Friday, July 27, 2007

DON's Deal

Such a jetsetter, I know, but I'm dashing to LAX to catch my flight to Minneapolis. I've told my office I'm going to a cowgirl convention and, by some insanity, they are believing me. WTF. I have continued to weave lies supporting this and have decided I must return on Monday with some kind of cowgirl paraphanelia to drive the point home. Me...a cowgirl. I love it. I'm actually going to chill with my dad who is on assignment there, but that seems less exciting to most. Have a great weekend and see you Monday.

Still On: Gremlin and JLo

I've tried my best to avoid posting on Gremlin and JLo, but they are everywhere now and this photo more closely proves my point in his nickname. Here are the beasts at the NY premiere of El Cantante. Following the release of their co-starring movie, the two plan a co-starring singing tour. Yeah, too much together time might not be the best thing for a woman who tires of men as quickly as Jennifer does. Good luck on that one!

Blah and Blabbity 2.0

Anne Hathway goes to dinner sans makeup and con boyfriend in New York city. The next night, she attended Sienna & Savannah Miller's Spring '08 launch party for their new "fashion" line Twenty8Twelve at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. And so it begins.

Get it While the Gettin' is Good

Get it while you can, you should be, gettin' it, gettin' while the gettin' is good. This should be the theme song for Haylie Duff, Kim Kardashian, and the like. Her she is taking my advice and picking up some free stuff at Chateau Marmont.

Posh Portfolio

Posh, her nips, and her favorite ginger assistant go shopping at Whole Foods. I assume this was either for her family or merely a photo opportunity. It can't be for her.

Bump Watched: Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher works her baby bump at the premiere of Hot Rod with co-star Andy Samburg. As to her baby's daddy, Isla joked, "I'm doing DNA tests with the cast of Hot Rod and the cast of Wedding Crashers, and hopefully I'll find out for sure."

Mommy and Me: Gwen and Kingston

Gwen Stefani hits the road for her Sweet Escape world tour. Here she is arriving in Brisbane, Australia with Kingston, before she heads off to Asia and Europe. This would be Kingston's second world tour, if you count when he was in mommy's belly.

Brit and Boys in Vegas

Brit Brit is in Las Vegas with her brother and the boys. Here she is with her favorite frozen beverage outside of the Wynn, where she is staying. Her bodyguard got in some trouble for putting the hurt on a photog who bumped into SPF. Don't touch the kids!

Big House Bound: NicRic and fetus!

NicRic will have to serve four days in the City or County Jail, whichever she prefers. She was given credit for a fifth day, due to the full six hours she served after being arrested in December. Additionally, she was fined $2,048, must take a 21 day alcohol education course, and will be on probation for the next three years. She must hit the big house by September 28th. The commissioner also told her that if she drives drunk again, she could kill somebody and would be charged with murder, not manslaughter.

Lame! If Paris gets a month for one DUI and one expired license, Nicole should get more for two DUIs, driving on the wrong side of the freeway, and having drugs in her possession. This is outrageous.

Happy NicRic Court Date!

NicRic, accompanied by bf Joel Madden, arrived in court for her DUI hearing in Glendale this morning. She arrived around 8:30 a.m. and was smiling for the cameras.
If she is convicted, she'll serve a minimumof four days in jail with three years of probation because she'd landed two DUIs now. The fact that she's got a bun in the oven won't do much for her.
I literally rubbed my hands together when I sat down at the computer this morning. Can't wait to keep reporting back! Keep checking with me for further updates.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Still On: Kate

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend James Rosseau were snapped leaving a bar in Los Angeles last night. They still look super in love, but a little worn out.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Hilary and Mike

Hilary Duff had dinner last night at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica with New York Islander hockey player Mike Comrie. She looks close to tears, but I'd say this is definitely a date! I'll also say upgrade from Brody Jenner, Joel Madden, and Aaron Carter.

(Almost) Busted

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's eldest daughter Rumer was invovled in a drug bust in Maryland last night. She was not arrested. Rumer was one of four people in a hotel room at the La Quinta hotel in Aberdeen where police reported to a noise complaint on the room and arrested one man in possession of marijuana. Rumer is in town to shoot the independent horror film From Within, which follows the residents of a small, highly religious town as they begin to die off of apparent suicides.

Stork Delivery: Naomi and Liev

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber welcomed their first child, a son, in Los Angeles today. No word on his name. God, I'm relieved just thinking about this. She was beyond ready!

Sin City

Look out, Vegas! Brit Brit and brood have landed. Britney, SPF, Jayden, and her older brother Bryan flew via private jet to Vegas yesterday afternoon. She reportedly had dinner at the Country Club at the Wynn and called ahead to have her hotel room childproofed.

Sister, Sister: Sienna and Savannah

Sienna and her sister/fashion line partner Savannah spent some time shopping together. Here's what I think happened:

Sav: Whatever is the matter, love?
Sienna: I am having the most wretched time finding shoes that are more flashy than these. I tried wearing a linen trash bag, but I still feel far to pretty today.

