Saturday, March 10, 2007

Meeting the Cast of Blades of Glory

So, yes, I did get to go to the Blades of Glory press junket yesterday and it was AWESOME! We arrived at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and the hotel was just a madhouse. Julia Stiles and Fabio were hanging out in the lobby (not together). She made a comment that the lift moves we were talking about were not from The Cutting Edge but were in fact from Dirty Dancing. Duh!

We checked in at the Paramount suite and waited with all the other press members. There was tons of food, drinks, candy, everything in there and we enjoyed running lines for the interviews. So first we interviewed Craig T. Nelson. He was very professional and straightforward with his answers and the whole thing took 4 minutes.

Then we went down the hall to talk to Jenna Fischer (Pam on The Office), who was much funnier than I ever would have expected. She is very pam-like in person...kind of frizzy hair, very average looking, but cute. She talked about having her first real makeout with somebody other than her husband (Jon Heder) and having Will Ferrell fondle her boobs for "12 hours" while shooting and re-shooting a scene over and over. She also said she didn't even try to compete with the guys in the movie for having the best hair because she was out of her league. We asked if she would be doing Stuff or Maxim in the future now that she is branching out of her Pam character, to which she screamed at her PR girl sitting in the next room, "Can I tell them?!?" and her PR girl goes, "It's your call." Jenna told us she's going to be on the cover of Wired and is really excited about it. I gave her some shirts and one for her husband and she was really very nice.

On to the big interview. I can't tell you how surreal it was to walk into a little hotel room and come face to face with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder all at once. Will is EXACTLY like you'd imagine; constantly cracking jokes, making funny faces, just hilarious. He asked where we were from and then started making that face he did when he played Mugatu and was yelling at his assistant...if you watch Zoolander, you know what I'm talking about. Then danced in his chair a little, saying "I'll shake it but I won't break it." After a few more minutes, we started in the interview. Jon Heder's foot was bouncing like crazy, he seemed really restless, and didn't speak nearly as much as Will did. BTW Jon's hair is long and dark brown right now, Will's is in a major fro. We asked if they tried to bring the costumes home. Will said he did once, sneaking into the house to surprise his wife, who called the cops on him and he had an interesting night in jail, but who could blame her? Obviously he was kidding but it was impossible not to laugh during all this. He totally deadpanned. We asked about the scene where they have to skate with each other's crotchs in their faces. Jon said Will's crotch smelled like "country garden" and Will said Jon's crotch smelled like "Hidden Valley Ranch." Jon then started arguing with Will about why he would say that. It was so funny. We also asked if Will still plays the cowbell and he said all the time. After the interview Will asked for a drink. We suggested milk and he said, "Milk is still a bad choice" in his Anchorman character. I asked if he wanted a tshirt and he asked if he could have a baby tee because he likes to show off his belly. So we said bye and moved on to the next room.

Will Arnett and Amy Poehler (who are married btw) kept leaving the junket so there was quite a buildup of people outside their room. As they approached the room, Amy was like "Whoo! Let's get this party started!" and high-fiving us and Will said, "Alright, the principal will take you one at a time." We went in and they were getting a LOT of makeup done - way more than anybody else. Amy was staring at me while they were doing her makeup with this crazy face that was cracking me up. Will made a few bad jokes, which Amy totally made fun of him for. They talked about playing creepy brother and sister in the movie and bringing that home at the end of the day. They also talked about perhaps acting together again. Their interview was a little crazy. They kind of smelled like alcohol so that may have been why. :)

Then we interviewed Scott Hamilton who is about as big as a fourth grader. He was very happy to be there and friendly and very excited for free shirts. He asked if I had any small shirts or if I discriminated against smaller people. I told him Will took the little shirts. But he still really wanted shirts and went over to his PR person and told her not to let him forget them because he really like them. Who knew he was so into free shirts?

So back up to the hospitality room and waited for our tapes of the interviews, chatting with all the kids from Paramount who were doing the junket all day and were exhausted. They said that all the stars were more than friendly and that it was such a fun group to work with.

That's my day. My boss called last night to see how it went and said, "So basically you love your job today." Yes, yes I do.

P.S. While I missed the screening for the movie, I heard it is outstanding and far better than Talladega Nights.

Where in the World is LiLo?

In New York. Lindsay meets up with some friends for lunch in the meatpacking district.
Meanwhile, in Los Feliz, Rachel Bilson enjoys a stroll and double handfuls of Pinkberry.
Reese Witherspoon gets some shopping in aournd Beverly Hills. She's almost always strolling solo; hard to believe she doesn't have an assistant following her around.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Hot or Not? Orlando Bloom

What do you think? It's our mini-poll of the day.

Still On: NicRic and Joel

Isn't love supposed to make you look vibrant and beautiful? I guess not when love comes from sharing oxycotin prescriptions. NicRic and Joel grab some coffee in Los Angeles yesterday looking as crusty as possible.

No Frickin' Way

Maggie Gyllenhaal has been officially confirmed as Katie Holmes' replacement in the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Maggie will play Rachel Dawes, the role originated by Katie in the last film. Katie will no longer be a part of the project, most likely because it takes her back to a happy time when she didn't go home to a sprite of a husband, an adopted baby, and a team of religious counselors.

Ok, Maggie does look slightly like Katie in this pic, and neither is remotely hot enough to be a Batman girl. I mean, they are just going from bad to worse here. Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfiffer, Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Katie Holmes, and now Maggie? Next up will be Mothface or Tara Reid.
Tara would be like, "Batman, I'm flying!" And he'd say, "No, you dumb ho, you are just stoned."

