Friday, August 10, 2007

DON's Deal

Well it's Friday and that means I've got a plane to catch. I'm homeward bound! Mama Maria and I are co-hosting a bridal shower for KBJ in the morning and then I've got the bachelorette in the city with some of my favorite DON readers. I'm on the 6:30 a.m. flight back on Monday so expect either a caffiene high or some loopy, sleepy comments.

Taradise Lives On

Tara Reid lets loose her inner nut job while on vacation with her furry boyfriend. Drugs will do that to you.

More Promo for the Hills

LC and Audrina get their hair styled at Walter Tricomi Salon in Beverly Hills. They both look about how they always look, but Audrina's outfit is so blah.

Word is that all their trash talking got Heidi and Spencer dis-invited to the after-party following the show's premiere and they are forbidden for doing any more interviews in connection to the show. Ouch.

Anything for a Buck

Click here to see that jackhole who hooked up with Britney give an interview to Access Hollywood. Ugh.

Soundbites: Jessica Alba

“I don't really have a problem with just wanting sex. Never have. I could have a one-night stand, and I'm the kind of girl who looks over in the morning and is like, 'Do you really have to be here?' I don't need to cuddle and do all that stuff because I know what it is and I don't try to make it more. I don't think a girl's a slut if she enjoys sex.”
And then in every other interview she asks why director's typecast her as a sex symbol and how she doesn't like being seen that way.

Just One of Them Days

Drew is not loving the attention from the photogs while she runs errands at a convience store in Los Angeles. I don't know what she's so pissed about, she looks adorable.

Soundbites: Jessica Biel

I haven't decided exactly about the nudity. It’s a tough one. I am considering it but it’s a very scary thing to do. It definitely feels vulnerable to be naked in front of anybody let alone a film crew. And it’s scary because of the internet - you don’t know where it’s going to end up. It’s a moment that could be exploited.”
Yeah, it would be really awkward to have pictures of you out there that are any more naked than this:

Stork Delivery: Emma Bunton

Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton, 31, gave birth to a son named Beau Jones today. The father is Emma's boyfriend Jade Jones, 27. Jade was a member of the now defunct boyband Damage. The couple have been together for 8 years and have shared a five-bedroom home in London since 2005.

Emma had many obstacles to overcome to have her first child. In 2000, she had pre-cancerous cells removed from her cervix. Last year, she was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition in which the lining of the uterus begins growing in other areas of the body and which makes it difficult to conceive.

There are now a total of seven children among the Spice Girls - Victoria has three boys, Mel has 2 girls, and Geri has a daughter.

Looking Good

Eva Mendes, Hilary Swank, and Jamie Foxx all attended a lunch for the Hollywood Foriegn Press in Beverly Hills. Who has to wear a tux to lunch? Anyway, Eva looks especially awesome after having some really bad fashion choices as of late.

Workin' it Out: Claire Danes

Claire Danes drops by TRL. Later she got in a workout at her private gym in New York. Whatever she's doing, it's working.

Soundbites: Ryan Reynolds

On homophobia:
“Anyone who is homophobic - they’re triggered on some level by something within themselves that they’re desperately afraid of.”
On his gaydar:
“…I have the worst gaydar of all time. Unless I see two men full-on Frenchkissing, I have no definitive answer one way or the other” […] “It’s the same thing where I won’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless the baby is crowning. Unless the baby is literally dangling by an umbilical cord while she’s on a hospital curney.”
On gossip blogs & the internet:
“It’s this hyperactive, fragmented shit-chat, and it’s everywhere. I don’t know who I’m quoting, but I know I’m quoting somebody: We’re entertaining ourselves to death. Is’s so easy to just king of click out, check out, and plug in.”
On celebrity:
“Hollywood is a place where if celebrities stumble or basically refuse to actually grow up, they’re certainly not punished for it. They’re actually celebrated for it” […] “And now the goal is to only see celebrities fucking up. That’s become the choice of a new generation…”

Love Me Some Paul Rudd

Bump Watch: Bridget Moynahan

Any day now...

Hot Couple of the Minute: Paris and Adrian?

Recently, it was rumored that Paris Hilton went up to Adrian Grenier at a nightclub and tried to get his number. He refused, stating he has a girlfriend, but she said she didn't care. She also tried to get him to leave with her, but he refused again.

Now we see him hanging out at her place in Malibu. Looks like she's done it again. He came prepared with a pack of Smirnoff Ice. LOL!

Bump Watch: NicRic

NicRic shows off her growing rack and tiny bump as she leaves Neil George salon in Beverly Hills. Baby is due in December.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Smiley All the Time

Kate Bosworth sure seems happy to be at the premiere of The 11th Hour. I think all she needed was the split from Orlando. She's looked radiant and healthier ever since she hooked up with her new beau. I do wish she'd flip her hair out.

Have Trolls, Will Travel

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen spend some time at the airport. MK wore a completely see through mess dress that Brit Brit would love if it was much shorter. We can see both MK's bra and floral thong poking through. Class. Per usual, Ashley was a little more traditional, with her carrying case that she can fit in if she wants her bodyguard to carry her.

An Instantly Better Day

Think jury duty sucks? Well it might suck less if you had it in L.A. today. Brad Pitt showed up to report for duty wearing T-shirt, dark jeans and a black cap. He dutifully sported his juror badge and had Subway delivered for lunch. Rad!

Angelina is currently in Chicago filming another movie. Didn't she says she was taking time off? It seems like she has a new project every other month...

Do You Watch L.A. Ink?

