Friday, February 15, 2008

DON Dude: Taye Diggs


Pop Up Video: Heidi

Enjoy Heidi Montag's pop-up video. The best part is "Heidi is best known from The Hills. And her boobs. Both are fake." "Pops Up" Heidi Montag's Higher video @ Yahoo! Video

Still On: Keira and Rupert

Must be nice being as naturally thin as Keira Knightley. With the Oscar's right around the corner, you won't working out like crazy or dashing from appointment to appointment. She just chills with her boyfriend, relaxing and running errands about London.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Dining at Maestro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills with a mystery man last night. I'm happy to see her back to the reddish-brown hair. See? I don't prefer everybody blonde...just most celebs!

Bump Watch: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba does some shopping with a friend yesterday in Los Angeles.
Her bump is growing!

Still On: Dax and Kristen

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard did the lovey-dovey thing out in Hollywood yesterday. Her upcoming flick, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, looks hilarious.

Dining Out in LA

Hayden Panetierre, her parents, and younger brother, all spent Valentine's Day having dinner together at STK in Los Angeles. Over at Katsuya, Adrian Grenier enjoyed a long dinner with a bunch of friends. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman dined out in Santa Monica.

Get Ready to Vom!

Again, if you were single yesterday, at least this guy is not your boyfriend. Spencer Pratt took his girlfriend Heidi Montag on a yacht in Marina Del Rey and made sure the cameras were there to capture every moment. There were roses, chocolate-covered strawberries, Cristal champagne, and a gift of Jimmy Choo shoes which she held up repeatedly for photos.

The Other Girl

Eric Bana is flanked by his co-stars, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman, for a photocall of The Other Boleyn Girl at this year’s Berlinale Film Festival. ScarJo looks terrible! What is with those gross flats? Natalie, on the other hand, looks super chic and was working a pair of pumps from her new vegan shoe line.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lauren Conrad and roommate Audrina Patridge hit the town last night, making their way to Goa. Wonder where Audrina's bf was? Both threw in a splash of seasonal color, with Audrina in red heels and LC in a wine-colored dress.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Rob and Carmen

She's never gonna learn is she? Carmen Electra has yet another rocker boyfriend. This time it's Rob Patterson of the band Korn. The two spent Valentine's Day shopping in Berlin.

Mommy and Me: Posh and Cruz

Posh hangs on to her youngest, who is about to turn 3, while making her way through the airport in New Jersey.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Soundbites: Lane Garrison

As sent from prison to Access Hollywood:

"Greetings and Happy New Year to you and everyone at Access Hollywood from Donovan State Prison. Never did I think I would be saying the words ‘happy & prison’ in the same sentence and not be on a set. It’s pure irony coming from the show and now living the real deal. It’s surreal and mind-blowing to say the least."

"Just this past Monday they let a group of inmates watch the season premiere of Prison Break. It felt like an out of body experience as I stood around a crowd of tattooed felons watching Michael Scofield try to escape…all of us longing to be free as well!"

"This has been the hardest year of my life. I hope people, young and old, are learning from my mistakes and what can happen when you drink and drive. I have much to say about the pain I’ve felt and seen inside of prison. It has been eye-opening and a harrowing experience."

Big House Bound: Bai Ling

Bai Ling, 37, was arrested at LAX for stealing magazines and batteries. This chick is crazy!

Martin Short Hates the Paparazzi

See it here. LOL!

A Valentine

Thanks, Erin.

Brit Brit's Dad Gets More Control

Britney's dad, Jamie, had previously been granted conservatorship of her estate until today. He returned to court today and, not only was his role extended, the court granted her older brother, Bryan, 30, influence over her day-to-day expenses. This will continue to be in effect until March 10 pending the results of a psychiatric evaluation of Britney.

They stated that they have yet to serve Sam Lutfi with a restraining order as he is avoiding service. Britney's mom, Lynne, flew out of LAX today, presumably home to Louisana to care for her 16-year-old pregnant daughter, Jamie Lynn.

Soundbites: Anna Friel

Since you all seem to love her, here's a recent interview with Anna Friel:

How does one become a tabloid darling?

I used to hang around in this group the press called the "Primrose Hill set," which included Kate Moss and the guys from Oasis. The press found that interesting. They always wanted to know what we were wearing. The English press has been very good to me, touch wood.

Speaking of touch, what has Chuck taught you about physical intimacy?

When you can't ever touch, it makes you want to do it more. You forget how much it's a part of communicating. I often think if I could just touch Ned, I could show the audience so much more.

You've done so many risqué roles; this must be a huge change.