Hilary in Milan

Hilary Duff continues to promote her new album by touring around Europe. Here she is in Milan yesterday performing a short concert in some FUGLY pants.
Her album is called Dignity. She should have some and burn those atrocious leggings. Once she gets to Paris, she can hang them out her window at night and two little trolls will appear and replace them with black jeans and stilt boots.

WTF: Eddie Furlong

I can hardly believe how far Eddie Furlong has fallen. While he is supposedly recovered from a nasty heroin habit (thanks to Promises in Malibu), he has gained about a thousand pounds, forgotten how to bathe, and lives off Rockstar and ciggies. Oh, not to mention that he seems to think nothing of smoking around his newborn.


Anne Hathaway and her goober bf went out to dinner. They are like prematurely 40. I love how she claims she was like LiLo when she was in college. Who wasn't? But homegirl is only 24 and almost on the A list right now. Why isn't she living it up?!?!

Still On: Jamie Burke and Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller looked radiant at a Calvin Klein fragrance release party. She brought along her skanky new boyfriend, Jamie Burke. The two of them will be the new JLo and Gremlin.

Hot Couple of the Minute: Dave and Kelly

Dave Navarro had lunch at Cafe Med on Sunset with Kelly Carlson this week. They were also seen a few weeks ago on February 23, 2007 in Miami at the 6th Annual Food Network Wine & Food Festival. I know she plays an ex-porn star turned Scientologist on Nip/Tuck, but would you go anywhere near a man who's slept with Jenna Jameson and Carmen Electra? Not I...

Where in the World is LiLo?

At LAX en route to show off her new 'do elsewhere. She has said she was eager to change her hair color, but had to wait until filming was completed on I Know Who Killed Me.

Off the Market AND Bump Watch: Salma Hayek!

Holy shocker! Salma Hayek, 40, is pregnant and engaged to businessman boyfriend Fran├žois-Henri Pinault.

Francois is the CEO of luxury goods firm PPR, which owns Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, as well as a French department store and national music chain. The two have kept their relationship VERY low-profile, but have made a statement after the below picture of her appeared on the internet looking very much pregnant. The picture of her in blue was taken yesterday in Beverly Hills.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bump Watch: Mark Ruffalo's Wife

Mark Ruffalo and his wife Sunrise Coigney are expecting their third child together. Just last week he was asked if they would be added to the family anytime soon and Mark said, "I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't happen real soon...We're seriously in heaven with the kids."
Mark's wife owns the Los Angeles boutique Kaviar and Kind. The two were married in 2000 and have a five year old son Keen and a one year old daughter Bella.

A Little European Vacay

John Mayer and Jessica Simpson (still clad in all black) enjoy a European vacation. The two are in Rome and seem to be progressive full speed ahead with their relationship.

Where in the World is LiLo?

Leaving Winston's after a night of partying with her shiny new hair. She looks fierce and metallic!

Doing Good Things

We saw Reese yesterday heading out to shop in Beverly Hills. Before she hit the stores, she was at the PS Arts Bag Lunch with Zooey Deschanel supporting art education for children.

Mormon Celebs

These are celebs that are or were at one time affiliated with the Mormon church. I was surprised by some so I thought I'd share.
The list includes musicians (Brandon Flowers of The Killers, Brenden Urie of Panic! At the Disco, Will Butler of The Arcade Fire) as well as actors (Rick Schroeder, Katherine Heigl, Aaron Eckhart, Paul Walker, Ryan Gosling, Eliza Dushku) and obviously Jon Heder.

On the Mend: Lily-Rose Depp

Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose, 7, came down with an undisclosed illness last week that landed her in a London hospital. His rep issued the following statement today, "We are happy to report that their daughter is doing much better. The family greatly appreciates the continued support and respect of their privacy."
Johnny, 43, has been by her bedside every day, pushing back filming on the movie version of the stage musical Sweeney Todd.
Dreamworks made the following statement, "We have adjusted the schedule to accommodate [Depp's] needs at this moment. We understand that [Lily-Rose] is improving...Obviously everybody at the studio is certainly with them in their good spirits."

Big House Bound: Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison was charged today with vehicular manslaughter, as well as driving under the influence causing injury to multiple victims, driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol level causing injury, and furnishing alcohol to a minor, in connection with a fatal car crash in Beverly Hills last December. Lane had more than .15 percent blood alcohol level at the time of the crash that left one teenager dead and two injured.
Lane is scheduled to voluntarily turn himself over to authorities sometime in the next two hours. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 6 years in prison. Keep your eyes on him, guards!

Because Politics and Love is Comedy Gold

Michelle Trachtenberg has landed a lead in a new ABC comedy. The show marks her return to prime time after the end of Buffy (and don't forget her role as Nona Mecklenberg on The Adventures of Pete & Pete). The untitled comedy centers around Eric Christian Olsen (Dumb & Dumberer, Beerfest, The Last Kiss) as a Senatorial Aide who falls in love with his boss' opponent's daughter (Trachtenberg).

LOL: Jesse Metcalfe

Haha, I just got this in my email. If anybody wants to hang out with Jesse "My 15 Minutes are Up" Metcalfe, here's your chance!

Stork Delivery: LaLa

Denver Nuggets player Carmelo Anthony, 22, and MTV veejay LaLa Vazquez, 27, have delivered their first baby together on Wednesday after labor was induced. His name is Kiyan (pronounced "Ki-ann") and his stats are 5 pounds, 9 ounces, 18 1/2 inches long. The couple plan to wed sometime this year.

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