Friday, August 17, 2007

Celeb Sightings

Carly called to say that the cast of The Hills just landed at LAX from their week in New York. Audrina is with her bf and he's totally nasters!


If you've seen R.Kelly and Usher's video, you'll like this.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Benji and Sophie

Benji Madden went out to dinner with his amazonian fiancee Sophie Monk last night in New York. He has dyed his hair blonde so now they match. With at least one Madden wedding and at least one Madden baby on the way, these twins are in for a big year.

Reunited and it Feels So Good: Paris and Jenna

Paris Hilton partied with her bff porn star and rexiness Jenna Jameson at Club Vice in Hollywood last night. It's the most natural of friendships.

Jenna got some new ink which she showed off recently. Her left shoulder now reads "I am not afraid...I was born to do this - Joan of Arc". Odd much?

Where in the World is LiLo?

Enjoying some downtime in rehab. LiLo took her boobs for a bike ride with her fellow rehab friends. Play it safe girl!

Soundbites: Evan Rachel Wood

On her relationship with Marilyn Manson and how she came to star in his disturbing video for Heart-Shaped Glasses:
"When we started hanging out, I knew people would immediately make the Lolita reference, and so as a joke, I showed up at his house one day wearing the [heart-shaped] glasses. He said he was going to write a song about it and he actually did."

Soundbites: Spencer Pratt

"That was just me doing a joke in the studio - I never thought anyone would ever hear that, let alone on the radio! I was like 'Oh, I am K-Fed. I am K-Fed!' "
Nailed it!

WTF: Adam from Maroon 5

Danny Zuko is that you? No, it's just Adam Levine performing with his band Maroon 5 for Good Morning America. Can somebody help him bring sexy back?

Daddy Dearest: Brian Littrell

Brian, my fav Backstreet Boy, got a little silly on the set of the group's latest music video yesterday for Inconsolable in Venice, CA. He brought his 4 1/2 year old son, Baylee, to the shoot. The new album drops on have set an October 30th.

BTW, how hilarious is Nick's outfit? I love how he keeps trying to reinvent himself. Latest look, East Coast Prepster. Take him seriously, he's begging for it!

Daddy Dearest

Ryan Phillipe spends time with his two little ones over the weekend. I feel like in celeb divorces somebody always gets throw under the bus, and it sure as sh*t wasn't going to be golden child Reese Witherspoon. Not sure if he cheated or not (he's begun hanging out publicly with Abbie Cornish, his co-star who he supposedly got freaky with), but he seems to be really good father.

Stopping Traffic, Literally

Here's some shots of the madness caused by Paris Hilton (not Brit Brit) outside of Kitson yesterday. I was so disappointed when I found out all these people were crowded around for her. I sound so jaded! But I wanted a new sighting and at least this experience made me realize that to be a better blogger I need to learn to carry and operate a camera at all times.

Below and to the right is possibly the scariest image of a child's potential future that I've ever seen. Shame on her parents!

Best Excuse Ever

Jessica Simpson claims she broke her nose while filming scenes for Major Movie Star. "I was running with a gun over my head and fell over and broke my nose, it really hurt!" She will reportedly wear a bandage for the rest of filming. Sounds like an excuse for the nose job that helped her sister so much!


Mena Suvari gets in some beach time in Malibu with her very short new 'do. For a movie or not, I'm not digging it. When I was on Semester at Sea, some 109 people shaved their heads when we crossed the equator. More than half of those were girls and, from my experience, not many can pull off that look.

LOL: Lance's Broadway Debut

Lance looks like he's found his calling. Here he is as Corny Collins in Hairspray. A perfect fit!

Just Your Average Mom of Three

Heidi Klum continues to look better and better the more kids she pops out. She's currently promoting a new bra for Victoria's Secret as well being the new face, I mean butt, of Jordache jeans.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still On: Paris and Adrian

Paris Hilton continues to hang out with Adrian Grenier. Last night she went with him to Uncle Buck's Art Gallery in Hollywood last night. Stay away dude!


Must David Beckham make walking through the airport at LAX look as glamourous as a photoshoot for GQ? Yes, yes he must.

DON's Deal

My boss just called to inform me that there are photogs and police all over the place at Kitson. I'm grabbing my purse and running up the street to see who is there. Hopefully I'll have a good celeb sighting for you! BTW, I forget to tell you that Brigette Nielson was on my flight back to SF last week. She is a flippin' giant compared to her tiny, young Italian husband.

UPDATE: Boo! When I got up the block, I saw about 10-12 police cars blocking off the intersection and parked up and down the street. There were news vans and at least a hundred people hanging around. I was really, really hoping to finally see Brit Brit...who else would shop at Kitson in broad daylight and attract such a crowd? Unfortunately, it was Paris. I will find you one of these days, Britney!
And, btw, who wants to meet Paris so badly they would buy her disgusting clothes! The crowd seemed to consist of a lot of tourists, especially from outside the U.S., and some little girls with their moms.

Reunited and it Feels So Good: Jason and Charlize

Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron share a laugh while filming a scene for Hancock in Santa Monica last night. The two previously teamed up when Charlize played a mentally challenged Brit who was engaged to Jason's character on Arrested Development (he believed her to just be extremely youthful and fun-loving).