On my flight back from Denver, I saw my first few episodes of Miami Ink. I try not to indulge in new reality shows because I'm addicted to plenty, but in the past three weeks, I've added a bunch to my repetoire. I enjoyed the show and was interested in catching the spin-off, L.A. Ink, when Kat Von D, 25, ditched her job, Miami, and her husband to move back home to Hollywood and open up an (almost) all-girls tattoo parlor. It's pretty interesting, mostly because I could never get a tattoo without being disowned, but I like hearing the stories behind the pieces and whatnot.

The store manager and Kat's bff, Pixie, apparently has grown rather sick. Below is from Kat's Myspace:

"So here's the deal..Pixie (our shop manager) has been diagnosed with a severe case of and infected Tonsilitis, and has to have immediate surgery (THIS FRIDAY) in order for her infection not to spread causing gnarly symptoms such as loss of hearing, and possibly stop her breathing! THIS SHIT IS SERIOUS! So, as her new tattoo family, the entire LA Ink crew is getting together and donating items for auction at the shop, and we are making this event open to anybody and everybody! Some of the items up for bid include:
*TATTOOS! from Hannah Aitchison, Corey Miller, Kim Saigh, and myself(Kat)!*Clothing from la designer, Meagan Fabulous and Stop Staring Clothing
*Jewlery from world famous designer: JOSH WARNER of Good Art
*Original Chris Cuffarro print of the LA Ink crew, autographed
*Shawn Barber LITHOGRAPH signed and numbered (portrait of Kat Von D, as seen on Miami Ink)
*Personal Training sessions from Hollywood celebrity trainer, Stevie Santangelo
*if any of you remember the "Gold Tooth" episode from Miami Ink, I'm gonna be auctioning off my actual cap that was made for me by DR.Bling in Miami. (come on! its for a good cause!)
*and so much more!
ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO 100% FOR PIXIES SURGERY, (including cover charge). And please remember, this is to help Pixie, who is the most gracious, selfless, caring and giving person I know! Please show your support, I know it's last minute, but it 's truly an EMERGENCY! Here's all the info you need:
When: THIS FRIDAY, August 10th
What Time: This event will open at 7:30, and auctions will begin at 8pm SHARP to 10pm) SHARP!
Where: LA Ink (High Voltage Tattoo) 1259 N. La Brea Avenue.W. Hollywood, CA 90038
Cover charge: $40
Age: 18 and up, complimentary booze for 21+ with ID.
For all of those who can't make it, please send good vibes to Pixie,and wish her luck on her surgery!
xoxo,Kat Von D, and the rest of the crew at LA Ink.

Hills Premiere Party

The Hills hosted a premiere party at the LG House last night. Spencer and Heidi showed up fresh from their trash-talking radio tour. LC stuck by Audrina's side and

Ricky Martin a Dad?

Ricky Martin, 35, wants to begin adopting kids, hoping for "one from each continent." He went on to say, “It’s something we want to begin to create this year, a family of many colors. I want to do it right. I don’t want any problems or misunderstandings...Some think as celebrities we can manipulate the system to have a quicker adoption.”
Ricky is single, yet he says "we" want a family. Hmm...

Mommy and Me: Brit Brit, SPF, and JJF

Britney spends a little quality time with her songs. They enjoy their bird bath while mommy looks liks she's dealing with the beginning of a hangover. Hang in their Brit Brit.

Hey There!

We haven't seen Adrian Grenier in awhile and I know he's a reader fav. Not sure what he was up to, but he looks a little drunk. Party on!

Another Slashie in the Making

When I think of things Amanda Bynes does well, I think comedy, goofball things, truly awesome teen movies. I don't think fashion designer. But she sure does. She launched her new line "dear" with Steve & Barry's and it's reminiscent of the sale rack at Forever 21. But I guess she's targeting people who like her style and that would be an accurate representation of her style. Of course, she looks great at the launch. But don't expect that to last. There was a video of her describing her line of clothing and I've never seen her less coherent. She talks about how she grew up like any other kid..."going to ... parks?" She didn't even know what a normal answer would be. She says she wanted to work with Steve and Barry's because her dad loves that they make cheap shoes. What? And then, best of all, she says she named the clothing line as such because she likes it when old ladies call her dear. Somebody obviously didn't give her a script.

Still On: Hilary and Mike

Hilary Duff and N.Y. Islanders hockey player Mike Comrie still seem to be dating. Here's them hanging out yesterday in Los Angeles.

KFed Wants His Boys

We've reached a day where Kevin Federline might actually be the more responsible parent. He has filed an order to show cause for primary physical custody of his two sons, Jayden James, 10 months, and Sean Preston, 22 months. The divorce was finalized two weeks ago. It would be my guess that Kevin would rather not be in charge of the kids but is a little worried about his ex-wife's behavior of late.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hitched: Melaine Brown

Melanie Brown secretly married her boyfriend, music producer Stephen Belafonte, in Las Vegas on June 6. Her rep stated, "Regarding the marriage, Mel and Stephen have know each other for many years and were great friends first. Now they are deeply in love. The two are very happy together."
They began dating while she was pregnant with her daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

Rehab? Go, Go, Go!

Amy Winehouse, 23, has been hospitalized for "exhaustion," a nice word for too much partying. Her rep stated, "Amy was admitted to London's University College London Hospital for exhaustion, treated and released just this afternoon. The doctor said she was suffering from severe exhaustion, and she was told to rest."
I can't believe she's only 23. She has had to cancel some upcoming shows as she recovers.

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