Thursday, June 12, 2008

DON Shout Out: Boy Scouts in Iowa

Last night there was a tornado that ripped through a Boy Scout leadership training camp in Iowa. Because they were in a remote location, there was almost no warning before it hit. My cousin, Christian Jones, was there and lost three of his friends (as well as another camper) in the destruction. From the account of my uncle, he was quite a little hero, helping his friends and doing what needed to be done in a terrifying situation. Here's an interview he did with MSNBC:

“Our scoutmaster busted in and yelled, ‘Get under the tables!’ Less than two seconds later it hit and everything blew away,” 13-year-old Scout Christian Jones told TODAY’s Ann Curry from the devastated site in Blencoe, Iowa. “I was praying like heck: ‘My God, please save me.’ I was hanging on for dear life.”

But even in the midst of a terrifying maelstrom, Boy Scout training — and the motto “Be Prepared” — held true. “There was blood,” Jones said. “We just used our first-aid skills. It happens no matter where you are. You have to realize that and be prepared.”

Please send your positive thoughts and prayers out for the families of the boys who weren't so lucky! And, if you are in the midwest, please take care in this crazy weather!


Anonymous said...

troop 16 of texarkana texas is praying for all of you.

sarahlouise said...

that just made me cry so badly, my thoughts are with them x

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