Saturday, January 13, 2007

Barfy Britney

I can't bring myself to post these photos, but the story is that after partying at Teddy's and the Abbey last night, Brit Brit's new boy toy, Isaac Cohen, drove her home, speeding away from the photogs. Eventually they pulled over when, the cameramen claim, Britney puked in the middle console of the car and Isaac removed his white shirt to cover the vomit and clean off his hands. These pictures kind of make that story seem true. Yikes.

Girls Day Out

Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet head out to play in Beverly Hills. How come we never see Ben anymore? We know they are a happy family, but we need to see the papa.

Awards Season is Heating Up

Who looked hotter last night, Jessica Biel or Jennifer Garner?

A Dog Day

Ashley Olsen heads off to Petco to pick up some things for her puppies. I like her outfit. Even though the twins almost always wear black, Ashley tends to pull it off best.

Guess Who?

1o points to the winner!

Say Cheese!

Tori and Dean pose for the cameras. Tori isn't the only one who has a reality show coming up. Her brother is also filming a show with some of his Hollywood buddies, including Kimberly Stewart's brother, as they try to be models, actors, and other things.

Guy Love

For poohead, who REALLY loves Scrubs.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Lovah's Quarrel... narrated by DON.
Jessica: "You are 2 minutes late, Cash.
You know how I feel about maintaining a strict level of obedience."Cash: "I will hang my head in shame and beg your forgiveness. Is something else wrong?
Did you not get lunch today because I have a piece of gum right here?"
Jessica: "Are you mental? That isn't even sugar-free! What kind of idiot are you to offer a cow like me gum that contains double digit calories?"
Cash: "I'm sorry! You are totally skinny. I mean, you looked way prettier than Lindsay and Mandy at the New Year's party."

Jessica: "Gross! Don't compare me to those drunk ogre she-beasts! Of course I looked better than them."

Cash: "You're right. I'm sorry. But I bet you are prettier than Fergie."

Jessica: "That does it, you just lost your allowance."

Beyond Saving

Kirsten Dunst raided the stage closet of Angela from Who's the Boss before stepping out in L.A. The nightgown, topped with a power blazer, paired with the Ray Bans reminds us why all the money in the world may not have been enough to fund a successful Keep KiKi Kute Kampaign.

We tried.

The Answers Are Out There

We may finally have an explanation as to why Selma Blair has been sporting this hideous asymmetrical 'do. It is being reported that she and Holly Hunter will star in Ethan Coen's Drive-Away Dykes about two lesbians on a road trip. That title leaves little to the imagination. Much like her hair.

Happily Ever After

Newlyweds Nikki Cox and Jay Mohr cheer at the Knicks vs. 76ers game in Madison Square Garden. That's some interesting hair she's rocking. Remember those plastic spiky headbands? I thought they died in 1993.

Who's That Girl?

Michelle Williams looks amazing on the set of her new movie The Tourist. She is filming in Spain near el Museo Prado with Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor.

Despite picking up a marriage license late last year, her and fiance Heath Ledger have yet to make it official.

Another Lover of Swag

Hayden Panettiere looks both classic and age-appropriate while collecting her free swag. She said she is hoping to travel more this year once her boyfriend returns from filming scenes for One Tree Hill. Yes, she is still enjoying KCav's leftovers and wannabe actor, Stephen Colletti from Laguna Beach.

Oh Happy Day!

While I don't approve of Miss Britney dating a slashie (model/actor), she has not looked this good in years. She's still dressed in her own style (tank top and tiny jean skirt), but she's covering her lady bits and her hair extensions are finally not made from a worn out broom. She looks gorgeous. Yay!

One Hot Mama

Heather Locklear seems to be weathering her divorce, split from best friend Denise Richards, and break-up with David Spade quite well. She seems to have not aged in 20 years.

She is the cover model for the upcoming issue of Shape, where she talks about her healthy living. She says her daughter Ava is the one who helps keep her in line. Ava is not into junk food at all, always preferring sushi, fruits, and vegetables, so she's helped her mom maintain a good diet.

