Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh No She Didn't!

I really hoped this wasn't true, but I see now that it is. Kristin Cavalleri had her boyfriend Nick Zano's initials tattooed on her wrist. This puts her in the same intelligence category as Heidi Montag.

Two Views

From the back, hot! From the front, nast!
Fugly Stew hauls her pink taco to a pink taco party

Fug Attack!

Qatar Airways threw a party to celebrate their inaugural flight to NYC last night. Wear they giving away tiaras or something? How does that warrant celebrity presence? Anyway, Chloe put on her best riding pants, Maggie dumpster dove for her frock, and Andie brought her gorgeous mini-Evangline Lily of a daughter, Rain, to show off.

Downgrade: Katie

Katie Holmes heads into a meeting at CAA in Century City yesterday. Yuck, yuck, it's all wrong. Style file: sophisticated wife and mother, good, ill-fitting granny clothes bad.

Rockin' Out

Hilary Duff is still promoting her album. Here she is in New York performing on GMA. Dress, not quite right, but the color and length mama like.

Still On: Claire and Hugh

Looks like things are still working out for Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy. I honestly don't think Claire has ever looked better.

Bump Watch: Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church is taking on baby weight much like Salma Hayek. Her boobs are HUGE!

Jet Setting Because She Can

Paris Hilton touches down in Hawaii for a vacation after her round of post-jail publicity. The outfit -definitely not hot.

Family Matters

Britney went over to the Valencia set of sister Jamie Lynn's show Zoey 101 and presented her mother with a letter from a lawyer. When asked about the papers, Brit's mom Lynne joked, "It's a love letter," but went on to say, "She did not serve me." Rumor is that the letter asks that Lynne stay away from SPF, 1, and JJF, 9 months, if she is taking any medications that might cause her to be impaired. Ouch!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Still in Love

Heidi Klum and Seal go for a walk hand in hand looking happy in love. Do you think he wakes up every day and goes, "Yeah, I landed a supermodel and my wife and baby mama...I'm a stud like that."?

Upgrade: Claire Danes

Claire Danes went on The Late Show looking toned, tan, and gorgeous. Too bad she's a surfboard!

Soundbites: Isaiah Washington

"There is no rehab for homophobia – that was just some crap being put out by the network. I went into an executive counseling program which many people in this industry know about and go to. They knew what the program was but chose to call it what they wanted to fit their agenda. And more importantly, I volunteered for it because I wanted to understand my fight with Patrick and how it got out of hand like that. I thought sending me meant they actually wanted me to succeed and come out on the other end."

He goes on to talk about how he thinks he was discriminated against for being a black man on the show. Of his fight with Patrick, he says, "Someone heard the booming voice of a black man and got really scared and that was the beginning of the end for me." On his subsequent firing, he says, "I apologized and showed my remorse for what I said and for the pain I caused anyone. If a black man can't get forgiveness in this country, when so many other people like Robert Downey Jr. and the governor of California get second and third chances ... I think that says a lot about race and this country where we stand. It didn't help me on the set that I was a black man who wasn't a mush-mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time. … I had a person in human resources tell me after this thing played out that 'some people' were afraid of me around the studio. I asked her why, because I'm a 6'1" black man with dark skin and who doesn't go around saying 'Yessah, massa sir' and 'No sir, massa' to everyone?''

Transformers Premiere

It's a good thing Megan Fox found acting because she has the look of an expensive call girl nailed down.
The boys of Transformers sure look nice. I think the first goal of this movie was to fill it up with hotties. (But I could pass on Shia. He's up for grabs!)

I Shudder At This

I really wanted to write a letter to Leelee, but the truth is I cannot stand her to the point where nothing I write would be funny. I think this picture accurately shows how annoying she is. I want to smack her. That is all.

Soundbites: Jesse Metcalfe

In the second funniest story of the day, Jesse Metcalfe, 28, wants to becoming a recording artist. He attended the MAC Viva Glam party in London last night and told reporters, "I'm trying to do music, actually. I've just started writing and trying to develop my sound a little bit, but it will be as a solo artist. I sing and play guitar."
Jesse has not slowed down on his busy career as a nightclub celebrity host, despite his time in rehab in March.


