Friday, February 08, 2008

Upgrade: Salma Hayek

Now this is more like it. Salma Hayek returns to gorgeous while working the red carpet in NY.

Heroin Overdose Blamed in Renfro's Death

The Los Angeles County Coroner has ruled that actor Brad Renfro, 25, died due to an "acute heroin/morphine intoxication." Renfo injected the drugs himself, but the overdose was accidental. He leaves behind a child who lives with his/her mother in Japan. As of last August, he told a judge he was attempting to get clean. He had another hearing to check up on his sobriety scheduled for later this month.

Becoming a Businesswoman

Lauren Conrad is growing up so fast. Here she is showing off her sign in the window of trendy boutique Intuition and then later running errands and getting her hair done in West Hollywood. Sick of the cameras so soon, my dear?

Posh Portfolio

Just as I came across this picture of Victoria Beckham heading to dinner at Michael's in New York, my iPod started playing The Eagles' "Busy Being Fabulous". That could pretty much describe her in a nutshell.

So Totally Calvin

Ali Larter and Liv Tyler look so perfect for a Calvin Klein show in New York.

Grammy Prep

Rihanna is fabulous, no denying, but I hate her new haircut. HATE it. Here she is at a pre-Grammy party last night.Meanwhile, Amy Winehouse was denied a visa, but will perform at the Grammy's via satellite. She stated, "I'd like to thank everyone for their support over the last couple of weeks. I'm really sorry I can't be there but I appreciate that I'm being given a second chance via satellite."

Kanye West is also performing and has stated that his performance will be a tribute to his mother.

Another 70's birthday

Ashton Kutcher isn't the only That 70's Show alumnae celebrating a birthday this week. Wilmer Valderrama turned 28 and wished to work less this year. Um, where was he last year? I didn't know he was working at all.

Katharine McPhee's Wedding Photos

This photo is hilarious. You can almost see her dad's eyes screaming, "Don't do this!"

Lighting the unity candle at Beverly Hills Presyterian Church.

And they're married.

The nine bridesmaids included American Idol alum Kellie Pickler.
The reception at St. Viviana's done in shabby chic decor. He sang, "She's Got A Way", she sang "Unforgettable."

Cutting the buttercream cake.
On the dance floor.

Where in the World is LiLo?

At the James Blunt concert in Los Angeles. Looks like the blonde phase has once again expired! Lindsay is newly brunette.

Still On: Demi and Ashton

Demi Moore, 45, helps her husband celebrate turning 30 last night. Ashton and Demi exited their Manhattan apartment after spending the previous night at Madonna's party.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Soundbites: Christina Aguliera on Being a Mom

Still On: Drew and Justin

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long also attended Madonna's party last night. They are so cute together! Next up for Justin is Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Tour. I've seen some of those comics live recently and they are pretty funny. Should be a good show.

There Will Be Oscars

Dancing Queen: Paris Hilton

Sometimes Paris is photographed doing really random things.
And sometimes she's just dancing with little people.

Having A Rough Night?

Ben Affleck heads home after dining at Italian eatery Peppone in Brentwood last night.
What is wrong with him, he looks sick as a dog!

Still On: Josh and Helena

Odd couple Josh Hartnett and former supermodel Helena Christensen head out for a walk in Manhattan. WTF is she wearing? She looks like a GAP model circa 1992.

Posh Portfolio

Victoria Beckham has some time to kill before her concert in New York.
How do you think she spent it?

Bump Watch: Halle

It happens to them all, and now it's Halle's turn. She's getting really big but still fashionable as ever!

Katie is a Giant

Madonna hosted an event sponsored by Gucci last night at the United Nations. The party, aimed at raising money for UNICEF and Madonna's non-profit organization Raising Malawi, brought out celebs like Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Gremlin and Rosie O'Donnell, who recently revealed that she is no longer drinking alcohol because she found she could never have just one. Madge's 11-year-old daughter Lourdes also attended.

Madonna made the following statement, "I've earned a reputation for many things: pushing the envelope, for being a provocateur, for never taking no for an answer. For endlessly reinventing myself, for being a cult member, a kidnapper. For being ambitious, outrageous and irreverent. And for never settling for second best. But I don't just want you to write me a check. I'm more interested in your heart. I want to take you on that journey with me tonight. I want you to feel as inspired as I do right now. Yes, I want to raise Malawi. But if I can do that, if we can do that, then the sky's the limit."