It's so clean compared to, say, a play like Closer. Being bubbly, happy, and positive five days a week is more challenging than I expected. I think risky material helps you grow as an actress, which you need if you want longevity. If you're just the pretty girl, you're going to have a really short career. A ripe actress like Susan Sarandon or Judi Dench, with lots of layers, is more interesting to me than the young, unripe version.

Your American accent on the show is flawless.

Thanks. In my car on the way to work, I speak with an American accent and keep it the whole day, even during personal phone calls. I have a voice coach who gives me 30 notes [on how to improve] every day! I wanted the character to have a lot of air in her voice and to be very wide-eyed. I based it a lot on my daughter, Gracie. I wanted my character to be childlike.

It must be fun to do a show your 2-year-old can watch!

Those bright visuals really get her. She likes to come to the set because they've built a sweet shop that looks like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She takes sweets from all the jars. Her new thing is to say to me "Cut, Mummy! Cut!"

You and your partner, actor David Thewlis, are raising Gracie but aren't hitched. Suspicious of marriage?

Oh no, I always thought I was quite conventional--that I'd get engaged, marry, have a child--but it's all gone higgledy-piggledy. I think it's nice we've stayed together for the right reasons and not some tangled mess. And he's never asked, really! No, I'm always saying I don't need to. I think we'll wait to do it when Gracie can actually stand up at the wedding and be a part of it.

David plays Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies…

He's shooting in England right now. He's also a writer. His novel was recently released in the U.S.; it's called The Late Hector Kipling. It's amazing. It's all about the art world. He's constantly writing, and he reads, like, five books a week. I'm more social than he, the one with the bouncy energy, and he's more in his head--everything goes onto his pages. So it's a nice balance.

What do you guys do when you're not working?

We love the mountains and the sea, and we love to watch movies. People hate watching them with us because we talk and analyze all the way through!

I heard that you once gave a film producer a piece of your mind when he asked you to eat fewer doughnuts.

I told him he could have me--or a model without a brain in her head. The obsession with weight today is just incredible. Curves have gone out the window, and I don't understand it. For me, I think if you're disciplined enough to stop eating when you're not hungry, then you can maintain a balance. When I first moved to L.A. I got a trainer, but when we started doing the show, the whole thing fell apart. But I have a row machine now. That's how I lost all my baby weight in three months!

So you're not a calorie counter?

No. Look at French women: They eat cheese, drink wine, and they have incredible bodies and skin. I can't even do that water, water, water thing. I get so bored of it. But I do drink English tea, PG Tips, all day long. Eight cups a day! I also eat three bananas a day, every day. On set, they call me Anna Banana. I'm obsessed. If I'm tired, they make me feel better.

You must burn those bananas off by talking so fast. This is the quickest interview I've ever done.

And yet all day the director tells me to do my lines "flatter and faster, flatter and faster."

Why is that important?

Because if you're doing very poetic dialogue, it can sound too "television"--but when you do it flatter and faster, it makes it sound more natural and gives it a rhythm. This is the only role ever that a director hasn't asked me to slow down.

We Are Family

Keri Russell and Shane Dreary prepped for their first wedding anniversary by taking a walk with their son in Santa Monica. They were married last Valentine's Day.

Back to Work

She's gotta do something to pay for all those coffees and manicures, right? Hilary Duff attended a business meeting in Los Angeles yesterday and left accompanied by some suits and with a script in hand.

Mommy and Me: Xtina and Max

Christina Aguilera and her son, Max, are on the cover of Hello! magazine. I don't think I've ever seen her with more natural makeup. Fantastic!

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey, you may be single this Valentine's Day, but at least you aren't dating a douche like Spencer. The couple went to US magazine to discuss the negative feedback (and positive sales) from Heidi's first single. She said that after reading the comments, "I just started sobbing uncontrollably. I cried myself to sleep that first night after my video came out. I just couldn't understand why people I didn't even know felt the need to be so cruel and hurtful toward me. I am just a 21-year-old from a small town in Colorado trying to follow her dreams." LOL!

Reunited and it Feels So Good: LC and Brody

LC and Brody Jenner met up at LAX in Vegas last night for some pre-Valentine's fun. He reportedly still has a girlfriend, but these two look very flirty together. When does LC go to school?

Where in the World is LiLo?

At the redesigned Fendi store on Rodeo Drive last night wearing, what else?, a Fendi gown. Looks like she finally scrubbed off that tacky spray tan. Earlier that day, she attended traffic school. Looks like her hair is actually red in those pictures, which I couldn't tell from the nighttime photos.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still On: Jamie Lynn and Casey

Jamie Lynn Spears spends some time with her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, while her mom and dad are away taking care of her big sister.

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