Friday, February 29, 2008

All This Beauty in Just One Face

Tara Reid is the greatest. She never fails to take truly terrible photos. Here she is leaving Villa Lounge last night. All that is running through my head is "G-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s, yeah, glamorous, glamorous."

Still On: Drew and Justin

Drew Barrymore has some fun with her boyfriend, Justin Long, while vacationing in Hawaii.

Justin in A Speedo

Still On: Benji and Paris

It's gotta be love. Paris Hilton spent time shopping with her new guy Benji Madden in Beverly Hills. Both are rocking their DCMA tees, which Benji serves as spokesmodel for.

The Emotional Power of the Right Shoes

On the set of Confessions of a Shopaholic, Isla Fisher is very happy filming a scene with John Goodman in her tiger-striped pumps. But, boo sad! They made her put on icky galoshes when the cameras started rolling. That's enough to elict a realistic cry! Either that or the clown collar.

And Now For the Real Deal

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen meet up with their bestie Karl Lagerfeld for the Chanel show in New York. You can see their teeth when they smile here which shows this is their very favorite day of the entire year.


Lauren Conrad, rocking her own Chanel, and Lo had lunch on Robertson yesterday, forcing me to yell at my co-worker for not calling me when they saw all this happening a couple blocks away. She also introduced her new friend. See more photos at The Puparazzi.

Do You Think Heidi Still Has A Job?

I don't. Here's her and Spencer shopping at Chanel yesterday. It makes me sick that she gets to buy Chanel purses for selling her photos and stories to the rags. That should be me!

New 'Do

Ew! Brad Pitt sports a way too clean cut look for a film (Tree of Life) in Austin.

Brit Brit Breakdown

After spending more supervised time with her children, Brit Brit makes her way into the dance studio to continue working on her moves for her next single, Hot As Ice. How she can dance without a bra is beyond me.


Nicky Hilton, 24, looked scary skinny as she went shoe shopping at Christian Louboutin in LA yesterday.

Mommy and Me: Gwen and Kingston

Gwen Stefani and Kingston went shopping in Los Angeles yesterday looking summery and happy. Recently, Gwen posed for V looking quite intense and different than her natural state.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bump Watch: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's got two reasons for Paris in the (almost) Springtime: Fashion Week (inspiration for losing the baby weight after she gives birth in a few months) and premiering her flick The Eye.

Granny Returns to Paris

Mary Kate Olsen sits front row center at the Giambattista Valli show in Paris. Her sister missed the show, but met up with her later. Ah Mary Kate, you crazy eccentric!

We Are Family: Soundbites

Joel: [Parenthood] was not in the plans. But it's the best thing that's ever happened to us. It was a gift from God. It was a big surprise but neither one of us even skipped a beat.

Nicole: Yeah, it was never like a bad thing. It's weird -- even though we had only been together a few months, we had lightly talked about having a family. I think we always knew.

Joel: We just get each other. We're both laid-back people. It's never been a job to be in this relationship.

How Nicole told Joel she was pregnant:

Nicole: I picked a really bad time! I couldn't hold it in. He was flying from Japan to Europe, so right before he gets on a 16-hour flight I was like, "I have to tell you something."

On the pregnancy:

Nicole: I didn't have morning sickness, and I was waiting for it. I was tired a lot but that was really the only thing. And according to [Joel], my hormones were really bad.

Joel: Nicole is really laid-back. You can tell her anything and she's like, "Whatever." And that was the first time I'd seen her get worked up. I'd be like, "Whoa, this is not the girl that I know." Like, if I was late -- which is usually no big deal -- it was like, "Where were you? You know that I've been waiting here, you couldn't even think to call?" It was cute.

On cravings:

Nicole: Nothing really crazy. I would eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast.

Joel: She never liked chocolate, and now she likes chocolate.

Nicole: Yeah, I've always been a cheese/salt person.

On the labor and delivery:

Joel: The whole pregnancy -- the whole thing was easy. Well, I'm not saying the birth was easy for you.

Nicole: It actually was! I just didn't feel well [when I was going into labor].

Joel: She was like, "I think it's going to be soon, so let's go while it's 2 a.m." So we snuck into the hospital [on Thursday night]...

Nicole: And we just settled until I had the baby [on Friday night]. It was really mellow. I don't know [how long I was in labor], because I don't know what time I actually went into labor, but I pushed for 10 minutes. Three pushes and she was out.

Joel: She came out and she was crying. The doctor goes, 'Well, it looks like you got a little girl!'

Nicole: I cried right away.

Joel: Right when she came out, you know that cry that's like an internal cry where you shake a little bit? [To Harlow] You made me cry!

Nicole: She came out, and I just knew she looked like me, and I was holding her, and it was something that was so much bigger than me. Now she looks a little more like Joel, but when she was born, it looked like Joel had nothing to do with it.