At the auction, the highest ticket item went for $600,000. The prize? A chance to tour with Madonna and attend dance class with her and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Your A.M. Dose of Brit Brit

Britney was released from her psychiatric hold yesterday after a court representative successfully argued that there was no just cause to hold her, despite her parent's and doctor's wishes. Once she was released, Brit Brit was up to her usual antics, driving around Los Angeles, checking in and out of the Beverly Hills Hotel, visiting her lawyer, having lunch with Adnan in the Valley, then finally hitching a ride with a paparazzi back to her home in Studio City.

Britney's dad, who is currently still in charge of her $40 million, stopped by the Beverly Hills Hotel, then headed over to Britney's house to meet up with Britney, Adnan, and Lynne Spears. Lynne remained at the house until midnight and Britney's father stayed the night.

Her parents released the following statement to CNN:

"As parents of an adult child in the throes of a mental health crisis, we were extremely disappointed this morning to learn that over the recommendation of her treating psychiatrist, our daughter Britney was released from the hospital that could best care for her and keep her safe. We are deeply concerned about our daughter's safety and vulnerability and we believe her life is presently at risk. There are conservatorship orders in place created to protect our daughter that are being blatantly disregarded. We ask only that the court's orders be enforced so that a tragedy may be averted. "

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rehab: Kirsten Dunst?

Rumors have been swirling that Kirsten Dunst has been acting more and more bizarre lately, with strange stunts at Sundance and around New York. Now Star magazine (aka take this as seriously as Paris takes fake baking) is reporting that Kiki has checked into Le Cirque Lodge in Utah. Currently housed there is Eva Mendes, and former patients include Lindsay Lohan and Mary Kate Olsen.

Going Gold

Eva Longoria glows in gold as she enters the Michael Kors show in New York today.

Bump Watch: JLo

Jennifer Lopez, with Gremlin, enters the Marchesa show (one of her favorite designers) in New York today. Yesterday, her father confirmed the rumors that the singer is carrying twins. Check out those heels. Yikes! Now we know how she keeps Gremlin in line; she's a dominatrix!

A Tad Tipsy

Sophia Bush enjoyed herself at a Fashion Week after-party. Bonk!

Soundbites: Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker, who play's Hayden Panetierre's best friend on Heroes, weighs in on Hayden, 18, dating Milo Ventimiglia, 30:

“I think it’s gross, to be perfectly honest. It’s kind of like if I were dating a 12-year-old. I’m definitely surprised they’re together. For me, it would be a struggle to be with someone in such a different age range."

Still On: Salma and François-Henri

Salma Hayek and her fiance/baby daddy François-Henri Pinault check into their hotel in New York. No sign of their daughter Valentina, but hel-lo new mommy! Geez!

Dunzo: Cheryl and Matthew

Dancing with the Stars champ Cheryl Burke, 23, and her boyfriend of one year, actor Matthew Lawrence, 27, have broken up. The couple met when Matthew's brother, Joey Lawrence, was on Dancing with the Stars.

Brit Brit is Released

The LA Times is reporting that Britney Spears checked out of the hospital today with the help of a private security detail. It is not known where she went, but it is thought that she is heading home before seeking treatment elsewhere. While her father has control over her estate through February 14th, he does not have control over her psychiatric hold.

Sam Lutfi is still forbidden within 250 yards of Britney, her homes, her family's homes and the hospital where she's stayed. Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, obtained the order for her daughter after stating that "Mr. Lutfi has drugged Britney. He has cut Britney's home phone line and removed her cell phone chargers. He claims to control everything."

This photo was taken shortly after she left the hospital.

Mommy and Me: Posh and Cruz

Posh helps her baby, Cruz, 2, through the airport in Toronto. They are making their way to New York, the next stop on the Spice Girls tour.

Any Promotion They Can Get

Heidi and Spencer pose for photos while shopping at Rumors in Sherman Oaks, California. They didn't seem to care that everybody hates her new video, they just love the attention.

Hey Mama

Christina Aguilera emerges with some huge new mama boobs for a meet and greet at Best Buy in West Hollywood. Christina was signing copies of her Back to Basics dvd.

