Friday, April 06, 2007

Sister Sister: Haylie and Hilary

Haylie and Hilary attended the premiere of the new season of Entourage. Rumor has it Haylie has started dating Kevin Connelly, who will officially earn the title of "that short dude who dates famous people's less cute sisters."

A Mischa Moment

Mischa, why are you so unhappy? Is it because you are wearing a skirt? Because I know you are pleased with your jacket. I mean, tan coat with turquoise jewel embellishments just screams "you" and only you. So get over it already.

Another Day at LAX

Seriously, where does KCav keep flying off to? Is she that in demand? And where are the pics from wherever she's jetting to? Inquiring minds and all...

Mommy and Me: Kingston and Gwen

Peekaboo! Kingston sports some rocker hair and baby shades will out with his mom in Los Angeles.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Still partying in L.A. The Lindsay Lohan Post Rehab Bar Hop rolls on! I love how much she is mugging for the cameras. You're such a diva, LiLo!

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With Cheese

Have you guys seen Hilary Duff's current MTV show documenting her promotional tour for her cd "With Love"? They show her speaking with Ok! magazine, doing her photoshoots, and picking out clothes. It was interesting to see just how many outfits, wardrobe changes, makeup changes, and hair changes she has to go through in a day. She also mentioned that they frequently request odd poses for photos. Other than the pic of her in the red dress, I would say all these outfits AND poses are awful. So the cameraman is just as much to blame as Miss Duff herself.

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Soundbites: LC

"There is no sex tape that exists. (Does that mean it was destroyed?) Poor decisions are all I make with guys."
-Lauren Conrad to US Weekly
BTW I've had an increasing number of people who know me and who don't know me say I look like her. If you've seen me, do you agree? I don't know it this is a compliment or not...

I Guess I Should Address This

I have a tendency to ignore and not report on stories that I find far fetched or really upsetting to me personally. This would be both of those.

Britney apparently met and has been dating Howie Day who sang that song "Collide" while in rehab. Howie was not at Promises by choice, he was there on a court order. Here's his stupid mugshot. In 2004, he was arrested for locking a woman in the bathroom of his tour bus after she refused his sexual advances. The following year, he was arrested at Logan Airport for being verbally abusive toward an American Airlines flight crew and smoking in the in the aircraft's bathroom. Classy.

While Brit Brit doesn't make the best choices in men or in most things, I smell a publicity stunt from a mile away. I mean, rehab cannot the hookup heaven the tabs make it out to be!

Still On: MK and Mr. Troll

Sometimes under the bridges of Paris, little trolls find love. When dull, greasy-hair creatures clad in black meet, it is a magical and unique love. Sometimes they grow so strong, they venture out in public for Diet Cokes and kisses, but they always go back to where they came from.
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Another Night Another Premiere

Drew Barrymore and Molly Shannon attended the L.A. premiere of Year of the Dog last night. Geez, Molly's dress is awful. I guess that's why she's funny, right?
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Bottle Blonde

Kate Beckinsale boards a plane at LAX looking not quite herself. Don't fret, that hideous hair is for a movie she's making where she plays a diner waitress. She's not meant to be a blonde!
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Thursday, April 05, 2007

More Hills Coming Atcha in '07

Get excited! Not only is The Hills coming back for another season, it will be on the air as early as this summer! Hooray!
And as for Heidi's boob job, it is also being reported that she got a nose job too.
Here's a pic of LC planting trees with Lance Bass yesterday for some philanthropy. Rumors are flying that Jason Wahler has a sex tape he filmed with LC and that he's trying to sell it. Who would find that tape in any way hot? She's probably wearing a headband and pearls and he's probably sky high on blow.


Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan get all nekkid for the cover of Rolling Stone. Personally, I think Rose is completely annoying and was meant for a career in porn but got lucky. Love Rosario though.


Bachelor Recaps are posted. Thanks for waiting on me. Share them with the people you love.

Granny Kiki

Another day, another pair of Raybans to make Kirsten's snaggletooth peek out in a smile. She's also really pleased that she found a basket sitting next to her neighbors's the perfect place to store all her sunglasses!

