Friday, November 09, 2007

My Favorite Thing of the Day

Mommy and Me: Jennifer and Violet

Jennifer Garner enjoys some downtime from her Broadway show and walks the streets of New York with daughter, Violet.

Jet Setting Jess

Jessica Simpson has been bouncing all over, from New York to Los Angeles to Texas (to see Willie Nelson) to Nashville (for the CMAs) and now to Canada. Here she is heading out to a sushi dinner.

Reunited and it Feels So Good: 90210

Luke Perry, Ian Ziering, and Gabrielle Carteris all attended the Zimmer Children's Museum 7th Annual Discovery Award Dinner last night at the Bev Wilshire. Who's aging the best?

Where in the World is LiLo?

Shopping at H&M in West Hollywood. At least she's trying to bargain hunt!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

WGA Strike Day 4

As shows prepare to halt production (Grey's Anatomy was supposed to fim through May and is now set to stop filming next week), actors are taking to the picket lines in support of the Writers Guild of America. Without storylines, there are no more shows. And actors are no fools. The last thing they want is angry writers destroying their character or killing them off. The cast of The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, and Reno 911 all spent some time marching (in the case of Grey's, during their lunch break from filming).

Glam Girls

Christina Ricci (when will she stop with this hair), Rashida Jones, and Ali Larter attend DKNY's Delicious Night fragrance launch Wednesday in New York. Who's got the best dress?

Where in the World is LiLo?

In talks to join the cast of Ugly Betty for three episodes. LiLo would play a former high-school classmate of Betty’s who manages the fast-food joint where Betty's dad gets a job until Betty sets her up with a job at “Mode.”

Celeb Sightings

Writing in from Washington D.C. is East Coast correspondent, Millie:

Dear DON,
Last night I attended the DC premiere of Lions for Lambs. Tom and Katie (aka Pixie and Pixette) were there and I had a little star moment. I went to get some beverages before the movie started and ran right into them as they were entering the theater. I was pinned to the wall by some security guard wearing a bullet proof vest (really?) as they kissed cheeks, shook hands and took pictures with everyone and their moms. Speaking of moms, Pixie’s mom was there. And so were her chompers. I don’t think she ever stopped smiling. Pixie is little, obviously, and Pixette is really pretty. She’s skinny, but not anno and she’s buff. Her shoes were rocking. Here’s a picture:

Sidenote: It was like 40 degrees last night- she must have been freezing! They seemed very nice and all, but robotic. I’m sure all celebs get like that after attending a million premieres, but I’m weary of those two and their alien ways. Pixie is the quintessential movie star- giant smiles, waving for the fans in the balcony, signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone. It kind of made me want to puke. When he was walking by me I had an uncontrollable urge to trip him. But I elbowed the security guard instead. Thank God for the vest.

So finally Robert Redford came and introduced the movie. Here’s a picture of him:

Yeah, I was that close. Holla! So I think he’s a really handsome man. And he seems very genuine. He wanted the movie to make people think, and I’m not sure he full accomplished that. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped. I did think that Meryl Streep did an amazing job, natch. She wasn’t there, unfortunately. There were a ton of DC people there, which you probably don’t care about, but I will tell you anyway. Madeline Albright, David Gregory, George Stephanopoulos, Nancy Pelosi.

Mommy and Me: Katie and Suri

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise spend some quality time strolling the streets in D.C. yesterday.


Carrie Underwood looked gorgeous as, for the second year in a row, she took home the female vocalist of the year award, in addition to winning the single of the year for "Before He Cheats." She said, "God had blessed me with so many wonderful things in my life, and I will spend my entire life trying to figure out why. If you had told me a few years ago I would have been nominated with the people that I have been nominated with, I would have called you absolutely insane."

Meanwhile, fellow American Idol alum Kellie Pickler broke down on stage while singing "Wonder," a song about her mother who left her at age 2. By the end of the song, she was in tears and the audience was on their feet.

Bump Watch: JLo

Last night Jennifer Lopez, 38, confirmed her pregnancy on stage, but did not address the widespread rumor that she's carrying twins.

"Marc and I are expecting a baby!," she announced, as her surprised hubby shrugged his shoulders, rubbed her belly, and said, "I did not expect her to say anything," he told the crowd.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Still On: Brittany and Hubby

Brittany Murphy and her grody husband partied for Juicy Couture last night. Marriage sure seems to agree with her; she looks great!

Who's Prettier?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (in velvet...ew!!!!!!!!!) maintain their normal camera ready stance. Girl power!

Supporting the Union

Eva Longoria (on the Desperate Housewives lot) and Danny Bonaduce (on the Tonight Show lot) deliver treats of Domino's pizza and Thin Mints to the striking writers.

Smile for the Cameras

Vanessa Hudgens sticks to her North Hollywood radius and dines at Mo's Restaurant ion Monday. Love her!

Still On: Gwen and Gavin

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale had some fun together at the Juicy Couture party in Beverly Hills last night. They hung out with fellow Juicy fans Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Nicollette Sheridan and Rebecca Romijn.

