Friday, March 21, 2008

Workin' it Out: Lauren and Lauren

LC and Lo went for a run this morning in Runyon Canyon. LC demonstrates what I hate about working out have to run with your car keys in your hand. But otherwise, it's pretty beautiful and there is tons of puppy watching!

Still On: Kat and Nikki

Kat Von D is all about her new bf, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx. The two sucked face for the cameras at a party for the Mavericks issue of Details magazine.

DON's Delight: Amy Bell

I was fortunate enough to have an extremely idyllic childhood. A big reason for that is my neighborhood. We took three trips together annually and have a basic policy of "why bother with locks?" It was not unusual for me to look outside and see my neighbors playing poker in our poolhouse or for me to let myself and my friends into a neighbors yard to lay out because their speakers were better. So this past Christmas, we were all over at the Darsts' and drinking way too much red wine and champagne when we put on the Rod Stewart live DVD and absolutely fell in love with this song, playing it on repeat and screaming it at the top of our lungs. Rod is singing with a girl named Amy Bell who he heard singing in a local pub a few nights before this big show and he brought her on stage to sing with him. The running joke now is, "Hey have you met Amy Bell? No? Let's introduce you." So here she is.

And this we we just think is funny, with Rod's wife marching around. Plus the song still rocks.

Bump Watch: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba lunched with her brother Josh, his wife Nikki, and their son at Jack n' Jill's in Beverly Hills yesterday. She threw on a white tank over her dress and swapped her shoes to hit some shops before heading home. After changing, she made her way to the supermarket for some snacks.

Vampy Reunion

Seth Green, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Michelle Trachtenberg were happy to see each other at the Paley Fest's celebration of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. There was a screening of the show's musical episode "Once More With Feeling" followed by a discussion with the cast on the show's evolution.

Bump Watch: Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Jennifer Love Hewitt sparks new pregnancy rumors by wearing a big, billowy top and keeping her stomach covered with bags as she picked up Easter baskets at Michael's craft supply and picked up puppy treats at a pet store. I mean, nobody carries shopping bags like that!

Hot Child in the City

Lauren is dressed for some extreme temperatures as she does some shopping in Los Angeles. Earlier in the day she dropped off her puppy, Chloe, at the vet.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's Up With This Look?

Ryan Gosling made a late night run for smokes in New York and walked home. Currently, he's prepping for his next role in All Good Things which he will be filming with Kiki Dunst. IMO he should have a beard all the time. Never make him shave it!

Here he is on Ellen and he's pretty damn adorable:

Celeb Sighting

From DON reader Kristen:

"Brian just called me from the Babies R Us in Calabasas and saw Layla Ali and her hubby at the baby registry...she definitely had a baby bump."

And from Emily:

"According to my dermatologist (who used to have a practice is Beverly hills) the reason all these celebs are getting preggers super fast is that they are all on low doses of acutane which makes you very fertile. He said they are all getting prescribed like 1 pill every two weeks, just enough to keep their skin clear, but that they aren’t taking proper steps to prevent pregnancy. You have to use at least 2 methods of birth control when you are on any dosage of acutane. I think this totally applies for Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie. I’d say Fergie too."

Still On: Jake and Reese

Jake Gyllenhaal looks adorable as he leaves an appointment in Los Angeles. Yesterday he spent time with his girlfriend, Reese Witherspoon, at the farmers market in Pacific Palisades where he bought her flowers.

Mom's Night Out

Nicole Richie left her daughter home with a babysitter while she attended a short film premiere at Prada in Beverly Hills. Also at the event were Rosario Dawson and Angie Harmon.

Confusing Much?

Yesterday, Fergie ruled over the Houston Livestock show and she has lost what looked like an obvious baby bump. Tell me, do you think she's preggo?

Such a Philathropist

Paris Hilton signs autographs for students at the Jakaranda Kinderhuis School in Pretoria, South Africa earlier today. She is in town following her boyfriend, Benji's, tour with Good Charlotte.

Birthday Shout Out

Happy Birthday to my Mom! Sorry I can't celebrate with you. Come visit me soon!


Vanessa Hugdens usually does no fashion wrong in my book, but this is WAY off. She looks like a sheepdog as she shopped solo in New York. She stopped by Scoop, Jeffrey, and Cartier before returning to her hotel. Her boyfriend, Zac Efron, is currently filming in London.

Ashley Tisdale looks a little nervous as the photographers circle in on her. She spent the afternoon shopping at Kitson, followed by a blow-out at Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills.

Angry Biel

Jessica Biel is annoyed with the paparazzi as she shops in Beverly Hills. Chilax girl! JT will be home soon.

Soundbites: LC

"At this point, I have to question every person that wants to have a relationship with me, whether it's a friendship or a romantic relationship. Audrina has to remind me that she's not someone who's going to betray me. [As for Brody], when you have that type of thing, you always have to question, 'Why wasn't I good enough? It's disappointing to have to question relationships."

Still On: Usher and Tameka

Usher took his wife Tameka Foster-Raymond shopping at Bottega Veneta in Beverly Hills yesterday. Their son was not with them.

Mischa Moment

Mischa Barton picks up pet supplies and plays with puppies at a Los Angeles pet store. I'll step on my soapbox again and say please don't shop at stores that sell dogs! No reputable breeders will blindly sell and ship their puppies off with no clue who they will go to so don't support them and don't support the stores that profit off them! Click here to read about the latest major pet breeder to be shut down.

Where in the World is LiLo?

In Los Angeles and spending all her free time with former bff Samantha Ronson.

TG They Look Like Her!

The first picture of Jennifer Lopez and her twins, Max and Emme, who are less than a month old, have been released. The photo, taken at Gremlin and JLo's house in Long Island, was the first of 12 that will be released this week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bump Watch: Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling are expecting a baby girl. They recently found out the sex of the baby and are thrilled.

Bump Watch: Fergie

Fergie is totally pregalicious. Despite denying, denying, denying, Fergie is totally pregnant. Here she is with hubby-to-be Josh Duhamel leaving dinner on Beverly Drive.

LC in NY

While Audrina is home in LA dealing with decorating her new room and defending her morality, Lauren Conrad is in New York hyping up the upcoming new episodes of The Hills. She popped in to The Late Show for a chat with Letterman and then headed out with friends for dinner at the Soho House and dancing at Tenjune.

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