Nice Try

Katie Holmes takes a stroll with her legion of Scientology handlers. You know she's trying to look like Posh in those giant pants and tiny coat. Really she looks like she's in GAP brand rave pants.

Laguna Beach moving to Newport?

From the OC Register:

On the heels of reality shows documenting Coto de Caza housewives and Laguna Beach teenagers, MTV officials are in talks with Newport Beach officials about bringing a show to the city.

According to city film liaison Joe Cleary, regulars of "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County," a three-season-old MTV chronicle of teen love, lust, angst and partying, would venture into Newport, possibly meeting up with locals who would become characters in the show.

Network spokeswoman Jessica Nicola, however, was tight-lipped, and declined to confirm a tie-in with the Laguna Beach series. "We're just exploring shooting a series right now, but we don't have any details to provide," Nicola said.

Awesomeness. Instead of going to the beach for deep talks, they'll go to Mutts for Sunday Fundays!

Mommy and Me: Posh and Romeo

Victoria Beckham spends her third day on the slopes and shows off yet another brand new ski ensemble. Later she spent time walks the streets with her eldest boy who is looking more like his daddy every day.

A Mischa Moment

Mischa Barton found another floral blouse to keep her happy. Her puppy Ziggy is happy to greet her. What I can't figure out is how somebody who never wears pants has such blindingly white legs? Oh, and there's her little sister Hania who was with her in that bottom pic. She's partial to sweaters as dresses and is a trainwreck in the making.

Happy Days

Russell Crowe seems happy to see the paparazzi while jogging in Australia.

You know how I love South Park? One of my favorite episodes is where the boys are watching a show called "Fightin' Round the World" starring Russell Crowe and his sidekick, Tugger the Tugboat. Here's the theme song (sing it in an Australian accent for full effect):

Born in New Zealand in ‘64,

A hot-headed actor named Russell Crowe.

He loves to act but he loves one thing more,

Fightin’ Around the World!
He fights his directors and he fights his fans,

It’s a problem no one understands.

If there’s two things he loves, it’s fighting and...

Fightin’ Around the World!
Making movies! Making music! And Fightin’ Round the World!

Where in the World is LiLo?

Grabbing a snack at Sweet Lady Jane bakery in Los Angeles. I really hate her blonde hair. I'll just throw that out there.

The Ex Factor

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake do their best to avoid each other at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, where the two had a press junket for Shrek the Third. Gonna be an awkward red carpet!

The Office

Get excited for a new episode of The Office tonight, on an hour earlier so set your Tivo!

Hot Couple of the Minute: Jake and Reese?

The rumors may actually true about Reese Witherspoon rebounding with Jake Gyllenhaal. She's been single for five months now and met Jake on their upcoming thriller Rendition. The two have been dining out together, most recently with another couple at Il Sole on March 23rd and they have spent time with her two kids.

Still On: Josh and Mothface

Josh Hartnett and Mothface have just returned from vacationing at the Parrot Cay private island resort in the Caribbean's Turks and Caicos. Guess they really are together. I'm done with you, Josh! You're loss!

Britney Needs a Napkin

Brit Brit had dinner at Ruth's Chris last night in LA and spilled something all over herself. She also helped little sis Jamie Lynn celebrate her sweet sixteen. Now that would have been a great episode for MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen!

Soundbites: Heidi's Mom

On Spencer: "Heidi and Spencer are all about the show. Spencer has given quite a lot of himself to MTV, and they aren't afraid to put themselves out there. But he's not a bad guy at all—that's all in the magic of editing. In fact, he adores Heidi and waits on her hand and foot, and she'd be with nothing less. Of course now it looks like, ew, why would you pick a slime bag over [Lauren], America's sweetheart? But it's not the reality. If things were the way they looked on TV, I would come to L.A. and take Spencer out myself."
On the dicks-before-chicks conundrum: "Heidi does have the tendency to be an all-or-nothing person, and it has been a fault of hers in the past to drop her friends when she is in a serious relationship. She knows that about herself, and her sister and I are always asking if she is giving Lauren enough attention. But Lauren and Heidi lived together for two years and gave a lot to each other, and I think this separation will be a good thing for them."
On Heidi's fame: "No one is surprised. Even as a little girl in a small town she had this energy that has followed her. She took acting classes—not that The Hills is acting!—and would always want to be more grown up. We would let her carry glasses of wine around the house, but they would always be on her nightstand untouched the next day. She just liked the feeling of being older." (What???)
On the Lauren/Spencer throwdown: "Those two still aren't speaking or getting along, which puts a huge strain on Heidi. It's disappointing to see the boy tear the two apart. She's trying to please both of them, but she's not in a high school relationship. Both people fill different voids for her."
On Heidi's future: "As you know, she is recording an album and writing her own lyrics. And she has such a pretty little voice, I think it will be good. The third season is going to revolve more around that, I think. Spencer is helping with the record because he has connections, but if they broke up tomorrow, she would still be able to go on with the connections she has made out in L.A. Really, if you dropped Heidi off in the middle of nowhere she would still be happy."