Hancock revolves around a superhero (Will Smith) who is no longer publicly adored because of some bad behavior. He hires a PR pro (Bateman) to help with his image, but winds up entering into a relationship with his rep's wife (Theron). Doesn't sound particularly funny, but with this stellar cast, hears hoping for the best.

Off the Market: Howie Dorough

Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough, 33, proposed to his girlfriend of six years, Leigh Boniello, 33, in front of 40 family and friends last New Year's Eve in New Jersey. The couple met in 2000 when she was working as BSB's Webmaster. They decided to finally reveal the engagement because their wedding is really soon (and they probably want to sell the photos!).

Playing off an inside joke that Dorough was "dangling carrots" in front of her whenever he talked about marriage, he proposed by giving her a box with three carrots inside and then dropped to one knee to propose with a real ring. All of the three other BSB members (and former member Kevin Richardson) have been invited to attend the 250 person wedding.

Whatever, my fav has been off the market for a long time anyway. Congrats Howie and I'll see you in concert.

Off the Market: Jenna Bush

Jenna Bush is engaged to Henry Hager, an MBA student. The White House released the following statement today, "President and Mrs. George W. Bush are happy to announce the engagement of their daughter, Jenna Bush, to Mr. Henry Hager, son of the Honorable and Mrs. John H. Hager of Richmond, Virginia. Miss Bush and Mr. Hager became engaged Wednesday, August 15, 2007."

LOL! Heidi and Spencer Speak Out on her Single

"We did it as a joke. It's not her single at all. It was never meant to be heard by anyone but us. Over my dead body would I rap on Heidi's first single. Heidi is so upset because this was not the first sound she wanted people to hear from her."

Then why did you send it to Seacrest?!? Does this mean no music video? I'm crushed!

HSM Couple Still On

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens got cozy at the premiere of High School Musical 2.
Check out the entire HSM 2 Soundtrack with this free preview and catch the movie when it airs tomorrow night on the Disney channel. Holla! I love HSM cuz I'm lame like that.

As a PS, I totally just stood up too quickly, thereby pulling my headphone plug out of the speaker, causing the HSM soundtrack to blast in my office, which consists of all dudes. Not embarrassing at all.

Hot Couple of the Minute: JC and Randi Randomson

JC is dating a girl! After being crushed by Tara Reid and Eva Longoria, I thought he'd finally crossed over to dudes. But here he is strolling down Melrose with some Kristin Davis look alike yesterday.

Britney Does Allure

Um, wtf? Wig check, makeup artist allowed to touch her face check, and photoshopping galore, check!

More Angst for Pink to Sing About

Pink is being sued for copyright infringement by a Manhattan painter who claims she used one of his works in a 2006 for "U + Ur Hand" without permission. Additionally, Star magazine has turned it's suspicions on Pink hotness of a husband Carey Hart. They claim that while Pink was on her European tour, he was out having fun making out with slutty blondes at the X Games after parties. Somehow I'd be surprised if he is the type of guy who goes for slutty blondes considering who he married.

David's Finally Making Goals

Victoria Beckham looks the least excited over her husband's first goal, clapping as the crowd around her, and especially eldest son Brooklyn, went wild with approval.

Exclusive DON Super Hot Gossip!

So a friend of DON sent me some extra inside gossip. Names have been changed, but the rest is direct from the source:

So Bernie works server in a restaurant in Laguna Beach and...he works with Breanna Conrad!!! She is a hostess and trained him! Bernie was totally trying to play it off like he didn’t watch the shows, but he said she was really nice and she told him this: Heidi is not from Laguna…Lauren met her at fashion school in San Fran…and since they were like the only normal girls in the school they became really close friends. After their freshman year they were both over, so Lauren moved back to Laguna and ended up inviting Heidi to come down and stay with her family…and she ended up staying for an entire year! (remember season two of LB, Lauren was still kind of one of the cast members, living at home) so then MTV approached Lauren and asked her about doing the new show in LA…and she accepted and asked Heidi to move to LA with her since they got along so well and they wanted to be roommates…and now look how that bitch repays her! Bernie told Breanna to invite Spencer down to the OC so he could kick his ass…and she started cracking up saying “good! He deserves it!”

Love, love, love the hot tip! I'm going to make you tell me all of this in person when I see you this weekend in the LB. Next shift, Bernie has to ask about KCav!

LOL: Heidi Montag's Single

Heidi Montag debuted her single this morning on Ryan Seacrest's show. The best part for sure is that Spencer Pratt rapping on it. Not joking. It's called Body Language. First of all, she's not really seeing, she basically breathing about how her man can do whatever he wants with her. Second, it is so digitized you'd never know if she had any talent whatsoever. Kind of reminiscent of Paris Hilton's ablum. Seriously, this is such a treat this morning.

Try this link.

The Hills Rolls On

Apparently they are still filming for the third season of The Hills. Lauren is currently in New York with Whitney and they are being followed by their camera crew. Last night they ate at Da Silvano. A fellow diner reported to the NY Post, “It was clear that this show is not a reality show. They took five takes of Lauren ordering dinner. The film crew took over the outside eating area by setting up lights and cameras everywhere. They should go back to California.”
Whatever, we still love it!

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