Sav: I completely understand. This situation is grave indeed. We must pop into the nearest shop to remedy.
Sienna: Do you think we can?

Sienna: What about these? There is a price tag on them so they are a bit more than my normal fashion finds at garage sales and dumpsters.
Sav: You have to try them on to find out, dear. Fashion can cost us once in awhile, even though we are terribly pretty.

Sienna: Alright then, on you go shoe! At least you are an ostentatious shade!
Sav: That's the spirit! And they are flats, which is as sexy as you could possibly get.

Sav: I think we have a winner!
Sienna: Oh, Savannah, thank you so much! I promise the next pair of glasses I find at a truck stop are yours!

Rihanna in Concert

It's nice to see a powerful young woman who can rely on her singing abilities to further her career. She knows that sex sells, but turns a blind eye to that in favor of highlighting her talent. And if she choses to use her beauty, she can highlight it subtly, with demure outfits that make her feel comfortable and not overexposed. So DON applauds Rihanna, you go girl!

Retail Therapy with Rachel

Rachel Bilson sports the red Ray Bans I want so much as she drops some serious dough while shopping in LA. Lucky b!

When in Doubt, Whore it Out!

Just kidding, Catherine Zeta Jones looks amazing. Her and JLo are refusing to age. But this girl doesn't have an ounce of the booty of La Lopez.

Paul Rudd is Still Adorbs

Paul Rudd looks great as his hits the promo circuit for his new film The Ten, which is ten stories inspired by each of the ten commandments. Also rounding out the good looking cast is Jessica Alba, Adam Brody, Gretchen Mol, Wynonna Ryder, Famke Janssen, and Liev Schrieber.

Say Goodbye to Laguna Beach...

...and hello to Newport Harbor. How can I contain myself when MTV gift wraps a new season of The Hills and a new version of The Real O.C. all in one week?! Fabulous.

Trailer here

More LiLo Gossip

LiLo's unofficial team has made the following statements:

-Lindsay was having a get together at her home. Several people will say she wasn't drinking, that she didn't even have a drink but at a certain point in the night, apparently, she fell off the wagon and did start drinking. (Um, duh!)
-When assistant Tarin Graham walked into the house, looking disheveled with teary red eyes, Lindsay was concerned that something had happened to her.
-There was some sort of altercation. Tarin either quit or Lindsay fired her. Tarin left and Lindsay followed.
-There were definitely two people in the car with Lindsay that night.
-Tarin's mother apparently made a police call b/c she was afraid someone was chasing her.
-Right now, they don't know who may have been chasing her. It could have been paparazzi. (Yet there are zero pictures of this event)
-When the cops arrived, there were so many people in the parking lot that they automatically zeroed in on Lindsay. Apparently the altercation toook place at about 1:30 in the a.m.
-Lindsay was strong-armed into taking a breathalyzer test. They say the cocaine was not Lindsay's, she was wearing someone else's pants. (LOL!)
-Dina got a call from Lindsay at about 5 a.m. and she was talking so fast Dina couldn't even understand what she was saying ... She was just like, 'Mommy, mommy, mommy,' and was very upset in the conversation. (That might be the coke talking!)
-For the past two years, Dina's been trying to get Lindsay to leave L.A. and come to N.Y. so she can be with all of her children. (For better access to clubs and tables at restaurants)
-Obviously she's been going through a tough time and it would be best for her to come to N.Y., be with her family right now, take some time off, get into a rehab center and basically give herself a chance to be healthy right now.
-They say her life is at risk. Lindsay suffers an addiction. It's not about Lindsay's career right now. It's about saving her life.
-Dina and Lindsay have been talking every hour. They're texting constantly; they're on the phone. (Greeeeeeeeeat)
-Not only does Dina have to deal with Lindsay's crisis right now, but she also has to appear in a N.Y. court this Friday and Monday b/c she's in a custody battle for all four of her children (Empanication! Free all Lohan children!)

I'm going to take a moment here to plug my new favorite show, Intervention, (show website) which is on A&E, usually late at night and usually on Fridays at 10 or so. It is incredibly moving stories of people battling serious addiction from everything from drugs, to eating disorders, to alcohol. It walks you through their lives, interviews with their families, when the problems began, and how they get by from day to day. In the end, the subject is always surprised by an intervention and forced to chose between their addiction and rehab. There is a follow-up with them months or years later at the show's conclusion. It is amazing and you really learn a lot. Tivo that!

Bourne's Buddies

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner separated themselves from Violet in order to surprise their friend Matt Damon at his premiere for the third installment in the Bourne series. Ellen Pompeo was also there but she is hard to see as she is nearly invisibly-thin. Two thumbs down for Jennifer's PTA mom goes to bingo night ensemble and bangs only Mothface could love.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Spilling the Beans

NicRic has agreed to finally go public with her stories. She will sit down for an interview with Diane Sawyer for a three segment interview set to air August 2nd and 3rd on Good Morning America and on 20/20 on August 3rd. She is expected to talk about her August 16th court date for her December 2006 DUI arrest and her baby bump.

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