Joel: Thank God she looks like Nicole!

Nicole: They put her right on my chest and I breastfed her. I didn't know anything about breastfeeding, so I fed her for 35 minutes on one side! And the doctor was like, "You should probably switch sides."I feel like a superhero. I have such newfound respect for my body.

Post delivery:

Nicole: "Well, right after I had her, I remember saying to Joel, "I need food. Get me apples."

Joel: I ordered her a steak.

Nicole: I don't know what I was asking for but I felt like I was going to die. [Harlow stirs on Joel's chest] She woke up for the story. She likes this story!

Joel: [to Harlow]: This is the story of how you were born!

On nursing:

Nicole: There's just so much I can't eat because she's sensitive. I eat really bland [food] -- chicken noodle soup, vegetables, fish. I had to cut out milk, no tomatoes, no lettuce. You think you have to cut everything out when you're pregnant, but you really have to cut everything out when you're breastfeeding!

On her newfound breasts:

Nicole: He's enjoying it! I don't really like it. It doesn't really fit with my wardrobe; it's not who I am. I never had to think about wearing a bra, so it's a whole new world. But you know, whatever.

Joel: I like you both ways.

On choosing their daughter's name:

Nicole: I wanted a hippie name and he wanted a more biblical name.

Joel: I really like Jean Harlow the actress, and she likes Shalom Harlow the model. Harlow's cool because it feels like a classic name.

Nicole: And no one has it.

Joel: Winter was so serene and quiet and that's how she is.

Nicole: I always liked the name Kate, but I knew I'd never name my kid that because it was just too plain.

On being parents to a newborn:

Nicole: I was joking with Joel today -- I think it's impossible to be on time with a newborn.

Joel: It takes an hour just to get out of the house. Like, 'Oops, now she has to eat. Now she has to change!

On milestones:

Nicole: Well, actually Benji [got the first smile].

Joel: Now it happens all the time. We live for her smiles. When she smiles ...

Nicole: We feel so good. I don't know if it was this morning -- my days are blended -- but I was watching her in her crib and she happened to wake up and I was like, "Good morning!" And she smiled and it was the cutest thing ever.

On the importance of family:

Joel: We don't have a nanny. We have our moms. They've helped us a lot.

Nicole: And we have to give credit to Benji. He lives six houses down. He babysits, like really babysits.

Joel: There was a day when I'd been at work all day and Nicole hadn't left the house for 48 hours, and I was like, "Let's go to a restaurant down the street," and Benj was with the baby. Then someone said they read somewhere we were out all the time. It's crazy. You leave the house for one hour and everyone's like, "She's out! She's leaving the baby!"Also, Lionel's a great granddad. He's the best. She loves him. You have to be around Lionel to see how he is. He's just happy.

Nicole: I just think without even consciously talking about it, the family has gotten closer. [Harlow] is really the focus, and everyone has the same goal: to love her and to make her happy.When Joel and I got together, he was always like, "Let's go to your dad's, let's go to your mom's," so we started going over there more. My dad always says Joel really brought the family together. [Joel blushes.]

On their differences as parents:

Nicole: Joel joked my whole pregnancy that he thought he would be the strict parent because I'm so laid- back and free-spirited.

Joel: She's the strict one!

Nicole: And since she was born, I've been so protective. Now Joel's like, "I'm going to be the fun parent!"

Joel: Nicole can tell the difference between a whine and a cry. I'm like, "Oh, she's making a noise, I gotta go in there." And Nicole's like, "Let her self-soothe for a minute and see how she does."

Nicole: I'm with her all the time. And she was a part of me for so long. I know when something's wrong.

On meeting Paris Hilton:

Nicole: Yeah. They went to the Ivy. Just kidding. I have to say, all of my friends, their demeanor completely changes when they're around the baby. When they come in the house they're really mellow and careful and sweet with her. And when you're with a baby, you don't think, like, "Oh, I'm this person." She spits up on you and throws up on you or goes to the bathroom or passes gas.

On motherhood:

Nicole: It's crazy. It's almost like I don't even remember what life was like before her. She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose.I didn't just wake up one morning and say, 'Okay, today I'm going to change. It was more of a gradual, day-by-day thing. Now that I look back on it, I was a different person last year than I am now. And, listen, sometimes I'll be here and I'll think to myself, 'I used to be fun! What if I'm not fun anymore?' I have all those feelings. But you know what? I am who I am. I'm still fun, just not in that way.

Joel: People have this perception that Nicole was, like, in an opium den.

Nicole: And I wasn't.

Joel: She made some mistakes. But look at where we're from: I'm in a rock and roll band. Nicole is who she is. It's not like we had to give so much up because of the baby. It's just time to be parents.

Nicole: Everything I do, I think about how it will benefit her or hurt her. She's never out of my mind. I stop doing things for me anymore. Everything is for her.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Partying in Hollywood last night in (gasp) formal shorts and (double gasp) half boots.