Beverly Hills police back up TMZ's report that when LiLo crashed her car last month she was found to have cocaine and nearly twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system.
The only thing surprising is that there wasn't MORE booze in her bloodstream or more drugs in the car.

Still On: Zac and Vanessa

Zac and Vanessa keep it real as they shop at Sally Beauty Supply and Marshall's in LA. Like her dress? I think I do...

Sicko Premiere

Geez, these two make the most ridiculous couple. Joshua Jackson has never looked hotter and his gorgeous girlfriend, Diane Kruger, looks stunning as well. Josh is in the running for the title role in the Fletch! remakes, but faces some stiff competition (including John Krasinski). I'd love to see him jump start his career though.

Workin' it 24/7

Kate Bosworth continues to cute as a button as she waits for her car to get washed in Los Angeles. Seriously, her and Keri Russell are like the most adorable chicks in Hollywood.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Mandy and Greg

I knew Mandy Moore wouldn't stay single for long. Seems she is now dating San Diego musician/producer Greg Laswell. They grabbed some food and a pitcher of beer at the Farmer's Market at the Grove in West Hollywood, one of my FAV places to get my grub/drink on. For those of you who've never been, it is a permanent outdoor market with all kinds of great vendors and food stands. Yum!

Where Has She Been Hiding?

Maggie Grace looked cute but a little country bumpkin at the LA Film Fest premiere of

The Beautiful Ordinary. I know this will shock you, but I prefer her as a blonde, like she was on Lost. I wish they'd figure out a way to bring her back and Boone; they were great.

Another Job for Angie

Angelina Jolie, who has said she is taking time off work, has signed on for the sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair with the debonaire Pierce Brosnan. The film, titled The Topkapi Affair, will begin filming in Egypt and Russia in 2008 when Angelina has completed Wanted.

Next up for Pierce is the highly anticipated film version of Mamma Mia!

Bump Watch: Usher's Fiancee

Tameka Foster, 36, and Usher, 28, are expecting their first child this fall. They said, "We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child together. We hope people will be happy for us and respect our privacy during this happy period in our lives." This will be the first child for Usher and the fourth for Tameka.

Of their relationship, Tameka stated, "What people don't realize is that Usher and I were friends for nearly seven years and I worked as his personal stylist for five years. I was the only female friend he felt he could talk to."

Finally, (finally!) Usher will be releasing a new album sometime this year. And you know it'll be awesome!

Garbage Man Blues

KCav hauls her recycling in Los Angeles. Do you guys remember The Garbage Man Blues from Sesame Street? "You gotta compact it...compress it...recycle...make less of it...Ooooh, that's the garbage man blues." I loved that song.

Daddy Dearest: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck gives his daughter Violet, 2, a lift around town in Hawaii yesterday. Tomorrow is Ben and Jennifer Garner's 2nd wedding anniversary and they are expected to spend it in Hawaii.

People of the World, Spice Up Your Life!

As expected, Victoria "Posh" Beckham, Melanie "Sporty" Chisholm, Geri "Ginger" Halliwell, Emma "Baby" Bunton and Melanie "Scary" Brown announced that they will reunite The Spice Girls for an 11-show, six-continent tour. The first show will be in December in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paris Speaks

Paris Hilton drew a massive crowd this afternoon as she arrived for her interview with Larry King. Be prepared for some hard hitting journalism!


Mel B, her various children, and new boyfriend Stephen Belafonte arrived in London. You know how TomKat and the Beckhams seem to work so painstakingly to look like an adorable, well-matched family unit? Mel takes things the other direction. Today she's all, "Hmm, let's do Cheetara for mummy, nanuk eskimo for no-longer fatherless infant, and unisexual tie-dyed hippie child for the other."
She is in London to take part in a press conference where all 5 Spice Girls are to announce a reunion tour.

Summer School

Angelina and Brad pick up their kids from school in Prague. Look how much Pax loves their bodyguard! And Z is nothing but 'tude these days!

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