Friday, June 08, 2007

What I Really, Really Want is a Spice Reunion

The Spice Girls are preparing for a Christmas reunion tour, which should be kicking off in December. The last person signing on was Sporty Spice, who really wanted to promote her solo career. But in April the Girls reunited (minus Scary who was with her newborn) for Ginger's 11-month-old daughter Bluebell Madonna's baptism, sparking talk that they were negotiating a reunion. Looks like things may finally be a go. I'm pretty surprised Posh would agree to this. She seems to have a superior attitude.

Hitched: Claire and Dougray

Dougray Scott, 41, and Claire Forlani, 35, wed in a private civil ceremony in Italy today. Claire worked it in a Junko Yoshioka for Bonaparte-NY strapless dress and Jimmy Choo heels.

Workin' it Out: LeAnn Rimes

Holy crap! I'm sure some of this is airbrushing, but LeAnn Rimes looks amazing on the cover of Shape.
In it, she talks about moving back to Nashville with her husband to be near her parents for when they start a family and how yoga is a huge part of her life. So she's boring, but she looks hot!

Weepies Increased

She left the court room bawling, calling out to her mom, and being physically dragged away by the deputy. She will be spending the full rest of her sentence in jail, with credit for 5 days served.
In court, the Sheriff got his ass chewed out. The judge said that before releasing her, the Sheriff contacted the judge saying he would file a motion for Paris to be on house arrest. The motion was never filed and the judge says he wouldn't have approved it if it was. Addressing the court, the judge said, "I don't know why the defendant couldn't be treated at Lynnwood, because they have a great medical facility."

Somewhere in Between Jessica and Blabbity

She's looking cute but low maintenance, which is still better than a dressed up Blabbity. She's also been wearing every college tee in her collection this week. Today's featured school: UCLA.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Adam and Lauren

Adam Brody has been hanging out with Hostel 2 star Lauren German. They arrived together at the Tower Grove Villa in Beverly Hills DJ battle. They stood together all night, with Adam rubbing her back, and they absolutely refused to be photographed together. Looks like he found a follow-up to Rachel Bilson.

Soundbites: Sienna Miller

"People say the most horrible things to me like 'slut' and 'slag' and it upsets me because I'm not like that. I've never had a one stand in my life. I've been in a relationship more or less for the past five years since I was 20, and sometimes people forget this. I know how to let it go over my head, but then sometimes you do question why people are saying it. But it's not true."
Whatever, whore!

Riddle Me This

Why do you bother with painful, expensive plastic surgery, dye your hair blonde, and overhaul your wardrobe if you are going to end up with an emo douche bag?

Mommy and Me: Jennifer and Violet

Jennifer Garner hangs out with her best friend Violet at a park in Pacific Palisades yesterday. It was the highlight of their day, other than naptime and Barney videos. And so goes the life of a movie star.

Big Love Premiere

Chloe Fuvingny and Ginnifer Goodwin put on their party dresses for the LA premiere of HBO's Big Love. Chloe looks semi human and that's the biggest compliment I'll ever give her. Ginnifer has dropped some major lbs. and looks really uncomfortable, like she needs to find a toilet stat. Nice job ladies.

Jessica Alba Megapost

I love it when Jessica Alba drops a big movie because we get to see her all the time and looking gorgeous. Now I want to know where is my boyfriend Chris Evans? Here's Jessica at TRL, The Tonight Show, and strolling from gig to gig.

NicRic Works The Circuit

NicRic struts her bones on to Regis and Kelly. Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, her counterpart is expected to attend a hearing today to explain why she is so sick she needs to leave jail but not sick enough to be in the hospital. Will continue to cover this.

Another Short From Will Ferrell's Team

A super preggo Jenna Elfman plays some bball. I would seriously not mess with a crazy, pregnant Scientologist. Click here.

Fired: Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington will not be returning to Grey’s Anatomy after his option was not renewed by ABC. Comments from Isaiah's camp? "I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more." That was all he stated. The cast was informed last night about the decision.

Fair or unfair?

Hitched: Scott Foley

Scott Foley, 34, and former Brothers and Sisters actress Marika Dominczyk, 26, were married on Tuesday in a Hawaii before 30 guests. They have been dating for 3 1/2 years since meeting on the set of The Help.

Scott Foley was previously married to Jennifer Garner, but the couple divorced in 2003.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kelly for Elle Magazine

" Um, I'd like to thank God and my photoshop artist! I'd like to not thank my hairdresser and stylist who would like to perpetuate the lesbian rumors. That is all."

Covering Her Tracks

Cameron gives her legs a break and wears a dress instead of a t-shirt as a dress to the premiere of Shrek the Third in Paris. I'll bet she just wanted one day off from shaving.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Working out in an LA gym. Only LiLo would find a way to get her picture taken as much as possible while going through rehab. She's like, "Damn, Paris is in jail and getting all the attention! Get me out of here!" She did some outdoor stretches following her workout for the photogs and then headed back to Promises with a CD and a smoothie. Probably Malibu Rum Runner Protein Boost, right?

How Appropriate

Current convict Paris Hilton and soon-to-be convict NicRic posed for a spread for Harper's Bazaar. In it, they pose as vapid, bored jewelry whores. It was a tough day of work for them.

Actually Posh, Not Mannequin

Victoria Beckham poses for the cameras before acting as a judge for the finalists at Graduate Fashion Week. While in London, she's made time to hang out with both Ginger and Baby spice.

Toothy Travels

Jake Gyllenhaal is hot. All the time. Here he is heading to LAX for a trip somewhere. Probably to NY to see his sister. Because he's also predictable like that.

Bump Watch: Naomi Watts

I'm not sure if Naomi Watts has given birth yet, but I'm guessing that it might be right around the corner...

Rehab: Richie Sambora

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has entered a Los Angeles rehab. No word on if it's Promises, but I'd say that is a pretty safe bet. Say hi to LiLo! We miss her!
Richie's rep has confirmed the news. Bon Jovi is about to release a new album and this just might affect their promo tour schedule. Richie recently lost his father and also split from girlfriend Denise Richards.

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