Oh That Colbert

Soundbites: Hayden on Dumping Stephen

"I just knew I wanted to breathe. I wanted to be single at the time. It just hit me like a ton of bricks: This is the time I need to be with myself. It takes such a secure person to be with someone like me—it takes so much confidence; it takes so much trust. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I’m not that kind of person. I know myself much better now than I did [before]. And my opinions of things and my morals – I am not as easily swayed as I used to be. And when you learn to accept yourself, the more you learn to be okay with yourself and know yourself, the easier it is to love somebody and allow them to love you.

Jenna's Bachelorette

Jenna Bush and fiancé Henry Hager had their bachelor/bachelorettes this month. She had a spa day at a private residence in Boca Raton, Florida, while Henry spent a day fishing and drinking by the pool in Miami.
I love this picture of them. He's totally going, "Dahling, where should we summer? I just received my monogramed lime swimtrunks with pink whales on them." and she goes, "You will drive me to the bottle each and every day for the rest of my life with your monotony. Shall we go clam digging?"

Harry Fights the Taliban

British army officials have confirmed that Prince Harry, 23, is on the frontlines in Afghanistan. Harry was set to fight last Spring when safety concerns prevented him from serving. He arrived in Helmand province on Christmas Eve and has been working on foot patrol and in Battlegroup HQ for the last 10 weeks. It was Queen Elizabeth herself who gave Harry his marching orders.

Dang Girl

Rihanna tears up the stage in Dublin in a ridonk ensemble while her boyfriend Chris Brown checks in to the Beverly Hill Hotel.

Bump Watch: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba grabs some lunch in West Hollywood yesterday. Her fiance Cash Warren was with her and her bump.Apparently she now blogs on Myspace and wrote about Sunday night. "Instead of hitting up the Governor's Ball or any other party, we opted for sweats and In-N-Out Burgers. Being preggers kind of takes the fun out of partying until the wee hours. Sleep always sounds so much better these days. Another highlight was the fact that I didn't mess up my lines or trip on my dress. I did have a stumble backstage... Cash caught me. Luckily all the photogs were taking pics of Cameron [Diaz] looking gorgeous in pink."

Mommy and Me: Tori and Liam

Tori Spelling manages to hold her son, Liam, over her baby bump while visiting a Los Angeles bakery.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Back from Milan and back in traffic school in Culver City. Dang all these girls are dressed for summer. I need to get out at lunch and see if it's really this nice out.

My Favorite Girls

Lauren Conrad and her new roommate Lo have some fun while shopping in Hollywood yesterday, while Audrina spent the day shopping at Z Gallerie in Beverly Hills.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Talking Dirt

Courteney Cox is promoting her new season of Dirt, the racy FX show that has her playing the editor of a trashy tabloid.

On playing take-charge characters: “Monica was a ruthless, competitive girl, so I guess I have that streak in my personality. Gail Weathers was really campy. In Scream 3, I had the worst hairdo in the world. I can’t believe it’s forever on film.”

On why she took the role: “She’s ruthless, but with a heart. When I originally pitched this show to FX, it didn’t even have a woman character in it. It was really about a Hollywood young actor who was willing to sell his soul to the paparazzi to keep up in the world of Hollywood. FX came up with the idea of making it centered around a female tabloid editor.”

On the show’s sensational storylines: “We don’t ever intend to hurt anyone. And as a matter of fact, sometimes we make the characters sympathetic. It’s all in fun.”

On sympathizing with the paparazzi: “I would say that playing this character and working on this show has definitely shown me how hard (this business) is and how competitive it is. It’s just really hard to run a successful magazine. And I (understand) just how many paparazzi there are out there and how hard it is to get the exclusive picture. I guess I’ve learned (how the paparazzi operates), but that doesn’t mean I agree with it all and I definitely don’t agree with the obsession on certain celebrities. I understand the fascination, but when it gets obsessive, I think it gets dangerous.”

On truth being stranger than fiction: “We come up with these storylines and sometimes we think, ‘Wow, there’s no way this could happen, but man it would make for a good episode.’ And then you find out after you filmed it...that something even more outrageous has happened.”

On Lucy and Don’s relationship this season: “Don (Lucy’s best friend celebrity photographer) is on medication now so his schizophrenia has been toned way back and he’s much more in control, which makes him have to look at what he does for a living and how far he goes for Lucy. So we’ve kind of reversed the roles a little bit. As opposed to her taking care of him, he’s taking care of her more.”

On how Lucy has changed after being stabbed last season: “She is ruthless, but she definitely has a different outlook on life. She doesn’t take it quite so seriously. I think she’s a little more appreciative of what she has. I think she’s a little more daring in a certain way, but for a better reason—more for fun as opposed to some personal vendetta against people.”

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