Friday, October 05, 2007

Kiki Brings Her Fangs Out at Chanel

Kirsten Dunst shows off her chompers with Lily Allen at the Chanel show in Paris. These aren't the girls I'd really want repping a couture line. I mean, drunk and dirty isn't Chanel's model customer is it?

Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx in London

Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx posed on the red carpet for The Kingdom premiere in London. The two have spent the week showing off the flick all over Europe. Jennifer continues to choose winning dresses, while Jamie opted for clip-on diamond

Mommy and Me: Victoria and Cruz

Victoria Beckham makes for quite a picture as she leads her baby boy Cruz, 2, through the airport in Paris last night. She was on her way to the opening of the Roberto Cavalli flagship boutique.

Reservation Road Premiere

Jennifer Connolly, who is currently filming He's Just Not That Into You, met up with her co-stars of Reservation Road at the film's premiere. Joaquin Phoenix (Ethan), Mira Sorvino (Ruth), and Mark Ruffalo (Dwight, not pictured) star in the film about a terrible accident in which Dwight accidently kills the son of Ethan in a hit-and-run accident and how the two families and their children react to the event. Uplifting!

Michelle Walks the Carpet Alone

Michelle Williams attended a screening for her film I'm Not There in New York Thursday night. Her ex, Heath Ledger, is also in the film but did not attend.

Still On: Spencer and Heidi

Heidi and Spencer act natural at a pumpkin patch in L.A. The couple were recently asked to help with World Hunger Relief Week. How? I don't know. Heidi was probably like, "Totally! I won't eat that week. I've been feeling fat anyways."

Dinner in the Bu

Britney Spears had dinner in Malibu last night (and brought her dog). She looks really upset here, but I saw video of her leaving the restaurant, all smiles and saying how much she loved her quesadilla.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Checked out of the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah, where she has been since August. Hooray!

A Mischa Moment

Mischa Barton finds a new favorite wardrobe piece: high waisted shorts. Here she is going into a Robbie Williams concert.

Reunited and it Feels So Good: Jessica and CaCee

Jessica Simpson had to return back to the Gramercy Park Hotel after she missed her flight home to Los Angeles. It's cool, she got to spend more time with her best friend and former assistant CaCee Corn Cobb.

Posh Portfolio

Victoria Beckham poses with Karl Lagerfeld and Dita Von Teese at Fashion Week in Paris. A ghost and a femmebot!

Gimme More The Video

It's Britney Bitch. And I'll admit, it ain't up to par.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hilary Duff's Being a New Film

Hilary Duff begins filming on Greta. In the film, she plays a waitress who falls for a former con who is now a cook at the restaurant where she works, but has to deal with her family when her grandparents step in to split up the interracial couple. It's being billed as a teenage dramedy. Sounds like a WE movie to me.

What Happened to Ryan Gosling?

From Sexy Man to Fatty Magoo, Ryan Gosling has gained a bunch of weight. Don't worry, it's for his role as a dad in Lovely Bones. I know he's a reader favorite so I'll keep my eye out for pictures as he progresses back to his normal size.

Bump Watch: NicRic

NicRic shows off her 6-month-old baby bump. She's still not even wearing maternity clothes - just spandex. It's just that simple for her.

Bump Watch: JLo

Jennifer Lopez, currently on tour with her husband Marc Anthony, dealt with a costume malfunction on stage. Her Roberto Cavalli flowing top blew up to reveal what looks a helluva lot like a baby bump.

Brit Brit in Beverly Hills

Why do you spend so money money on fabulous homes just to spend all your free time at local hotels? Here's Britney with some fresh new hair arriving at a hotel in Beverly Hills, ciggies in hand. She sure seems to be taking the custody issue in stride, although I'm glad she acted urgently in applying for her license.

Soundbites: Reese Witherspoon

"We don’t need to keep reading about female celebrities who are out there posing all the time and craving attention and exploiting the sex symbol stereotype. My mother and grandmother fought incredibly hard against a male establishment to become high achievers in their lives, and I think women should be able to be sexy and smart and successful, without being silly and aimless.”

Tina Fey Shows Conan How He's a Little Girl

Tina Fey did a great job on Conan last night, promoting the season premiere of 30 Rock tonight. She talks about being a covergirl for Geek magazine, Mary Poppins, and why lesbians love her.

Jessica Simpson in NYC

Jessica Simpson continues to enjoy New York, stepping out in a silky black dress and striped clutch. Cute or not?

Jennifer Garner in Paris

Wow! Jennifer Garner looks gorgeous in a hot pink in gown. She went to the premiere of The Kingdom in Paris and got really dressed up for the event. Well done!

Bump Watch: Xtina

Christina, her husband, and her unconfirmed baby bump go to dinner. She is looking so exhausted, but that won't stop her from layering on that makeup!

Cameron the Acrobat

Cameron Diaz shows just how strong those guns she has are while doing handstands and cartwheels during breaks from filming What Happens in Vegas. Just a kid at heart.

Katie Heigl's Still Smoking

Katherine Heigl grabs lunch with a friend in Hollywood. Butt out, Katie!

Click here to see the trailer for her upcoming film, 27 Dresses.

Dunzo: Nick and Selita

Nick Cannon, 26, and his fiancee, Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, 24, have broken up after 5 months after their engagement in New York. Of course, they remain the best of friends. Who wouldn't, right?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hayden Always Keeps it Real

Hayden Panetierre does her own boring errands, stopping at the post office to mail something off. How does she find the time? And no those aren't white Raybans - they are Oakleys!

Jessica Simpson as a Blow Up Doll

Jessica Simpson looks more plastic than human as she leaves a dinner at Tenjune. That dress is really out of the ordinary for her. I'm thinking it's a smock from Ken Paves' salon (which, btw, I drove by yesterday and it's so adorable. Like a little cottage where you can spend hundreds on a cut).

Bump Watch: Milla Jovovich

Actress and one time model Milla Jovovich (who I choose to remember for her work in Return to the Blue Lagoon and Dazed and Confused) has gained about 70 pounds during her pregnancy. Milla is expecting her first daughter in November with her fiance, director Paul W.S. Anderson, said, "I'm happy to tell all the pregnant ladies out there that I've gone from 130 pounds to 193 pounds [in 4 months]. It's a lot of weight to put on quickly and I only have myself to blame. I could eat peanut butter sandwiches and bagels all day. I see no problem with it. Of course my doctor does see a problem with it. So I've gone cold turkey onthe bread. I'm doing chicken and veggies and trying to be the healthiest mother. But if I could continue with the peanut butter, I'd be the happiest mom inthe world!"
Good for her, enjoy being a fattie for a bit! You will be expected to drop it all in a month, so enjoy yourself while you can.

WTF: Brooke Hogan

It's not so much "WTF" as a constant "why"? I get that she was raised in Southern Florida and I've seen what her mom looks like, but come on, kid. Your dress looks like a leopard and a cheetah got swept into a rainbow tornado and this was the outcome. I mean, the least you could do is find one gay friend in Miami to take you shopping.

WTF: Sienna Gets Gorgeous

Sienna Miller attends the UK premiere of Stardust looking fresh and beautiful. So rare!
Have you seen the film? My mom seems to think it was the greatest thing to hit theaters this summer. She even forced my sister to call and admit that it was good.

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