Thursday, August 02, 2007

DON's Deal

You can't possibly be surprised when I say this, but I'm off again. I swear, I should just buy a parking spot at LAX. I'll be spending a long weekend in Breckenridge, Colorado and I can't wait. My new laptop comes next week so hopefully I will soon be able to blog from home and while away. Be back first thing on Monday...have a great weekend!

And Baby Makes Three

Adam Sandler had some visitors on the set of his latest film Don't Mess With the Zohan in New York. His wife Jackie brought their daughter Sadie to see her pops. God, she stills looks just like him.

The Twins Get Bigger

No, not the Olsens, don't be ridiculous. D'Lila and Jessie James Combs (Diddy and Kim's baby girls) were snapped at a party in Atlanta. Not sure if these are authentic, but thought I'd share.

Loving the Attention

Megan Fox is happy to be spotted by photographers at LAX. She's got hair for days. Is anybody a fan?

Bump Watch: NicRic

NicRic and Joel Madden are finally ready to stop hiding from the cameras now that they've announced her pregnancy. The couple made a shopping trip to the Z’Baby clothing boutique on New York’s Upper East Side. The store owner said that Nicole had lots of questions as to what the baby would need. They took home a white Chanel blanket and a white onesie with gold fleur-de-lis with a matching hat and blanket. The baby is due in December.

Upgrade: Sienna

Sienna Miller exits a business meeting looking pretty great with the exception of that shirt. In 1992, that shirt would be sold at Wet Seal with matching white jorts with the same fabric from the shirt trimmed on the pockets. Which is to say it should not be worn now.

Jorts Make Me See Red

Hilary Duff gets her shop on in Canada. Maybe it wasn't a wig and she got some mousy extensions?

All She Does Is Work!

Hayden Panetierre attended the premiere of It's a Mall World yesterday. I don't know what it is, but homegirl would open a McDonald's if her agent sent her. And she'd show up in her best braid and eyelashes.

Mommy and Me: Amanda and Francis Pen

Amanda Peet isn't too pleased with the camera attention on her and her little girl at the airport. Her daughter is about 6 months old now.

You Know You Missed Them!

I've felt so empty. More than a week went by without beach pics of Heidi and Spencer. But they delivered, as they always do, and with all the class you'd expect.

Back to the Routine

Paris hits the clubs and seems to be alternating between beer and a coke & something. She also is getting manhandled by a guy sitting next to her, then later finds a new friend in what looks like a 12-year-old.

Lane Garrison May Get Probation

So all the fuss outside the Beverly Hills courthouse and jail this morning was for Lane Garrison of Prison Break, who was in court on a charge of vehicular manslaughter resulting from a car accident last Dec. 2 that left a 17-year-old boy dead. The D.A. was pushing for 4 years of hard time, while Lane's attorneys asked for 90 days of psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is a suitable candidate for probation, which the judge allowed. This means that once Lane's 3 months of observation and evaluation are completed, he will probably be free with probation.

Lane was handed over to the Sheriff's Department for transport to the Department of Correction after hugging his family goodbye. He is due back in court on Halloween.

Mary Kate's Got a Day Job

Mary Kate looks just about the happiest I've ever seen her at the premiere of Weeds and Californication yesterday. Isn't it weird how tv shows have premieres now? Anyway, her hair is a hot mess. It looks like she got some heidi-braids done, slept in them, and then stuck her head out the car window all the way to the premiere. Per usual, she stuck to black and white, but, since it seems to fit, I approve.

Quick rant while we're on tv: have you guys seen those annoying "Soy Joy" commericals where the girl is like, "I just want a snack. Is that too much to ask for?" How annoying are those? Get a damn snack and shut up! Sorry, I'm back now. Moving on.

Still On: JT and Jessica

Jessica Biel is back to her routine, working out like a champ. Here she is leaving her gym in Hollywood and driving around with boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

Daddy Dearest: Gavin and Kingston

Whoa. Gavin goes the route of David Beckham and dyes his hair to match his wife, Gwen Stefani's. I hope this is for a movie role because it ain't working.

Bump Watch: Bridget Moynahan

Bridget only has a few more weeks until her first baby is born and she's still looking great. No word on whether daddy Tom Brady will be by her side at the birth, but all bets are that this will be one hot tyke.

The First Family of Hollywood

TomKat and Suri look like a magazine ad as they prepare to board a helicopter in Germany. They exhaust me for some reason. And Suri's dress is tre-gross.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Why The Long Face?

Keira Knightley exits her house with Daddy Warbucks looking super bummed. For once her outfit isn't killing me. But her hair is. So sad, give it a pep talk and fan it up a bit!

What's Skinny and Saggy and Scary All Over?

Courtney Love!

We Are Family

Hayden is such a good big sister. She and her boyfriend Stephen Colletti showed up to celebrate the wrap of The Perfect Game, in which her little bro Jansen stars. The film is based on a the true story of a group of boys from Mexico who become the first non-U.S. team to win the Little League World Series. I'm guessing Jansen hit the tanning beds hardcore to look anything near Mexican. He looks more chipmunk than anything else.

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