Criminal Charges for Nick Hogan

Nick Hogan is being booked on a charge of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury related to his Aug. 26 car crash which left his friend John Graziano, 22, critically injured. His family issued the following statement:

"Nick and the entire 'Hogan' Bollea family are saddened that criminal charges have been filed in regards to the tragic single car accident on August 26, 2007. Nick will meet and answer these charges in the appropriate arena – a court of law. The family's primary focus and concern still remains for the continued recovery of Nick's longtime friend John Graziano. The Bolleas will also continue to stand by the Graziano family and help them in any way they can. "The tragedy to both families is compounded by the fact that unfortunately John was not wearing his seatbelt. Thankfully, Nick was wearing his. Because of what happened to John, the entire Bollea family will make it a priority to increase public awareness about the importance of always wearing your seatbelt. "There has been much speculation as to the speed and wet road conditions surrounding this accident. Although all the evidence has not been evaluated, preliminary reports from the experts indicate that this was not, in fact, a high-speed accident. "Because Nick is still a juvenile and has no prior criminal record, we are disappointed that he is being charged as an adult offender. However, we are confident that the evidence will demonstrate that this was an accident. We ask all who follow these events to keep an open mind as to the facts until they have been ultimately determined. Finally, we thank all who have prayed for John's recovery and ask for your continued support and prayers."

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where in the World is LiLo?

Picking up cupcakes at Porto Via in Beverly Hills. Dang, Lindsay's got some kind of appetite from all this dancing! Pizza every day and cupcakes, too!

And Baby Makes Three

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher take their brand new daughter, Olive, for a out to Malibu's Bluff Park. Isla seems to be shedding that baby weight quickly!

Lunch at the Ivy, Natch

Ali Larter reminds me so much of Christy Brinkley in this picture. She had lunch at the Ivy in Los Angeles yesterday and left looking quite the all American girl.

WTF: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise went on TRL looking kinda like a lesbian. Seriously. A pixie of a man. WTF is up with that hair. Help him!

Beowulf Premiere

Alison Lohman, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Nicolette Sheridan, and a slew of other celebrities turned out for the Los Angeles premiere of Beowulf. In the film, Angie plays a temptress killer lizard and is painted gold but animated without clothes on. She says that she won't let the kids see it now, but hopes they will in the future.

Taking Over the World

As Beyonce touching down in the Philippines, her longtime boyfriend Jay Z has a mighty big day. Not only does his critically acclaimed, far more impressive than the last, "American Gangster" album drop today, but he is supposedly working on a cosmetics line with Elizabeth Arden. That's right. Make-up by Jay Z for the Rocawear line. How gangster is that?

Sister Sister: Paris and Nicky

Paris Hilton and her little sister, Nicky, were in Tokyo for the unveiling of Samantha Thavasa's new collection. For once, Nicky showed up her big sister, looking really pretty and pulled together.

Mommy and Me: Gwyneth and Moses

Gwyneth Paltrow, 35, holds son Moses, 1, as they arrive in New York from London. We haven't seen Moses in awhile and he sure is looking a lot like his constantly MIA pops.

Bump Watch: JLo

JLo, Gremlin, and fetus gremlin(s) all went out clubbing in South Beach last night. She's looking mighty hot for a mom-to-be!

DON at Juno

So I went to a screening of Juno last night in connection with the AFI Festival in Hollywood. Director Jason Reitman spoke about making the film, following his successful Thank You for Smoking, and how important it was to him. He began by saying he wanted to write something, but couldn't (due to the writer's strike...har har), but went on to say how thankful he was to make it to the Dome, such an important Hollywood theater.
He brought up some of the films stars, J.K. Simmons, Ellen Page (tiny, uncomfortable little thing...she looked like she wanted to go home so badly), Jason Bateman (really skinny and with a really weird haircut...must be for a role. He was adorably protective of Ellen, holding on to her and walking her around on his arm), and stripper-turned-screenwriter Diablo Cody. Jennifer Garner is busy on Broadway in New York. Not sure where Michael Cera or the equally wonderful Olivia Thirlby were. (Sidenote: Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby co-star again in their next project, Jack and Diane, about two young of whom is a werewolf?)

The film was great. It's like an indie take on a Lifetime movie, with Ellen Page as a sarcastic, doesn't give an f, sixteen year old. The dialogue is hilarious - at one point she earnestly tells Paulie (Michael Cera) "You're so cool without even trying" and he responds, "Actually I really hard" in a way only he cool pull off. Standing in the lobby afterwards and talking about the film, I realized Jason Bateman was standing right next to me. I didn't want to flip out on him (I love Arrested Development so much) so I just kind of listened to him discuss the film with some suits, marveling at how surreal it is to stand in a theater lobby with somebody who was in the film you just saw. Hollywood...I love it.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Celeb Sightings

Talia danced and hung out with Roy from The Office and Matt from Nip/Tuck over the weekend. Jordan and I went to dinner with my mom and we saw Jason Biggs who is pretty adorable in person.

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