The excerpts I read from the article make her come off as a really well-balanced person. All the more reason to be Team Heather!

LOL: Paris Hilton

After collecting some free swag, Paris allegedly headed off to acting classes. I can only imagine Paris doing improv.

Remember how I said she's getting paid to tote that shiny gold LV purse around? She switched up the color, but my theory still holds.

Solo Act

Hilary Duff attends a David Yurman party on her own. I'm guessing Haylie is still up in Canada filming a movie. I'm also guessing Hilary's part in the new John Cusack movie must be pretty small because she didn't seem to spend that much time filming in Bulgaria.

Dark hair on the Duffster. Love it or hate it?

All Buttoned Up

Really. It's not THAT cold in L.A. Rachel Bilson sports some serious outer wear while attending a Chanel launch party.

Neither she nor Adam Brody have commented on their rumored split or about the end of The OC.

WTF: Paris Hilton

Did somebody knock out a tooth? Let's hope it was LiLo.

Ring Bling

Katherine Heigl showed off her engagement ring at the People's Choice Awards. What do you think of her sparkler?

Bump Watch: Jaime Pressly

Somebody's bump grew overnight! Jamie Pressly, at six months pregnant, went out to club Tangerine in Las Vegas. Her fiance and baby daddy was spinning at the (lame) club. Jaime sipped bottled water all night.

Her son will be named Desi James Cubiche.

Patrick Dempsey in Life Magazine

"I hate this chair. It makes me sad, like when I caught Addison cheating on me."
"This chair is just right. It's sparce like my woodsy trailer home and boney like Dr. Grey."
"Papa can you hear me!"

What Goes Around Comes Around

Claire Danes reportedly dumped Billy Crudup in favor of this actor, Hugh Dancy. I guess you could say Claire has a type. Seems like she back to her usual, angry self. That angst she brewed up for My So-Called Life has served her well.

Jennifer Loves Quiet Gremlin-Filled Life

JLo looked awesome in this season's hot new color (which would make DON look gangrenous) while speaking in Pasadena about her new series Dancelife. Do you think she requested curtains to make her outfit?

She spoke about the major changes in her life since marrying her Gremlin. “It was a choice. My life for me had become uncomfortable in the way that it was affecting my personal life and the people in it. So I decided I needed to take a look at that.
I realized there was a way to pull back from that. You don't go out as much. You choose different places to go."

I really don't like this Jennifer. I liked it when she was bossy and in your face and everywhere you turned. This demure, quiet, mature lady is so oatmeal.

Where in the World is LiLo?

At lots and lots of pre-Golden Globe events. While she looked lovely at the free swag pickup, she looked pretty haggard at this event. Her roots are super light...that must be her actual hair color. She also must have in some color contacts. She really looks like she needs a nap.

Free Swag Brigade

You can almost always count on LiLo and the Hilton sisters to stop by and collect free swag in exchange for a photo. LiLo, being the seasoned pro that she is, made sure to get dressed up and look great. Somebody forgot to give that memo to Jessica Biel, who felt makeup and hair wasn't really required. Her loss. LC and Heidi made an appearance, with Lauren looking quite lovely. Nice score on those shades!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Officially Dunzo: Justin and Cameron

After almost four years together, Cameron Diaz, 34, and Justin Timberlake, 25, have announced their break-up. "It has always been our preference not to comment on the status of our relationship, but, out of respect for the time we've spent together, we feel compelled to do so now, in light of recent speculation and the number of inaccurate stories that are being reported by the media. We have, in fact, ended our romantic relationship, and have done so mutually and as friends, with continued love and respect for one another."

Pop the champagne!

She's Knows What I'm Thinking

Which is, "This is newsworthy?" Even for DON, this is pushing it. Celebs must be in hiding this week.

These amazing photos are of Jennifer Garner leaving her Santa Monica hairdresser. I wonder how much she pays for them to cut it straight and part it down the middle? Because she could get that same look at Super Cuts.

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