously, this is what she wore. Running shorts and a shirt that reads, "Let's go bite some butts."

Keeping It Simple

Like her best friend Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox chooses simplicity and minimal make-up when not on set. Here she is leaving a dinner at Jar in Los Angeles.

Gisele Can Sell

Gisele is currently in Spain on a promotional tour of Vogue eyewear and with looks like this, it's no wondering she's the highest paid model in the world.

Bump Watch: Jamie Lynn Spears

And there she is, flashing her ring and her bump in a shirt reading "The Rumors Are True." God, she's just a kid, isn't she?

DON Says Dance!

Danity Kane Damaged

Workin' it Out: KCav and Sophie Monk

I makes me crazy mad when I find paparazzi shots at my gym in West Hollywood of all these celebrities when I only see the most F list of them when I'm there. Rrrrr...Anyway, here's KCav all excited to run into Benji Madden's ex-fiancee, Sophie Monk. Sophie had just finished her workout and Kristin was heading in to start her own.

Not A Happy Camper

Sienna Miller was really upset to be caught by the paparazzi as she had lunch with Brothers & Sisters actor Matthew Rhys. She reportedly flagged down a car and after they assured her they weren't murderers, hopped in the back and speed away.

New Ink?

Audrina Patridge caused a commotion last night as she spent time at Blackwave Tattoo Parlor in Los Angeles. The Chinese characters on her arm translate to "pork oil fried rice." Rumor has it the tat is a fake and the whole episode was a stunt pulled for Ashton Kutcher's show Pop Fiction. Does it look real to you?

It Begins

Ali Lohan and White Oprah began filming their reality show, Livin' Lohan, yesterday in Harlem. They visited a youth center along with Grandma Lohan. It's nice that we get to see them in their natural, daily environment; you know, visiting youth centers in Harlem and all. In all sincerity, I can't wait to see the show and I think their facial expressions give us a taste of their life. Dina = crazy and desperate for attention, Ali = horrified

Moving Up in the World

Guess what LC has? A new assistant! Yep, that's her in the jeans helping Lauren check in at LAX yesterday. LC just returned from The Hills premiere and promotion in New York and already she's off again. She really has become a full-fledged star.

Pen to Paper

Mary Kate exits a meeting in Manhattan. Along with her sister, she is working on a coffee table book, titled Influence, that features artists and designers that inspire fashionable dressers throughout history. I hope they don't include themselves on that list.

Bedtime Stories

Adam Sandler and Keri Russell are busy filming scenes in Santa Monica for their new Disney flick Bedtime Stories. Courteney Cox and Guy Pearce also star in a story about a hotel handyman (Sandler) who finds the bedtime stories he creates for his niece and nephew coming true.

Hay Hay You You

Typecast much? Hayden Panettiere gets to work filming I Love You, Beth Cooper in Vancouver where she plays a high school cheerleader. Just like on Hereos and in Bring it On: All or Nothing (aka the best movie ever).

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Becks Cover Up

After David Beckham played with (and lost with) Team England against France, he chose to celebrate his 100th game with the team by heading out to dinner with his wife. Victoria, in an extremely conservative dress for the Spice Girl, joined him at the Baccarat Lounge Restaurant. As always, they'd made a sharp looking pair.

Bridezillas Hit The Big Screen

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are back to work and filming in New York City. The ladies are filming Bride Wars which has them playing best friends who become bitter rivals as they attempt to plan their respective weddings on the exact same day. The flick will be out in 2009.

Bump Watch: Jamie Lynn Spears

In case you missed it, Jamie Lynn Spears guest starred on Miss Guided recently and she took her acting to a whole new level playing a sexuality active teenager.

This morning, back in Kentwood, Louisiana, JLS was seen leaving her home with a friend and making an 80-mile trip to Babies 'r' Us in Baton Rouge, where she spent some time registering for her upcoming baby shower. Not only was she wearing the giant rumored engagement ring, she was wearing a t-shirt that said "The Rumors Are True."

Madonna Does Vanity Fair

Madonna is the cover girl for Vanity Fair's annual Green Issue and she still doesn't believe in pants! I guess less laundry is a good thing?

Samaire's Unemployed

The cast of Dirty Sexy Money made an appearance at the Paley Center to talk about the show and the next season. Missing from the line up was Samaire Armstrong, who plays Juliet Darling.

The rumored reason for her absence was that she has been cut from the cast. She is rumored to be guest-starring once in awhile, but will not a full-fledged cast member anymore. This may be due to her sudden trip to rehab in the middle of the first season. While her addiction wasn't revealed, she had to be written out of a show, but was granted leave to return to filming a week later.

The Luggage On That One

Can you imagine what it takes to travel with Paris Hilton? Multiple outfits and accessories for every day must means endless suitcases and trunks of clothes. Here she is out and about in Germany.

Workin' it Out: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes has been laying low since she checked out of rehab after a short stint at Le Cirque. We've seen her mostly in workout gear which makes sense since up next for her is a photo campaign as the new face of Calvin Klein underwear.

Brit Brit Breakdown

Britney Spears truly hates keeping her extensions up. Rumor was that was part of the reason she shaved her head last year. Anyway, she's starting to look a little funky again since classing up for her appearance on HIMYM. She had a dentist appointment in Studio City yesterday.

Upgrade: Mary Kate

Mary Kate looks like a normal girl as she attends the after-party for the 21 premiere.
I almost didn't recognize her with that hair.

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