Friday, August 31, 2007

Daddy Dearest: Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis grabs some Starbucks with his youngest daughter, Tallulah. He stated earlier this year that they were in the process of having her name changed to "Lula" since she hated her real name so much. Kinda surprised she's the only one in her family (or Hollywood) to be over their weird names.

Heroes Worldwide

Heroes continues their European promotional tour, getting saucy in Germany.

Bump Watch: NicRic

Wow. Who knew they had it in them? NicRic and Joel get cheezy for the cameras.

Dunzo: Jesse and Nadine

Jesse Metcalfe was dumped by Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle back in April, but the two recently reconciled early this month. Yet Jesse got a tattoo of a naked woman binding a bleeding heart to remind him of the heartbreak with his ex (who he is now officially done with). He stated, “It’s not that I’m not over the break-up, it’s just that I really wanted to remember what it felt like to be in that relationship so that I never really go there again. It fits with my personality. I really couldn’t be happier with the tattoo. It’s the best I have.”

Soundbites: CMM (Cool Jury)

Chad Michael Murray thinks KFed is a nice guy. Who isn't a nice guy when compared with CMM? He said, "He was very kind and cordial with the whole crew. I think that he enjoyed it here, and I know he's coming back again. We're all looking forward to it. We had a big celebration [for CMM's 26th birthday]. He was a nice guy...He talked to everybody."

Brit's First Single

This will be the first single off of Britney's album which will be released on November 13th. Her rumored second single "Cold as Fire" is posted below. And, yes, you are hearing those filthy lyrics correctly.

Sister, Sister: Paris and Nicky

Paris and Nicky Hilton get wasted at Pure in Las Vegas. I hate Paris' hair here. It look like she had it in a ponytail and somebody chopped it off with hedgetrimmers. I hope that really happened.

Sienna Style Coming Soon to a Tween Near You

Sienna Miller (and her non-bf Rhys) celebrated the launch of her clothing line Twenty8Twelve in London last night. At first I was like, "Dude, you are promoting your style, brush your hair or something!" Then I realized that this IS her style. Unfortunately.

Keepin' it Cute

Hayden continues to get'r done in London. I'm loving her new stylist.

Bump Watch: NicRic

Five-months-preggo NicRic has a laugh in Beverly Hills as she grabs a Jamba Juice. How can you eat nothing but vegan and smoothies when you are with child? I guess that's just how it works when you are NicRic.

Mommy and Me: Angie and Shiloh

Angelina Jolie finally let's Shiloh out in the sun. Angie just returned from Iraq and is spending a day with her youngest at the petting zoo in Central Park.

Shiloh has a huge head, no?
Meanwhile, Brad gets to work on the set of a new film, Burn After Reading, for the Cohen Brothers.

Working Girl

Cameron Diaz celebrates her 35th birthday on the set on What Happens in Vegas. She looks amazing. But are those WHITE JORTS?!?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guess Who Got Supoenaed

Brit Brit's former manager, Larry Rudolph, was finally supoenaed by Team KFed. He was served at Sunset Tan in West LA where he is part owner (which explains Britney's appearance on the show).
He has stated that he did not want to be involved because he felt his testimony could hurt Britney. Too late!

So I Have a Question

Dudes (like Ashton Kutcher here) in v-neck shirts: hot or not?

Bump Watch: NicRic

NicRic dashes for cover as she eats at vegan restaurant RFD in West Hollywood.

Amanda does TRL

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I loves me some Amanda Bynes. But homegirl cannot dress to save her life. She knows that she looks good with highlights, but can't retain somebody to do them right or often enough. She knows her legs are her best feature, but usually shows them off in the least attractive of outfits. I'm not saying this is super gross, but it's not worthy of a tv appearance. Have you seen the previews for her new movie? It's like the studio is prepared for a bomb. The previews don't even make sense!

JLS Keeps it Real

Jamie Lynn Spears catches at flight with mom Lynne at LAX looking very much like your average teenager. No LV luggage, no bodyguard, no makeup even. Hope she patches things up with her big sis soon.

Family Vacation

Gwen, Gavin, and Kingston (who's now walking) are enjoying a vacation in Hawaii. Gwen has said that she can't wait to be pregnant again. I'm guessing that she'll get busy with that as soon as her tour is completed.

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Live D!

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samburg are scheduled to perform live at the Primetime Emmys on September 16th. Their SNL skit, "Dick in a Box," is nominated for original music and lyrics and is competing with "My Drunken Irish Dad" (Family Guy), "Merry Ex-Mas" (MADtv), "Guy Love" (Scrubs), "Everything Comes Down to Poo" (Scrubs). For my money, JT and Andy should win, but those Scrubs songs are amazing, too.

Apparently Justin and Andy are pretty miffed about being asked to change the words to something more family friendly. Please. Dick is not a bad word and the entire song/skit is dirty, so what's the issue? SNL bleeped out the word 16 times during the original airing so that should be the solution if there really is a problem.

Below are the two Scrubs nominations:

Hayden's Summer of Work Continues

Hayden Panetierre looks completely adorable as she travels through Europe in promote Heroes. Here are snaps of her in Paris and London looking fantastic and quite mature for an 18-year-old.

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LC does Jimmy Kimmel

LC is moving up in the world. She went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night to promote the show and her upcoming fashion line. She's wearing one of her designs in this appearance. Lauren, 21, has created 44 pieces for her premiere spring collection. It seems a little strange to me to be releasing her first collection when she hasn't even completed school yet (I'm sure her classmates love her) and I wonder how much she designed and how much of it she just signed off and cash in on. Overall, I think she has pretty good taste so I look forward to seeing her brand.

She mentioned that they get the episodes to her hugely successful show (over 4 million viewers a week) a day before they air and she frequently uses that advance notice to apologize to friends. As an example she said, "Like, I’m really sorry I made fun of your boyfriend, who you’re still with.” I'm guessing that would refer to Audrina and this past Monday's episode when Lauren asked if Audrina really wanted to be with a guy who wears combat boots to the beach. Why would she apologize for that? It's a competely legitimate question.

DON Shout Out

Congrats to Darcy and Matt who got engaged Tuesday night on The Daily 10 on E! So cool!!!
Wishing them much happiness.

Upgrade: Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley works the carpet at the Venice Film Festival. Getting over the fact that she is really thin, I think she looks pretty amazing. Her and Kiki clean up pretty well. But what's up with her expression in the pictures of her in that Chanel gown? Were they like, "Think about a long lost love...gaze into the distance and dream."

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