Friday, May 25, 2007

Biel is Back

Jessica Biel returns to LA and plays it coy in a trench and big glasses. She better get a little more camera ready if she's going to have a romance with JT!

Letters from DON

In reference to quotes from Shar Jackson:

Dear Shar:

Shut your fat cake hole! I would offer that you ruined your life all on your own. Maybe if you closed your legs you wouldn't have a gaggle of children by age 30 and at least two deadbeat dads to deal with. Also, pretty sure about 10 people knew who you were before the dude you were sleeping with married her. You claim that you are sick of have cameramen around you, yet you have more than capitalized on the situation, with interviews, photo ops, and now a show about famous exes.

As for your children, I'm sure this was tough on them. Then again, I'm sure their life was already challenging with a loudmouth like you for a mother, bringing home unemployed dancers and whatnot. And how is it Britney's fault that you named a dog after her and then couldn't deal with it? It's a dog. You could have changed her name and she'd be ok with it. Britney's life may seem like a fantasy to you, but she is a real person and that's her real life.

So don't trash talk my girl, beyotch!


Soundbites: Shar Jackson

Shar Jackson says Brit Brit and Kevin's marriage ruined her life and the lives of her family, including her two children with KFed (Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2) as well as two older children from previous relationships. "When they were together, somebody was always at my door with a camera wanting to know what I thought. My older children, Cassie and Donnie, were always being asked about Britney, even by their teachers. They've had to change schools twice. Once they separated, nobody had to ask me anymore about something Britney did. That made life easier for me and my kids. There were a lot of innocent people affected by their relationship. I even had to give my dog away to my grandma - because I'd named her Britney way before Kevin got together with her. I had a bunch of dogs named after pop stars, but I didn't want to be calling that name anymore. I knew Kevin would get to be Kevin again and have his life. Britney's whole life is not realistic; it's a huge fantasy. And not everybody wants that fantasy."

Evolution of a Moth

Penelope Cruz undergoes hair and make-up for a movie in which I can only assume is her biopic entitled "My Life as a Moth" or "How I Escaped the Fate of Katie Holmes."


Another gross comedy that I'll be seeing. Love it.

Catfight: Lauren vs. LiLo and NicRic

So this feud has been rolling around the net for awhile. Allegedly, LiLo stole about $10,000 worth of clothes from Lauren Hastings. Lauren filed a police report and has been posting photos of Lindsay wearing the same clothes as Lauren claims are missing.

Most recently she posted an email from NicRic sent from Lindsay's phone, as well as a photo of Lindsay's friend Patrick wearing Lauren's plaid shirt. These girls are so mean, beyond what I would have ever guessed. I love it!

Any Other Way

New BSB single! What do you think?

The Brothers Solomon

This looks like a winner to me.

Still On: Max and MK

Mary Kate celebrates her new job on Weeds by shopping with her boyfriend Max in LA. Ewww, look at his shoes!!!!

Bad Stuff

Hilary Duff lunches with a friend at Cafe Med in Los Angeles. What. the. hell. is she wearing? A black tank top, black vest, black shorts, black leggings, and black patent leather boots and her fivehead. Fix your look now!

Dunzo: Solange and hubby

Solange Knowles, little sister of Beyonce, singer, and bitchy cheerleader in the amazing Bring it On 3, has quietly divorced her husband and baby daddy, Daniel Smith, after three years together. Who didn't see that one coming? The couple were married shortly before the birth of their son and it was widely rumored that Matthew Knowles (manager and dad of Solange) put on some major pressure for Daniel to marry his 17-year-old knocked up teen. Another rumor is that the marriage was never legal. No public record of a marriage license exists nor does the paperwork for a divorce. This would be similar to what singer Brandy pulled off when she pretended to be married to Robert Smith before the birth of their daughter, only for him to reveal upon their split that they never really married.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Lunching at the Ivy. This stuff kills me. She's a couple blocks away from my office, why do I never run into her? Every time I drive past the Ivy I see celebs I don't care about. No fair!

BTW how old does she look in the photo sans sunnies? Damn...that should be an anti-drug PSA right there.

Maybe Not

Halle looks pretty un-pregnant as she shops in LA yesterday. I want her hair, it's gorgeous! I'll take that top too. And her bf.

Better Every Day

Cameron Diaz continues to look fabu as she promotes Shrek the Third in Toyko. Does a cartoon really need this much attention? Meanwhile, her ex continues to cavort with Jessica Biel who is actually pretty similar to Cam in the fact that she is really sporty and low-maintenance. But younger.

Still On: Beyonce and Jay Z

The couple enjoy some vacation time in Monaco before Beyonce continues her world tour in Spain. Work it, B!

To Be Young and Connected

Hayden Panetierre goes shopping with her buddy Rumer Willis in Los Angeles yesterday. Why God why did Rumer do that to her hair? Hayden is the cutest. She reminds me of Debbie Tate for those who know her.

Sunshine State of Mind

Brit Brit enjoys some fun in the sun in Marina Del Rey. She took her two sons for a boating adventure and soaked up some sun.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

City Life

Kate Hudson goes about her day in New York and eventually makes her way back to her NY apartment. Bicoastal living, not too shabby right?

Also, Star recently put her on the cover as having the worse beach body. Are they on crack? The picture they used look photoshopped to the max!

Workin' it Out: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba leaves her gym in West Hollywood, a gym that I just joined this week. While so far I've found the gym population to be 90% hot gay men, I do know that tons of female celebs (also including Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz) frequent this place too so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some great celeb spotting! Only in LA do you see everybody reading scripts on the treadmills.

The Saddest Girl in the World

Paris Hilton continues to pout around Los Angeles. Her lawyers have insisted she clean up her act and spend the days before jail seeming humble and pious, which is why every photo we see of her lately is of her riding her bike, going to church, carrying her Bible, visiting her dad in the hospital, and skipping out on all her favorite activities (namely shopping, drinking, and boys). It has been confirmed that her last public appearance before starting her jail term will be at the MTV Awards in June.

Drugfaced Jack

Is it just me (and Ginger since she agrees) or is drug addict Jack so much hotter than hero Jack? How sexy is this? Shots of oxycotin!
Withdrawl on planes... Charlie knows what you're going through
En fuego at the funeral parlor!
Give me more drugs right now! I'm gorgeous!
Sexy, sexy, sexy yeti.

Bump Watch: Anthony Kiedis and GF

Red Hot Chili Pepper frontman Anthony Kiedis, 44, and his model girlfriend of two years, Heather Christie, 20, are expecting their first child. I'm guessing this might affect her modeling career.

Ocean's Thirteen at Cannes

Where's Casey Affleck?? And check out Angelina. She continues to evolve into a preying mantis. Her eyes steal souls!

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