Monday, December 10, 2007

DON's Deal

Have you guys seen Waitress? I finally watched it over the weekend and totally loved it. I even checked out all of the extras since I was really moved by the interviews I had read earlier this year and how highly the cast praised the film's creator.
If you don't know, the film was written and directed by Adrienne Shelly, who plays Dawn in the film and who's 2-year-old daughter plays LuLu. Adrienne was murdered last year before she was able to see her film get picked up at Sundance and go on to rave reviews. Adrienne was found hanging by a bedsheet from the shower rod in the bathtub of the apartment she used to write in. Police eventually ruled out suicide due to the sneaker prints in the bathtub and the money missing from her wallet. Their investigation led to the arrest and confession of a 19-year-old illegal immigrant who murdered her when she complained about the noise he was making downstairs.
Adrienne had said that she wrote the film in 2 weeks while pregnant with her daughter and the film served as a tribute to her. I think it's a really special film, hilarious and tragic all at once. DON recommends!


PH said...

I have read all the press surrounding this and wasn't sure whether or not to get rent it but now I will.. thanks!

Anonymous said...

saw it in the theater and LOVED it. there are some really great lines in it!

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