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mommy and Me: Liz Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is newly married and back in the UK, taking her son Damien to school. Man that kid looks like he's 65!


The cast of The Real World: Las Vegas will be reunited to film a reunion series that will last six episodes. The full cast, which includes Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Steven and Trishelle, will live for three weeks in the very same suite that they lived in five years ago at The Palms.

This will not be a full season. The 19th season of the Real World is scheduled to be set in Sydney and the 20th season is currently being cast.

Here's a summary of what they have been up to:

Alton: He dated Irulan for three years and they both moved to Los Angeles together. Alton appeared on the Gauntlet and Kill Reality with Irulan, he also appeared on the Gauntlet II shortly after the break-up. He won both those Challenges. Alton also appears on the upcoming Inferno III. Alton moved back to San Diego shortly after breaking up with Irulan.

Arissa: She moved to Las Vegas shortly after filming ended. There, she was married to a bodyguard she met in Vegas, but the relationship fell apart when Arissa agreed to be a part of the Battle of the Sexes II. Arissa made it to the final three women, but ultimately lost to the men. Her appearance on Battle of the Sexes II caused some friction amongst her former castmembers. Alton, Irulan and Steven all claimed to have some issues with Arissa on the now defunct, as they claimed that she was fake.

Brynn: Brynn moved back to Portland after the series ended and began to seriously date Austin. The two were eventually married and had a son, Halen together. Brynn is still living in Portland.

Frank: Frank moved to Los Angeles after filming ended. (If you remember, he, Trishelle, and Steven traveled to Los Angeles so Frank could interview at UCLA.) He attended the Anderson School of Business and then appeared on the Battle of the Sexes II. There, he began a brief relationship with Angela (Extreme), which he didn't like the way in which it was portrayed. The experience left Frank disillusioned with Challenges and he has reportedly said that he never wanted to do a Challenge again.

Irulan: Moved to Los Angeles with Alton and they dated for three years. She appeared on the Gauntlet, but lost near the end, while Alton stayed on to win. They broke up and Irulan hasn't been heard from since.

Steven: Steven appeared on Battle of the Sexes II. He was kicked off after he slapped Shane (Campus Crawl) for talking during a silent mission. He was the host of a radio show over on the Fishbowl for a couple of months, where he claimed that he would never do another Challenge again after being kicked off for slapping Shane. After the Fishbowl went belly up, he hasn't been heard from.

Trishelle: Moved to Los Angeles and appeared on the Gauntlet and Inferno. She began dating The Miz (Back to New York) during the Challenges and she left the Inferno on a sour note after being berated by Coral (Back to New York). Hasn't done a Challenge since. She moved on to pursue a variety of different projects. She hosted the radio show on Fishbowl for a short time before Steven, then she moved onto doing movies and television. She won Reality Fear Factor with The Miz. She appeared on the Lingerie Bowl several times. She also had parts in various movies such as The Dukes of Hazzard 2 and scored a lead role in the upcoming Ninja Cheerleaders.

Modern Day Marriage

Avril Lavigne and her husband Derek Whibley pick up some groceries in LA yesterday. Aren't they the picture of domestic bliss?

I find that most people have a strong reaction to Avril. So how do you feel? Love or hate?

It's Always Sunny in Katherine's World

Katherine Heigl gets ready to board a plane at LAX. She's always happen to see the photogs. At least there's one celeb who appreciates the attention!

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