On the Mend: Brit Brit

Britney Spears is desperate to be released from the hospital. Her father filed documents about his visit with Britney in his continued effort to take over managing her affairs. Britney called her father, who was catering a Superbowl party on Sunday, and begged him to come see her. When he arrived, he said he leaned over to kiss her and she turned away from him, saying he doesn't love her because he was keeping her in the hospital. When Jamie insisted she was being held under doctor's orders, she said somebody was lying to her and a nurse was called to verify that she was indeed being held by doctor's order and not her parents. She pleaded to leave, saying, "Come on, daddy, let's get out of here. Take my hand and let's walk out of here together."

Britney grew agitated and her father tried to reason with her by talking about her sons, saying, "Do you want me to help you get your babies back?", to which she responded, "No, I have new lawyers that will help me with my stuff." Jamie explained that she had never fired her custody lawyers and that new lawyers were also involved in handling her affairs.

The final discussion was about Sam Lutfi. Britney told her dad that Sam had wrongfully taken some of her property and that she wanted help getting it back.

Painkiller Abuse Caused Ledger's Death

Heath Ledger's death has been declared an accidental overdose by a heavy mix of prescription drugs. The Medical Examiner stated, "Mr. Heath Ledger died as the result of acute intoxication by the combined effects of Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Diazepam, Temazepam, Alprazolam, and Doxylamine. We have concluded that the manner of death is accident, resulting from the abuse of prescription medications." Basically he had Oxy (painkiller), Vicodin (painkiller), 2 forms of Valium (anxiety or sleeplessness), Xanax (anxiety), and a sedating antihistamine used as a sleep aid. Death most likely resulted from respitory arrest, where "His breathing probably got slower and slower until it stopped all together."

Heath's family, now back in Australia, released the following statement:

"We remain humble as parents and a family, among millions of people worldwide who may have suffered the tragic loss of a child. Few can understand the hollow, wrenching, and enduring agony parents silently suffer when a child predeceases them.

Today's results put an end to speculation, but our son's beautiful spirit and enduring memory will forever remain in our hearts. While no medications were taken in excess, we learned today the combination of doctor-prescribed drugs proved lethal for our boy. Heath's accidental death serves as a caution to the hidden dangers of combining prescription medication, even at low dosage. Our family enjoyed an extremely happy two week visit with Heath just prior to the New Year. Those recent precious days will stay with us forever. We as a family feel privileged to have some of his amazing magic moments captured in film. To most of the world Heath was an actor of immeasurable talent and promise. To those who knew him personally, Heath was a consummate artist whose passions also included photography, music, chess and directing. We knew Heath as a loving father, as our devoted son, and as a loyal and generous brother and friend.

We treasure our beautiful granddaughter Matilda (to our dear Michelle) as well as an unbelievably wonderful network of close friends, forever, around the world. Families rarely experience the uplifting, warm and massive outpouring of grief and support as have we, from every corner of the planet. This has deeply and profoundly touched our hearts and lives. We are eternally grateful.

At this moment we respectfully request the worldwide media allow us time to grieve privately, without the intrusions associated with press and photography."

Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda landed in Perth yesterday and headed directly to Heath's parent's house. They are in town for Heath's burial on Saturday.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Who Wore It Better: Black Leather

The Hills' Whitney Port as she exits the Miss Sixty show or Rihanna checking into her New York hotel?

Suit it Up

Casey Affleck, George Clooney and Javier Bardem look hot at the Academy Awards Nominees lunch in Beverly Hills, but the ladies prove they know how to work a suit, too. Angelina Jolie takes off from Santa Barbara, while Fergie, fresh in New York from opening for the Police in Australia, gets some shopping done at Calvin Klein in New York.

Soundbites: Lynne Spears

Brit Brit's mom, Lynne Spears, has accused Sam Lutfi of drugging her daughter and verbally abusing her. She revealed the information in her request for a temporary restraining order against Sam, which was granted. She also explained that when she arrived on January 28th for the intervention, she found her daughter talking like a "very young girl", changing in and out of clothes, and changing her dog's outfits many times.

For now, Britney's parents are retaining custody of their daughter, who is spending 14 under psychiatric observation in a Los Angeles hospital.

Hottie and the Nottie Premiere

Christine Lakin and her co-star Paris Hilton party after the premiere of The Hottie and the Nottie last night. Paris looks absurd in her orange spray tan and Barbie goes to prom get up. Your movie's a joke!

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