Friday, March 23, 2007

Xtina in the City

Christina Aguilera takes it to the streets in NYC. She reminds me of Snoopy in that jacket. You'd think I'd go straight to Maverick and Goose, but I go to Snoopy.

Imitation of a Cute Girl

Michelle Trachtenberg acts very drunk at the Imitation of Christ show. The first thing I saw when I saw these pics was, "Somebody needs to tell this chick she isn't as cute as she thinks she is." Also, who does her makeup? She has a big left eye makeup and that needs to be handled.

Beauty, Thy Name is Chloe

Chloe Sevigny attended a Bergdorf Goodman show wearing this lovely relic of an 80's holiday party. Gorgeous.


Our internet is not working right which really sucks when you work at an internet company and especially when you have gossip to attend to...ugh.

Reunited and it Feels So Good: Kate and Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have teamed up again. They have signed on to play a young couple in Revolutionary Road, set in the 1950s. Kate's husband, Sam Mendes, will direct the film based on Richard Yates' novel.

Filming begins this summer.

When Marriage Ruins Perfectly Good Celebs

Last night was LA Promises gala honoring Tom Cruise. Some celebs came out to cheer him on and these two pics really made me sad. First of all, remember when Katie Holmes was young and kind of fun and not going gaga over her midget husband? Secondly, remember when Ashton Kutcher was an immature party boy, punking everybody and constantly partying? It's no good for Hollywood kids to settle down so much in their 20' will come back again sooner or later.

ScarJo Grosses Up Vogue

First Vogue releases an issue featuring a horrible cover shoot of Jennifer Hudson, then they come at us with another awful spread of ScarJo. Blech.

Past Meet Present

Hayden Panetierre posed with the girls from The Hills at a party at Lisa Kline. LC has been noticably Heidi-free in recent weeks...perhaps Spencer finally ruined their friendship after all and hanger-on Audrina has got the fill-in friend position she's been working so hard for.

Do you think Hayden and LC talk about KCav? Isn't it amazing the caliber of chicks that Stephen has hooked up with already?

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Maddox and his new brother Pax take a nap together. Pax and Zahara play at their hotel pool. Man, Z still has like no hair!

So Dark, So Alone

Natalie Portman cheers on the Knicks in a black trench coat while Reese Witherspoon goes for a walk in the mist in Brentwood yesterday.
Do you think Reese belongs to a gym? I don't. She's always walking everywhere. Personally, I hate walking. It's such a waste of my time. Thankfully I live in LA where we don't walk anywhere except to the valet stand.

Halle is Hot

Halle Berry is doing the rounds to promote her new movie with Bruce Willis. Can you believe she's 40? Try and name somebody 40 who is hotter than her and I'll declare shenanigans.

Say Something Nice

Jennifer Garner heads to a doctor's appointment in Los Angeles wearing a very pretty, um...I give up.

Bump Watch: Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan looks absolutely adorable and impossibly skinny with her little 5 month baby bump. When asked if she is is excited, she responded, ""I am. I'm a little nervous, 'cause I haven't done it before," said Moynahan. "But, you know, I have little nephews, and it's always nice to spend time with them, especially around the holidays." She stayed away from the topic of what it feels like to be pregnant, hormonal, and watching your baby's daddy troll around France with a supermodel.

Just Like She Told Me

When I met her, I mentioned that we asked if she would be on the cover of any racy mags like FHM or Maxim anytime soon and she got the ok from her publicist to say that she would be doing something racy for Wired. Here's the quite random cover.

Troll Twins

Here are Mary Kate and Ashley getting down to business again in Culver City. Everytime I see them going to work in their ridiculous get-ups, I think one thing....if only I had photoshop, I'd be so proud!

Mother's Special Helper

When we're talking about Kate Moss, mother's helper is usually cocaine, but in this instance it's her fiance Pete Doherty. These pictures of Pete teaching Kate's daughter Lila to ride her bike would be sweet if I could get out of my head the fact that Pete is a trainwreck and a drug addict. I bet Kate could find somebody at a bus stop that would be better suited to provide childcare than a guy who writes love notes in his blood.

Back to the Closet You Go!

Oh, man. You ain't nothin' but a hoochie mama, hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama, Miss Hayden. What was she thinking wearing this to a fashion show? BTW that is her mother sitting next to her, aka Dina Lohan 2.0. And slap me silly if I'm not seeing Nicky Hilton looking cute for once!


This is the funniest magazine cover ever...Skinny 911 starring NicRic, Carrie Underwood, Mary Kate Olsen, and, naturally, Star Jones!


Christina Aguilera hosted the Nylon anniversary party which was sponsored by, get this, Southern Comfort and K-Y jelly. Claaaassy! Her husband flew to NY for the party and her old friend Justin Timberlake made an appearance as well.

After watching ANTM, I have a new found respect for these girls who have weaves. Do you think Christina was reduced to tears sitting in a chair for hours having this thing put on her head and then styled? Somehow I think she's more of a pro than that. She also probably has no feeling in her scalp by now, thanks also to the constant application of peroxide.

Kiki Klaps it Up

I adore this photo of Kirsten Dunst. It is just so her, looking special and clapping when she is happy. She was at Teddy's celebrating Imitation of Christ and having is thrilled that she didn't have to wash her extensions of apply makeup to attend.

I'm sorry, but doesn't she just look like she would smell?

After Work Party

Pam, Jim, and Dwight reunite at the West Hollywood premiere of The Last Mimzy, in which Rainn Wilson stars. The majority of The Office cast showed up to support their co-worker. Except for Andy who is still in anger management.

WTF: Fergie

Fergie shows off how to be Fergilicious from tooth to nail. Dominios are her nail art of choice as she travels through Europe promoting her album. I'm guessing her boyfriend will be the only one of the couple posing for Gap ads any time soon.

My Publicist Said Rehab and I Said Why Not

Jesse Metcalfe, 28, semi-famous for his role on Desperate Housewives, has checked into rehab, according to his rep,, who issued the following statement. "On Monday, March 19, Jesse Metcalfe entered a rehab facility to deal with alcohol issues. He realized he had a problem and was anxious to deal with it immediately. He hopes that the media will allow him the privacy to deal properly with his treatment."
I'm sure you'll make lots of young Hollywood friends. Good luck!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NicRic Bonanza

Here's a bunch of recent pics of Nicole Richie, who seems to have had some lip injections recently.
People magazine also got word from NicRic's rep today that she has learned she is hypoglycemic, which occurs when your blood sugar levels drop too low to provide enough energy for your body's activities, like cutting lines or sitting in a salon chair for hours. Poor little thing!

Big House Bound: Vivica A. Fox

Last night Vivica A. Fox was arrested with a DUI at 10:57 pm on the 101 in the Valley. She was driving her 2007 Escalade at 80 mph passed a cop car and was pulled over and issued a sobriety test, which she failed. She was taken to Van Nuys jail where she submitted to two breathalyzer tests. CHP told TMZ, "It was definitely over the .08 legal limit."

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